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Ethan Slaaz
Current Age 16
Date of Birth December 3rd
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Creamy Clouds Centre
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Fists
First Appearance The Realm of Dreams
 Ethan is a sixteen year old teenager first introduced in The Realm of Dreams.  He is an adventurous and courageous man with an undeniable love for peace and burgers, and is the ancient hero of the old version of the Zaxinian Lifts, known as Zaxina.


Ethan is a carefree guy that fights for his own will and freedom, and tends not to not show happiness or joy around others, although is somewhat optimistic. Sometimes he tends to be bored or not be satisfied with the world he lives in, but will put up any fight against anyone.


Ethan is extremely strong and, thanks to his God-like powers, can break through many things with ease, although lacks immortality and cannot teleport at will. He has a good degree of intelligence and can solve puzzles well, and has some talent with bow and arrow.



  • He is the fictional version of his creator, Athena, albeit stronger.
  • Much like his real life counterpart, Ethan is bisexual.  Ethan is the first of snicks' OCs to be bisexual.

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