Ethan (Pokémon Trainer)
Artwork made using Pokémon Trainer Creator. Image made by Locky, who used said program.
Full Name Ethan
Current Age 15
Gender Male
Location Scalding Springs
Current Status Alive
Aqautic Forces
 Ethan is a Pokemon trainer from the area of Scalding Springs.  He was a normal trainer of the region, until he embarked on an adventure, with Locky and Tereza joining him along the way.  Ethan specializes mainly in Water and Grass pokémon.

He is one of the main characters of Pokémon - Rising Stars, along with Locky and Tereza.


Not much has been known about Ethan's early life, other than the fact that he was a big fan of Pokémon and trained himself for what would eventually become his new hobby.  When he finally became ten years old, he began going around the Scalding Springs region, raising his two pokémon and protecting the area from thieves and poachers.


Ethan is a relaxed, calm trainer that makes friends with mostly everybody.  He is happy for anyone that has done something good, and enjoys befriending and raising Pokémon.


Pokemon Description Moves
The first pokémon that Ethan has ever owned. After it was caught in a huge fishing net, Ethan swam into the waters and rescued the Pokémon from its prison. After Ethan and the Tentacool were removed of their injuries, the two became pals and battled foes together quite often.

It is great friends with Sandile (see below), and whenever Sandile acts too mischievous it sprays him with a bit of water as a warning. With Roselia, the two get along well together.

The ability of Tentacool is Liquid Ooze.

Poison Sting, Supersonic, Constrict, Acid
Roselia is a special Pokémon that Ethan found in a pile of bushes restoring a tree back to full health. After the two helped save the tree, the two became good friends.

She is great friends with Tentacool and Sandile, although gets into many fights with the latter. Roselia helps Ethan whenever possible.

Her ability is Natural Cure.

Mega Drain, Toxic, Magical Leaf, Leech Seed
Sandile Dream
First met in the blazing desert by Ethan's father, it was later given to Ethan a few days later as a birthday gift. While Sandile disliked Ethan at first, it eventually befriended him and because a competitive, powerful battler.

It is good friends with Tentacool, and plays many different games with it. Whenever this Sandile gets too mischievous, it is sprayed with water to stop its motivations to move on any further. As with Roselia, the two do decently well together, but start up arguments on occasion.

Sandile's ability is Intimidate.

Leer, Bite, Sand-Attack, Sand Tomb


With His Pokémon


Ever since Ethan saved this tentacool, they've been the best of friends.  They put a lot of effort into defeating their foes, including Arboks and Gengars.


While the Sandile was at first not pleased with its trainer, it eventually befriended him.  When Tentacool can't do something, Sandile usually takes on the challenge and sometimes succeeds.

With Other Trainers