If I believe there's still hope, then there probably isn't! But I shall try anyway!

Eterwho (Hero)
Eterwho (Character)
The Eterwho Warrior
Full Name Eterwho
Gender Male
Location Fake Town
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Joke Kit
Ability/ies Make jokes!
First Appearance Eternal Adventures
Latest Appearance Fantendo Brawlers

Eterwho is the main protaginist in Eternal Adventures! He is the one Eterwho that did not get captured and thankfully is the most heroic. He is the only Eterwho that can talk! He was created by Green Productions!


Eterwho is a fierce warrior. He has no time to be all cute and have fun. He tries to act tough for the Eterwho, but really he is just a normal Eterwho on the inside!


Eterwho has a yellow border, yellow eyes, a yellow mouth, blue arms and legs, and a joke kit!


Eternal Adventures

Eterwho's first appearence is in Eternal Adventures. He's the main character of the game, being the only one playable character. He can use his joke kit full of wacky weapons like Jack-In-The Boxes, pies, whoopie cusions, and more!

Fantendo Brawlers

Eterwho is set to appear in Fantendo Brawlers as DLC, using various items from his joke kit!


Other Eterwho

Eterwho gets along great with the other Eterwho! Without the others, Eterwho really has no meaning in his life.

Team Rocket

Eterwho hates Team Rocket, due to them stealing all of the other Eterwho! He wishes he could do the honers of popping Team Rocket's balloon and here them cry "LOoks like we're blasting off again!"


  • He is the only brave and non-shy Eterwho!
  • He also seems to be impossible to catch, as in the first seen of his game if he bumps into a trainer they will throw a Pokeball at him, but he will either fling it away, catch it and throw it into the woods, or will just get hit and nothing happens!