The Eternity Kingdom is a powerful nation said to formerly exist in an unknown dimension located somewhere in the Pyroverse. It no longer exists as of the present time period, but has a major role on the events within the Pyroverse.


The Eternity Kingdom was the first civilization in the Pyroverse to discover Nebulaic Energy, a power source derived and extracted from the hearts of stars and planets capable of massive power. While most dimensions have either utilized Nebulaic Energy for power, weaponry, or have simply not discovered it at all, the Eternity Kingdom was the only civilization to create a refining process, turning the liquid substance into a more power-dense thread-like substance.

Using this refined Nebulaic Energy, the Eternity Kingdom constructed various objects known as Eternity Artifacts, capable of storing and manipulating energy in various ways. Eventually knowing that having all the Artifacts in one dimension was too dangerous, most were cast off into the void between dimensions, keeping a small amount for their own protection.

Eventually, the Eternity Kingdom declined, as most civilizations eventually do, and their secrets of refining Nebulaic Energy disappeared with them.



Pyroverse: ORIGIN


  • The first canonical appearance of the Eternity Kingdom in Pyro Enterprises media is Paper Mario 5: The Rise of Shadow. While Rise of Shadow is non-canon to the Pyroverse, as all non-original games are, writer Pyrostar (tbc) claims that the Eternity Kingdom in this game is canon.
    • The Eternity Kingdom was originally going to become a major plot point in Pyrostar's Paper Mario series; as interest waned, the idea was kept on hold until being reintroduced to the Pyroverse.