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Eternity Enterprises is Dark's new company, and the succesor to DarkGaming Studios. It specializes in Umbrella games like Megald Warriors  as well as original IPs like Kode Kid and Mika Sho. 

Flagship Character

Each employee can add up to two flagship characters.


Avatar Name Position
Alpha Dark (tbc)
  • Boss
  • Artist
Fandrooooooooooo Dro of Fans (tbc)
  • Worker
  • Coder
Pinkiecore Hammy (tbc)
  • Worker
Meme OoH Memeton (tbc)
  • Worker
  • Story Writer
Lumalee2 Nick (tbc)
  • Worker
  • Artist
Takashi Nohara Y (tbc)
  • Worker
  • Artist


White (tbc)
  • Worker
Steven Universe Locky (tbc)
  • Worker
  • Artist

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