Developer(s) Lunatic Entertainment
Publisher(s) Vector Gaming, Inc.
Platform(s) 3DS, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox 720, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
Release Date(s)
April 1st, 2015
Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Rated T
Genre(s) Fighting Game
Series Eternika
Predecessor Eternika

Eternika Revital is a fighting game in the Eternika series, developed by Lunatic Entertainment and published by the series creator, Vector Gaming, Inc. Despite the series being canceled by Vector after the disbanding of, they opened up the rights usage for other companies to develop games for the series in their stead. The game was released on April 1, 2015 on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U consoles. It is the first Lunatic Entertainment game to not be released on PC and the second title for the company to consist of an all female cast, following Girls' Night Out!.

The game was created as part of the 2nd Unofficial Swap Day.


Running off the original Eternika's engine, the game only took 6 months to develop. Like the original game concept, it plays in a similar manner: It follows a classic 16-bit fighting game format, with fighters battling one another on a 2D plane with the main objective to deplete one's opponent's health bar to zero.

Like Final Bout Fatal Fury, characters can drop into the background and move back into the foreground at will.

The game is also set up fro gaming tournaments, allowing 2v2 and 4 player free-for-all. Although initially locked on the console versions, they can be unlocked by beating half and all the character storylines, respectively.

Player characters have two Special Moves, which depend upon how far away from one's opponent they are when used. Clashes still occur if opponents use their specials at the same time; the winner will need to enter a random set of button inputs faster than the other player. Melee-range Clashes are different from longer ranged Clashes, known as a Projectile Clash. Insanity Attacks are another technique used by players, which can only be used with a Level 1 Special Move bar available and while at low health. Intended as a tide-turner it is usually very unpredictable move that deals high damage.

As a sequel to the original Eternika, some of the original characters appear, and all the original Heirs do as well, used as a third Special Move option known as the Ancestor's Special. The player characters will summon them during these moves to perform the move. The Ancestor's Special requires a Level 4 Special Move, which is harder to obtain than other levels but when performed is unavoidable and unblockable while dealing heavy damage. The using character must be cautious however as it will decrease the player's health by 25%.

Character Roster

The game supports 15 initial characters and 6 unlockables.

Initial Characters

Character Character Character Character
Species: Doragon
It has been years since the Doragon Kingdom have seen their princess. With the king and queen suddenly missing and presumed dead, Karina has taken it upon herself to find the next in line for the throne before what remains of her kingdom consumes itself.
Species: Merfolk
When Hama stole the Seed from Clepsydra, her father succumbed to his disease. Too distraught to properly defend her people, Atlantis fell. Its lands are now inhabited by the devious Lemurians, and Glaucia, leader of the rebellion, seeks to free her nation.
HeirOfNatureOld Inula
Species: Spirit of Nature
Inula is still around, and over the last century has mastered her ability to manipulate nature for her own purposes. Although still calm, she has found herself cautious around others from the chaos she has experienced at the hands of man and other races.
Species: Human
An indigo child since birth, Eliana is the granddaughter of Corshama and grew up with rock n' roll in her blood. When she discovered her grandma's inherent powers, she sought out the Rock Goddess to transform herself into the next great rock superstar and maybe even musical overlord.
Species: Human
Known as the Bug Queen, Elmeras is an unintentional disciple of Old Inura. She was born with the uncanny ability to excrete pheromones that make insects protect her at any cost. Unfortunately for her, she is deathly afraid of bugs. She just wants them to go away.
Species: Unspecified
Faustina has spent her entire life at the center of the Earth. Having never experienced a colder clime, she has wondered about it so much that it has become romanticized. She now dreams of visiting the glaciers of Antarctica - she wants that frosty vacation.
Species: Chupacabra
Valeria is a goat sucker who has become depressed when she got bored with her species' prey animal of choice. Then she discovered old tapes of Ambrosia's cooking show. Now she is inspired to try new foods - and "el presidente" sounds delicious...
Species: Android
A descendant of the original Neo's chassis, ANA (Alternating Nacelle Android) is an improved design built for combat and speed. Her body houses various weapons that can be used to aid her in battle. She wants to merge with Neo to usher in a new robotic age.
Species: Deity
Swan failed to win the last tournament, wherein she had hoped to lose her goddess status out of boredom. That boredom has only compounded over the years. Luckily for her, she has all the time in the world and has decided to try her chances again. She will win eventually.
Species: Human
Penelope was born weak, and to compensate her body afforded her incredible mind-over-matter abilities, allowing her to create objects with her mind. She has an on-going rivalry with nearby Oakport High, which means she finds herself focused on Linda.
Species: Human
A former school bully, she was the one who got Penelope to change schools, which the mentalist now hates her for. She recently discovered she is related to an infamous serial killer, and wants to follow in their bloody footsteps. She has picked out her first victim...
Species: Soul Reaper
Nona is a Soul Reaper who is a former confidant of Nekrovi. When she heard that anyone can have their wish granted by being given the Eternal Seed, Nona acted the encouraging friend but when the time came, she betrayed her friend and took her place in the tournament.
*Teppo Kalashnikov
Species: Human
Raise by a doomsday prepping father, Teppo is obsessed with guns to the point that some think she may actually be in love with them. She insists she just returned from a magical world, but no one believes her. She seeks to prove to everyone that she isn't crazy.
Species: Human
Camila is the world's greatest escape artist and has made millions of dollars doing just that. But when she was nearly killed in her last trick, she became too afraid to go on. She seeks immortality so she doesn't have to be afraid anymore and her fans leave her.
*The Sandwoman
Species: Dream Being
Some say that the Sandwoman has always been. A swords master and protector of dreams, her personality normally is a blank slate; however she has lately found herself filling in more nightmarish roles seemingly without end. She appears to want to fix this.

Unlockable Characters

Character Character Character Character
*Bianca Poacher-Cole
Species: Human
Bianca's life started out normal, but at the age of 21 she suddenly had a massive mental snap that left her institutionalize in a sanitarium. Wanting to understand what is wrong with her she knew she had to escape. She no longer sees reality, though, making it difficult.
Species: Unknown
Nobody knows who this mute fighter is or why they entered the tournament. Even their name is a mystery, and they are bundled up so much that their species is obscure, as well. For such a silent creature, she sure is violent, though...
Species: Hybrid
Liliana was a scrawny pipsqueak who was unable to break down the door to save her family as her house burned. Not one to feel sorry for herself, she found a way to bulk up and became a human/animal hybrid. She still wants to bring her family back, though.
Species: Unspecified
Yin is one of the Balance Sisters alongside her sister, Yang. She is the embodiment of the Light Side and as such utilizes the Light Element while in combat. She is a more strategic fighter than her sister, with an emphasis on counterattacks, possessing many options.
Species: Unspecified
Yang is one of the Balance Sisters alongside her sister, Yin. She is the embodiment of the Dark Side and as such utilizes the Dark Element while in combat. She eschews defense for offensive capability, completely lacking counterattack techniques.
Species: Human
Angelique is the reincarnation of Princess Brittany. She has become the new embodiment of her ancestor, and at a young age her body combined with that of both Brittany and the original princess. She can switch between 3 different martial arts on the fly.

DLC Characters

The game is lenient to fans of the series, and each of the franchise's original characters are featured as DLC, allowing multiplayer players to still use their favorite characters.

  • ???
  • Ambrosia
  • Artilei
  • Bezerka
  • Brittany
  • Clepsydra
  • Corshama
  • Ebby
  • Eve
  • Maritus
  • Nekrovi
  • Neo
  • Princess Hama-Lee
  • Rachel
  • Samantha
  • Thalitha
  • Young Inula


A number of the original characters from the series appear as end-tier bosses against specific player characters.

  • Queen Heir Hama-Lee
  • Memory of Clepsydra
  • Merge Target Neo
  • Angry Reaper Nekrovi

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