This is the list of moves from the cast of Eternika.


Move Description
Monster Claws She leaps towards the opponent and if she grabs her opponent, she claws their face.
Paw Swipe A close-ranged combo, in which she claws through her opponent and then finishes with an uppercut.
Light Blast She uses her staff to summon an orb of light that goes towards the opponent and blasts in their face.
Bright Blast Jumps and shoots an orb of light downwards, making her fly high and making the opponent blind if it hits.
Spooky Enlightment Eternal Rage move, in which she combines her monster claws and the light staff to turn her into her Enlightment form, giving extra power and speed.
Fox Hunt Breaking Point move, in which she hides away from her opponent and waits until they get close to her and performs a sneak attack on them.


Move Description
Heavy Hand Power ups her fist, giving her insanely powerful power for a short time, in which she unleashes in the form of a fist in the opponent's face.
High Five Tries to make the opponent do a high five with her, only to her dodge the opponent's hand and slam the opponent's face on the ground.
Shockwave Power ups her fists and them slams them against each other, causing a gigantic shockwave, stunning the opponent.
Sneak Attack Disappears and reappears behind the opponent, giving her the chance to strike the opponent on the back.
Metal Gears Eternal Rage move, turns her fists into literal gears in which turns the nanomachines inside her body, unlocking her full potentional.
Trump Card Breaking Point move, she creates a double in which tricks the opponent into hitting it allowing her to counterattack.


Move Description
Boo Who She disappears and reappears behind the opponent's back, knocking them out and stabbing them from behind.
En Garde Pulls out a sword that has been hidden on the cane of the umbrella and attacks the opponent without it.
a-ha! Pulls out her gloves, revealing a gun in which she proceeds to shoot the opponent with it.
Spin Shield She spins her umbrella around that serves as an shield since the umbrella is made of metal.
Surprise! Eternal Rage move, shoots with her umbrella, only to reveal a "BANG!" flag and then laughs a bit and then actually shoots the opponent with it.
Vroom! Breaking Point move, she lets the opponent hit her, only to reveal that she planted an trap for her opponent and proceeds to drive a car and crash on the opponent, like she did on Miheala.

Commander Redd

Move Description
Earthquake She slams her Red Hammer on the ground, causing a massive earthquake, in which can stun the opponent or highly damage them if it hits them.
Whack-A-You Grabs the opponent, throws them on the ground and slams them with her hammer at least 15 times.
Red Earth Summons Pyra, whom burns her hammer up, in which she slams on the ground, causing fire to burst out the ground.
Cool As Ice Summons Frostbite, whom freezes the opponent, allowing Commander Redd to get an easy hit on them.
Redd Dead Redemption Eternal Rage move, she captures the opponent making them unable to move and hits them with her hammer a lot, finishing with her throwing her opponents upwards.
Crimson March Breaking Point move, summons Cobalt whom stops the opponent from attacking or stun them if they aren't attacking, and then summons Pyra or Frostbite, to perform either Red Earth or Cool As Ice.

Hellen (DLC)

Move Description
Scythenado Hellen gets out her scythe and spins around in a circle to the side.
Hellraiser A giant wave of lava jumps out of the ground, lifting Hellen up and knocking anyone near it back and setting them on fire
Ressurection Hellen regenerates health slowly. If hit, she'll stop this move.
Death Drag A hand comes out of the ground underneath the nearest opponent. If they are caught, they'll be dragged into the ground and immobilized.
Fire Rain Hellen's Eternal Rage. Giant fireballs rain down from the top of the screen down to the bottom, burning and knocking away anyone hit by them.
Leech Hellen's Breaking Point. Zombies follow the opponent around, sucking health from the opponent and gifting it to Hellen.

Debbie (DLC)

Move Description
Fridge Logic Throws a fridge at his opponent.
Bishie Sparkle Chargable move, the more it's charged the more sparkles are thrown when stopped charging.
Decoy Protagonist Turns semi-invisible and creates a clone that does no damage and only has 1/4 of your current health.
Sherlock Scan Takes a bit to do, but puts a gold circle on one side of the opponent, deals 2x damage if that side is hit in 5 seconds.
Battle Cry Debbie screeches at her opponent, knocking him/her back and damaging them.
Not Helping your Case Throws exploding case at opponent.
Death Or Glory Attack Debbie's Eternal Rage, has a chance to either make her explode or make her opponent explode.
The Gloves Come Off Debbie's Breaking Point, her hands shoot off revealing two fucking chainsaws and starts choppin your shit up.

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