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The creator of this page does not speak English as a first language, so it may contain grammatical/spelling errors. As a reader, please feel free to make corrections as needed.

This might seem like a weird idea for some but I thought it could be interesting for the reader to understand where the ideas for projects they like come from.

Creating Eternika

Eternika was the very first article that I liked working on. Fighting games as a whole amused me and there was something so interesting in the genre. In comparison to other video games, there seemed that fighting games had no limits when it came to creativity in it's roster, a Japanese sumo wrestler could fight a masked flamboyant claw-wearing Spanish guy and there wouldn't need to be a logical reason to that to be happening, even if the games provide an attempt to justify what is going on.

The main inspiration for Eternika was Darkstalkers, which seemed to take the "no limits" thing fighting game rosters had and up it to eleven, providing a varied roster of colorful and unique characters, alongside the beautiful art direction that game had as well it's fluid gameplay. I felt like that I should try to do something with a concept like this and as such, the early ideas for Eternika came around.

Fighting games had a framework to hang on the characters, Street Fighter had the characters participating in a worldwide tournament, Darkstalkers had some dimension shenanigans and as such what would be the framework for my fighting game? I started brainstorming ideas and I decided to mash two ideas: the concept of the characters being descendants of creatures involved in a war that occoured eons ago and the concept of each character having an element. Fate would bring the descendants back together and another war would ensue. Framework done!

And now the cast of characters. Initially I had no intention of making a single gender roster until I settled on the website where I was making designs for the characters. I felt unhappy with the male designs that I was doing at the time and as such I settled on female characters since I felt that their designs looked aesthetically better. Well this and Skullgirls being another source of inspiration for this project.

Besides the theme of having characters being themed after elements, there were no real pre-planned characters for Eternika and the characters were created as I was making the designs on the website. Looking back, those designs looked terrible, so that's why the current version of Eternika features new designs, which I will go further deep into later on this page.

I don't remember how many characters I made for the original Eternika but it was somewhere around twelve. When I put up the article, I only had four characters done. Time to put up the article!... Wait, what would be the name for this game? Eons War? The Descendants? Eternal War? Eternal War? That kinda has a nice ring to it... what about Eternika, I said to myself. What does Eternika means? I have no idea but I thought it sounded interesting. And as such, there it was the article was done, people seemed to kinda like it and then... I gave up on it. It's more due lack of self-confidence and me being lazy but the inspiration on working on Eternika seemed to wither away, as it happened on other articles that I was working on at the time.

And then the article was deleted.

Eternika was done for a short time. But soon after, there was a time I was horribly bored and came up what I call Eternika v1.5 aka the Eternika no one wants to remember it ever existed. The new Eternika, not the current one, was a horrible mess of weird ideas I had when I was bored, including concepts like "Bazooka Milkshake" which was a bipedal creature made out of milkshake bottles. I don't know what I was thinking when I made that article but my head sure wasn't on the right place when I came up with that concept. Before it became a joke on the wiki, I delete tagged the article.

And then the article was deleted.

Later, I felt rather nostalgic of working on Eternika but I felt that the concept was rather off and I decided to redo the entire concept. A whole new roster and this time characters would have a common point of origin, the Eternity Seed, which was a concept brought up in the first version of Eternika but that never went anywhere. The new Eternika characters were semi-based of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, where characters had bizarre abilities but they did intersting things with it. And as such, wolf-lady that could control light was created as well a new bunch of other characters were made. But then, like a curse, the same things that led the first Eternika hit this new version as well, which led to the article being deleted once again after me delete tagging it.

At this point, I became so bad about doing articles. What's the point of doing articles if I never can finish them? What's the point of doing interesting ideas if I never work on them? Etc. etc. At this point, I considered just being someone that commented on stuff on the wiki while never doing anything else.

But then, inspiration came in the form of the wonderful friends that I had on the Lapis Wiki. After a one-two month period of never working on something, their support changed everything and I decided that it was time to work on something. And this time, to work on something that I should had finished, Eternika.

The warm-up project for this was Hama the Mercenary, a short story detailing a more expanded prologue to the character from the first interation of the Eternika concept. It was mildly forgotten by the people of the wiki but the group of friends that I have supported me and led me to work on the new concept for Eternika, which I like to call Eternika All-Stars, of which I would use the best concepts for the first and second interations of Eternika and create a whole new game.

And that's where we are now.

With a fighting game, there's not a lot you can describe, unless you are doing a Smash-style game and as such I thought of what I could do to expand the article with interesting concepts. And as such, I came with different game modes, as well creating a story mode, which at the time of this writing has yet to be worked on, based off BlazBlue and Heritage for the Future, two fighting games with an emphasis on Story Mode. I thought as well to include information about the fighting tournament world that could possibly exist if Eternika was released, I really like writing articles as if they were real games and as such I tend to include stuf I like reading about when writing those, like when I had a detailed development section on ROBO.

To be continued.

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