Eternal Worlds is an upcoming Wii U MMORPG under development by GalaxySoft Inc. and Fantendo. The game will feature a unique engine called Eterna1, which helps enhance combat and graphics among other things. Some of the game's elements are based on Christopher Niosi's Terrain of Magical Expertise (TOME) including a few of the classes found in the game.


The story of Eternal Worlds can be followed through the main campaign in Single-Player mode, but it's not required to complete the main game.


Long ago, the Creators constructed a world. A world where many could engage in peace and friendly battles. It was called Lanrete, and it was peaceful. That was until one day when one of the Creators named Quazazapp split Lanrete into 6 sections. They were Lineria (the world of peace), Smashtopia (the world of combat), Poaz (the world of doom), Wixiam (the world of social life), Stai (the world of destruction), and Eterna (the world of forever). 


There are 6 in-game classes, each with their own skills and abilities along with weaknesses and strengths. Classes include Fighter, Musketeer, Knight, Feral, Sorcerer, and Morpher. All characters can have up to 6 moves on their character at one time, but more can be won through battles or by heading to Duke's Fighting Emporium in Wixiam.


Fighters are the go-to class for beginning players. These guys often mix projectile fire with close combat, and are strong against most of the other types (minus Ferals and Morphers). 

Move List

The Fighter's moves are mostly focused around fighting, and there are 30 moves in all.

Name Type Description Damage/Effects
Punch Physical A simple punch that does little to medium damage. It's a basic attack for the starting player. Opponent: 5-30 HP lost
Combo Smackdown Physical This powerful combo attack causes recoil damage to the person who uses it. Be careful when using it in battles.

Opponent: 10-45 HP lost

Self: 10 HP lost (recoil)

Slammer Arm



Using a giant fist, you can trap your opponent in the ground with one simple move. This move is powerful, but can only be used a couple of times. Opponent: 30 HP lost and "TRPD" status for 2 turns
Headbutt Physical Opponent: 15 HP lost
Poison Ray Status Opponent: 30 HP lost and 2 HP lost every turn (PSN effect)
Jolt Tackle



Fire Ball Projectile
Magma Stream



Volcano Blaze









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