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Eternal Pokémon
Eternal PKMN
North American boxart
Developer(s) Orange Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Chrome
Genre(s) RPG,
Release Date(s)
Q1 2016
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Nintendo Chrome optical disc

Eternal Pokémon: Sanity's Requiem (Japanese: ポケットモンスターナイトメア:永遠の闇 Pocket Monsters Nightmare: Eternal Darkness) is an M-rated horror game created for Game + Pokémon for the Nintendo Chrome. It is a spin-off of the Pokémon series based upon the Nintendo GameCube horror-survival game Eternal Darkness, keeping the multiple storylines of Eternal Darkness, while still retaining the capturing and battling aspect of Pokémon. Like Pokémon, there are eight gym leaders, though are not known as such, and are considered "bosses" for their time period.


The gameplay is a horror game with puzzle and fighting elements, in vein with both the game's prequel - Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem - and the popular GameCube title Luigi's Mansion. Players explore the overworld, completing various puzzles - such as finding keys or manipulating objects - before the story progresses.

Throughout the game, the player is able to examine various objects, to understand more about the past, and what may happen in the future.

Players fight enemies using various weapons they can find through the game. While attempting to keep their health bar (a "potion" bottle, based off the Generation IV sprites of the same item, filled with a red liquid that empties upon taking damage). Upon the health running out, players will experience a "sanity effect", where the player's character essentially dies, before the Shadow Omnibus revives them (back at the last save).

In lieu of the Pokémon franchise, the player is also able to capture the spirits of those that they fight within the Shadow Omnibus, to use against other spirits. It is possible to save 6 spirits to a single page, with 35 pages being able to store spirits. In battles, the player is unable to switch pages, as the page acts as the player's party.

Similar to the Pokémon franchise, only certain varieties of spirits reside only in certain time periods, meaning the player will be unable to capture them should they progress past that certain time period (unless, of course, should they return to the period for story reasons).



Playable Characters

Image Name Description Time Period
Serena XY
Serena Rotarebil A college student from Shalour City, who travels to Lavender Town to investigate her cousin's death. Lavender Town, Present Day
Hugh Xtransceiver
Hugh Davis A journalist who gets caught up in one of history's greatest terrorist attacks, Hugh gets caught up with the Dark when he tries to get the full scoop on the terrorist attack. Lumiose City, 2001
Rosa Xtransceiver
Rosa Lynne Rosa was the sister of an employee on the RMS Lapras, known for it's sinking that killed many. Rosa, who should have died, gets caught up in a strange phenomenon when she starts to uncover what really happened on the RMS Lapras. RMS Lapras, 1912
Dawn Berlitz Dawn's parents, Johanna and Robert, owned the Trubbyl Nuclear plant that exploded and killed up to 4000+ people thanks to a mishap with the cooling water. Dawn returns to the Trubbyl Centre, six years later, with a team of experts to see how the mishap happened initially, though discovers a radioactive accident. Pueltown, 1992
Brendan PKMNEmerald
Brendan Mason Brendan was a young boy when the great Mt. Chimney eruption obliterated in 79AD. During the eruption, many people were thought to be emitting some kind of magical aura, which bothered him. Now, at 17, he - and several of the other survivors of Lavaridge, who all claim to see the same mysterious people - return to the ruined town to get answers. Lavaridge Town, 90AD
Ethan Reinhardt Ethan was a brave, Jewish kid who was sent to a Macht der Usurpatorenm (MdUP / Mad-UP) internment camp at thirteen. He learns of the Dark from an older inmate, who claims that the ghosts work against the Mad-UPs and for the Jews. While no one believes him, Ethan goes out after dark, quietly sneaking around the Mad-UP guards patrolling the camp, to find this ghost. Aurorus Internment Camp in Ośhéwött, 1944

Boss Characters

The Boss Characters are the equivalent to Pokémon's Gym Leaders that one must challenge in order to gain access to the Elite Four. The Boss Characters take command of up to five different types of enemies, which the player must usually face in groups of three, before they must fight the Boss itself. Defeating the Boss rewards the player character with a Spatial Seal, that automatically gets placed within the Shadow Omnibus. The Boss Characters also serve as the final bosses for the time period, often showing a cutscene before travelling back to the present era.

Image Name Description Time Period Joe Bush The spirit of a man who committed suicide upon being deemed "insane" for seeing ghosts in what used to be the Pokémon Tower of Lavender Town. He moves with jerking, somewhat robotic movements, and often mutters to himself about ghosts. He is one of the weakest of the Dark, and rarely attacks, preferring the defensive approach. Lavender Town, Present Day Ol' Ridgeway The spirit of an old miner who worked in Lumiose while it was still a mining settlement. He was killed in a tragic accident involving him being chopped in two. He attempts to destroy the city in order for him to see how it once was. He uses many odd words with meanings that have been lost in time. He is a stronger Dark, who would trade power over speed, any day. Lumiose City, 2001 Yama "Jynx" Uba A woman who would seduce and hypnotise unsuspecting men, before eating them with her second, demon mouth on the back of her head. Apparently, she helped in the ship's construction, but died a very gruesome death at the hands of a murderer. She haunts the ship where she works, still seducing men to do her bidding, and wanting revenge on the man who killed her. She is one of the strongest members of the Dark, and tends to play mind games with women she plans to kill. RMS Lapras, 1912 Brussel DeOgen A deranged, paedophile murderer who murdered an entire summer camp of kids, and burned their bodies in the woods so no one would find them. After he was sentenced to a lifetime in jail, he slit his own throat, and was resurrected as a ghost. He now controls the puppet-like Banette ghosts of the children he killed, looking for more people to murder. He is an outcast member of the Dark, and often has his Banette slaves do all of his work for him. Pueltown, 1992 Martha "Red Lady" Redd A woman who served the Emperor of Lavaridge, Lance Vael, for many years, before being sentenced to being hanged due to her flirting with the emperor. She haunts the town, taking control of the townsfolk, and forcing uprisings upon the village. She took control of many of Lavaridge's citizens during the Mt. Chimney eruption, and forced them to kill the wealthy. She is the second-most powerful member of the Dark, and often manipulates others to do her work, while still willing (and preferring) to kill others herself. Lavaridge Town, 90AD Rosenheim A Mad-UP soldier who was forced to kill his best friend due to him being a traitor, as well as thousands of Jews. He suffers from post-traumatic stress from his murders, and is constantly bugged out and searching the shadows for the ghosts of those who may want to kill him. He committed suicide to escape the pain, but still roams Internment Camps looking for his best friend's ghost. Aurorus Internment Camp in Ośhéwött, 1944

Final Bosses


Non-playable Characters


Runes are mysterious objects that are both emitted - and collected - by the Shadow Omnibus. The Runes are often found around the world, with more common ones being usually out in the open, while more powerful ones are hidden away and are usually captured upon completing puzzles. When used, Runes drain power from the person who uses the Shadow Omnibus, but restores an equal amount on the Sanity Meter. Up to six Runes can be present in one chapter, and the chapters - and therefore the entire line-up - must be changed in the menu in order to get the team of six Runes that one most desires.




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