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Eternal Brawl 3: World of Warfare is the third game in the Eternal Brawl series of Umbrella fighting games, and in this game the timeline is rebooted after the events of USURPER.


Name Info
Brawl The classic fighting game mode. It has up to 6 players at a time, and has Super Smash Bros type movesets (excluding the Smash Ball). It also has Health Bars, and you can interact with the stage ala Injustice: Gods Among Us.
Timewarp A mode where you go through video game history and go through a platforming adventure, and each level simulates a various video game, such as Super Mario World or Pac-Man.  
Challenge Where you follow a string of challenges (get a flawless victory, beat an opponent using only Assist Trophies, etc.) Once you are finished with the challenges, you face Tabuu. 
Infinite Challenge The same as normal challenge, but has practically no end, and is made just to see how far you can get in a single run.
Survival Simulation You pick a character and are thrust out in a dangerous world as that character. You can level up by beating foes and can get new items in the trade shop. 
Minigames  It's similar to the co-op mode in Sonic and the Secret Rings. Basically you play a bunch of minigames based on the franchises represented in the game. 
King of the Hill

A mode where you play as one character and one by one you beat everyone else in the default roster. The last battle is a mirror match. 

Story Mode Based on the Subspace Emmisary from Super Smash Bros Brawl, it mainly focuses on platforming and traveling through the different worlds these characters come from. The plot is unknown. 

Playable Characters



Image Character Description Franchise
MarioTransparent Mario Mario is a valiant plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom, and he uses powerups and koopa shells to attack. He is a very balanced character in the game.

100px-SSB Mario Series

Luigirr Luigi Mario's younger brother who goes on adventures with him, despite being a bit of a scaredy cat. He uses Ice Balls and his Poltergeist to attack. He jumps higher then Mario but is a bit weaker. 

100px-SSB Mario Series

Rosalina ws Rosalina The princess of the cosmos, Rosalina uses magic and her lumas to fight enemies! She also can float and use her spin attack. 

100px-SSB Mario Series

Wreck it ralph art Ralph Ralph has the job of the villain in Fix-it Felix Jr. Guess how much he likes that. However, now he gets to be a hero when the multiverse is in danger once again! He can wreck things or throw nicelanders at the opponents. 


Vanellope EB3 Vanellope Ralph's tiny companion and the president of Sugar Rush, Vanellope can use her car and a gold coin to fight. 


Sonic SB Sonic Sonic is sporting his Sonic Boom redesign this time around, but he mostly stays the same. He can use shields, wisps, and the spin dash to attack. Smashbros Sonic series
Tails Sonic Boom Tails Like Sonic, Tails is sporting his Sonic Boom look in this game. He uses his two tails to fly, and can use machines, such as his arm cannon and the Dummy Ring Bombs. He also can use the Tornado. Smashbros Sonic series
DipperGFArt Dipper The curious brother of Mabel Pines, he uses spells from Book 3 and can clone himself. He can also attack with Babba songs.


MabelGFArt Mabel Dipper's hillarious sister, she attacks with her pet pig Waddles, can use her grappling hook, or can eat Summerween candy to regain her health.


250px-aizawa inori Inori Aizawa The personification of Internet Explorer is back again! She uses her normal abilities of her shield and tabbing system.  IElogo
Kirby L Kirby Kirby is a popopo from Dreamland who uses his copy abilities and his hammer to attack.  SSB Kirby Series
Zerosuitsamus-ssb4 Samus Samus returns to the battle, and is ready to hunt some metroids! She uses her laser gun (which doubles as a whip) and is a quite athletic fighter. She also uses her new jet boots. Metroid
Ruby Rose - Trans Ruby Rose Ruby returns to the battle, wielding her sniper/sycthe thing as usual. She is one of the fastest characters in the game, second only to Sonic.  RWBYsymbol
SSB4 Little Mac Little Mac The small boxer punches in! He mostly is a straightfoward fighter, attacking with punches and not much else.  SSB Punch-Out Series
LinkAnarchy Link The hero of time returns! Unlike previous games, Link is in his Twilight Princess form. He uses his sword, shield, and can turn into a wolf.  SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Calvin Calvin Calvin is an overimaginative boy, who uses snow sculptures and water balloons to fight. He also can transform into Stupendous Man.  Calvinhobbessymbol
Mainchar hobbes Hobbes Calvin's best pal, who just so happens to be a tiger! Hobbes uses a transmogrifier gun as well as a croque mallet and a Calvinball.  Calvinhobbessymbol
Eren EB3 Eren Jeager A soldier who vows to kill all titans (even though he is a titan he gonna have to kill himself?) He uses his soldier weapons such as his 3D Maneuver Gear and his sword, and can turn into a titan. Shingeki no Kyojin
Lucario SSB4 Artwork Lucario The aura pokemon, Lucario uses aura techniques and as well as his other moves. He also can go into his Mega form.  SSB Pokémon Series
Mika Sho FJR Mika Sho Mika Sho is a mutant who attends Blaze Academy, and she uses fire powers and space gear to attack. SSB Fantendo Series
Black panther Black Panther The king of Wakanda and member of the Superhero Team called The Avengers, the Black Panther uses his vibranium claws to attack. Marvelogo
HawkeyeFull Hawkeye Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, is an agent of SHIELD who uses his bow and other SHIELD gadgets to fight. Marvelogo
Mickey-2-psd16624 Mickey Mouse The lovable mouse of Disney joins the fight! He can use a Keyblade, his paintbrush, and can get help from his trusty dog Pluto.  DisneyIcon
FrozenElsa Elsa The ice queen, she can turn the stage into an eternal winter, and can create ice. She is a tricky character to control though. DisneyIcon
BMO BMO The game console for Finn and Jake, BMO can use abilities from games and can also use the BMO Chop. "If this was a real attack, you'd be dead." Snaillogo
Sub-Zero EBU Sub Zero A cyromancer and arch-rival of Scorpion, Sub-Zero attacks with many ice abilities, such as the ice ball, ice clone, and ice teleport.  Mortal kombat logo2
Pit6 Pit The young angel and servant of Lady Palutena, Pit uses the weapons from his games, including his famous bow which can split into two swords. SSB Kid Icarus Series
200px-Viridi Uprising Viridi Viridi is the Goddess of Nature. She uses her scythe and can summon the Forces of Nature to attack. SSB Kid Icarus Series
PalutenaBrawl Palutena The goddess of light returns to battle! She uses her staff and her light powers to attack. SSB Kid Icarus Series
Robocop 01 Robocop After being terribly injured, Alex Murphy was upgraded into the superhuman Robocop. He is very strong and uses a laser blaster in battle, but is also very slow.  SSB Robocop
Alpha Alpha Alpha returns to the fight! He uses his special abilities such as Zeus' Rage, a powerful lightning blast, and Orion's Shield, a shield which doubles as a projectile. TOME


There will be 50 unlockable characters. 


Image Character Description How to Unlock Franchise
KnucklesBOOMHOTTY Knuckles A newcomer to the game, Knuckles is pretty strong and can glide, dig into the bottom of the stage, but most of his moves are punches. Win 50 Brawls as Sonic  Smashbros Sonic series
148px-Disney INFINITY - Jack Sparrow Jack Sparrow Ahoy, mateys! Captain Jack Sparrow joins the frenzy! He uses his sword and guns to fight, matey! Yarr!  Beat Challenge as Mickey Mouse DisneyIcon
MeridaCore Princess Merida The risk-taking princess of DunBroch joins the battle! She is a quick fighter who uses her bow to fight. Beat King of the Hill as Mickey Mouse DisneyIcon
Pokemon Trainer Fakemon Trainer A cyborg made by Dr. Robotnik made to replicate Red, the original Pokemon trainer. However, this replica uses different Fakemon during battle, such as Mewthree and Mega Pikachu.  Win 100 Brawls  Eternal Brawl
Mmpr-green Green Ranger Tommy Oliver is a Power Ranger who can't decide which color suit he's wearing. He uses his Dragon Dagger and can summon the Dragonzord. Win 150 Brawls Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Greninja-ssb4 Greninja It's Strider the Pokemon! It is a very swift fighter, and uses ice and water abilities. Beat Timewarp as Lucario SSB Pokémon Series

Default Stages

Image Stage Name Info Series
DKArcade Construction Site The construction site from the original Donkey Kong. Hazards include flames and barrels being thrown at you by Donkey Kong.  SSB Donkey Kong Series

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