Eternal Brawl: Blades of Fire is the third in the Eternal Brawl series, replacing the cancelled Eternal Brawl 3: World of Warfare.


Not much is known about the gameplay except for the fact that it will be similar to its preddecesors. However, the creator has hinted at adding some new features. 

Default Characters

Image Character Description Franchise
Marioinsupermariosupermario3dsupermarioworld Mario Nintendo's Heavy Hitter enters the fray! He uses his power-ups to fight, and is more balanced then other players. 100px-SSB Mario Series
Luigirr Luigi Mario's younger brother jumps in! He is weaker then Mario, but jumps higher and is faster. He can use his hammer and his poltergust.  100px-SSB Mario Series
407px-SSB4 - Sonic Artwork Sonic Sonic is the fastest thing alive, and he joins the fight! He uses his speed and wisps to fight, and can heal himself with rings.  Smashbros Sonic series
RubyRose Ruby Rose Ruby Rose is a student at Beacon, and leader of Team RWBY, Ruby can use her Crescent Rose sycthe which transforms into a sniper rifle during battle. She is also a very speedy fighter. RWBYsymbol
FrozenElsa Elsa Elsa is the queen of Arendelle, a kingdom she accidentally puts into eternal winter. She uses her ice powers to fight.  DisneyIcon
Little Mac Smash Little Mac A boxing champ, Little Mac uses punches to fight and can become Giga Mac. He has lousy recovery, however.  SSB Punch-Out Series
Charizard-ssb4 Charizard A fire spewing dragon which you would usually see as the villain in any generic fairy tale. It can fly, whip it's tail at you, and breathe fire. SSB Pokémon Series
SpiderManFull Spiderman A quick-witted genius, Peter Parker can use his web-shooters, or can crawl on walls. He also has great speed, strength, and stamina. Marvelogo
Zerosuitsamus-ssb4 Samus A female bounty hunter who hunts Metroids and other aliens, Samus uses her laser gun (which doubles as a whip) and her laser boots. SSB Metroid Series
Cyborg-teen-titans Cyborg The second in command of the Teen Titans, Victor Stone. A.K.A. Cyborg, attacks with brute strength and his sonic cannon.  DCLogo

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