Eternal Brawl

Eternal Brawl is the first in Dark's brand new umbrella series. Unlike previous umbrellas, Dark is doing this solo.  It now has a sequel called Eternal Brawl Uprising.


Name Info
Brawl The classic fighting game mode. It has up to 6 players at a time, and has Super Smash Bros type movesets (excluding the Smash Ball). It also has Health Bars, and you can interact with the stage ala Injustice: Gods Among Us.
Timewarp A mode where you go through video game history and go through a platforming adventure, and each level simulates a various video game, such as Super Mario World or Pac-Man.  
The Cosmic Invasion The story mode! It is mainly based around platforming, like the story of SSBB. Up to 3 players can play at a time. It revolves around Loki, God of Mischeif, binding the universes together so he can get an army of villains across the multiverse to rule the multiverse, and get back at the Avengers. Soon, all the heroes of all different Multiverses need to team up to prevent Loki from controlling the Multiverse. 
Challenge Where you follow a string of challenges (get a flawless victory, beat an opponent using only Assist Trophies, etc.) Once you are finished, you face Tabuu. 
Infinite Challenge The same as normal challenge, but has practically no end, and is made just to see how far you can get in a single run.

Story Mode

Main Article:Eternal Brawl/The Cosmic Invasion

Starting Characters


Image Name Description Franchise
WiiU-3DS SmashBros char01 E3 Mario A classic video game icon, he can attack with a go-kart, can use koopa shells, and also can throw Fireballs.

100px-SSB Mario Series

Super Mario

Cluigi Luigi Mario's cowardly bro, he attacks with the poltergeist, or he can use the Ice Flower as opposed to Mario's Fire Flower. He also has the ability to attack with Koopa Shells, like Mario.  100px-SSB Mario SeriesSuper Mario
Rosalina, Mario Kart 7 Rosalina The princess of the cosmos attacks with magic, and can get help from her Lumas.  100px-SSB Mario SeriesSuper Mario
PeachySp0rts Peach The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, she attacks mostly with sports equipment (which is why she is in her sports outfit for this game,) but she can also throw turnips. 100px-SSB Mario SeriesSuper Mario
KirbySSB4 Kirby A heavy eater, Kirby attacks by sucking up opponents, and then can use their power. He also can use his hammer, his warp star, and can use some of his abilities from the Kirby games. SSB Kirby SeriesKirby
SSB5 Dedede King Dedede The king of Dream Land, he can swallow people and spit them back out and attack with his hammer and his EXTREEEEEME facial expressions. SSB Kirby SeriesKirby
Batman-justice-league-3329865-176-345 Batman The hero of Gotham City, he can use a bataraang, a grappling hook, and other tools in his utility belt. He also can use his Batmobile to run over other characters. BatmansymbolBatman
Calvin hobbes.1265746953 Calvin & Hobbes Calvin, an over-imaginative boy, and Hobbes, his tiger friend, join the battle! Calvin attacks with snow structures and alter egos, while Hobbes uses a croque mallet and can use a transmogrifier gun to temporarily transform the opponent into an inanimate object. However, this weapon will need to be on cooldown after use. The two switch out ala Zelda and Shiek in the Smash Bros series. CalvinhobbessymbolCalvin & Hobbes
Alpha Alpha The former user of the Forbidden Power, Alpha attacks with his Greek Myth-inspired powers, such as Orion's Shield, a shield that doubles as a projectile attack, and can shoot electricity out of his fingers with Zeus' Rage. TOME
Gamecrazed Gamecrazed The strong and silent warrior of TOME, he attacks by morphing his hands into weapons, such as a blade or a cannonball. TOME
Flamegirl Flamegirl The girl with the fire powers, she can shoot fire balls at opponents, and has other fire abilities too. I mean, her name is Flamegirl, what did you expect? TOME
RaidenMK Raiden The mystical god of thunder, who can shoot lightning out of his hands or use a staff, which can also produce electricity.  Mortal kombat logo2Mortal Kombat
Liu kang mk9 Liu Kang A shaolin monk, he attacks with his fireball and bicycle kick. Mortal kombat logo2Mortal Kombat
Spiderman1 Spider-Man A quick-witted genius, Peter Parker can use his web-shooters, or can crawl on walls. He also has great speed, strength, and stamina. SpidermanLogoSpider-Man
250px-aizawa inori Inori The embodiment of Internet Explorer, Inori can use a tabbing system to attack multiple enemies, and can use her shield to block attacks.  IElogoInternet Explorer
Megaman Megaman The robot defender built by Doctor Light, he attacks with his Mega Buster and his robot master abilities, such as the Metal Blade, Flame Sword and Leaf Shield. SSBMegaManEmblemMegaman
Ashley SSB4 Ashley The tiny little Magic Wielder attacks with her staff, can cast magic spells, and get help from Red.  SSB Wario SeriesWarioWare
Minecraft-steve 12 Steve The cube hero of Minecraft, he can attack using his diamond pick, a bow and arrow, flint and steel, or TNT. Minecraft symbolMinecraft
Enderman Enderman A tall creature hailing from the End, he can teleport, is immune to long ranged attacks, and can use a scream attack. He is a bit of a joke character though, as he can only do damage after someone damages him first. Minecraft symbolMinecraft
DipperGFArt Dipper The curious brother of Mabel Pines, he uses spells from Book 3 and can clone himself. He can also attack with Babba songs.

Gravity Falls Icon

Gravity Falls

MabelGFArt Mabel Dipper's hillarious sister, she attacks with her pet pig Waddles, can use her grappling hook, or can eat Summerween candy to regain her health.

Gravity Falls Icon

Gravity Falls

HawkeyeFull Hawkeye The guy who never misses. He uses his various arrows, as well as other S.H.I.E.L.D. gadgets.



BlackWidowFull Black Widow An agent of SHIELD, she attacks with her guns and acrobatics. MarvelogoMarvel
ASDFMovieGuy ASDFMovie Guy Wait, What? He attacks with bombs, pineapples, Mine Turtles, pianos, and can do the Flop. He can also ride a Stegosauraus.  Social-youtube-logo-greyYoutube
DanTDM DanTDM Otherwise known as TheDiamondMinecart, he attacks with a Diamond Sword and other appliances from Dr. Trayaurous' lab, as well as Grim. He can also be temporarily shielded by a protective barrier in the form of a Statue House.  Social-youtube-logo-greyYoutube
20247-player Stanley Yelnats Stanley "Caveman" Yelnats is a young kid who always has bad luck because of a dumb curse a gypsy cast on his family for stealing a pig or something wierd like that. He can hit opponents with his shovel, or throw yellow spotted lizards at them. He also regains health by drinking from his water canteen. Holes
Wreck It Ralph Wreck-it Ralph The villain of Fix-it Felix will take any opportunity to show his hero side, and joining the brawl might just help! He can wreck the stage or throw Nicelanders at the opponents. Wreckitralphcherry Wreck-it Ralph
Vanellopewirdisney Vanellope The president of Sugar Rush, she can run people over in her car and can teleport.  Wreckitralphcherry Wreck-it Ralph
Jack Frost Jack Frost The newest member of the Guardians, he can use his staff as both a melee weapon and can shoot ice out of it. He also can get help from the other guardians. Rise of the Guardians
Bomberman Bomberman This little guy attacks with Bombs, Bombs, and more Bombs.Did I mention he uses Bombs? BIcon Bomberman
Toon Link the awesome Link The cartoony incarnartion of the Hylian hero, he can use a Deku Leaf and his Sword to fight. SSB The Legend of Zelda Series The Legend of Zelda
390px-Tetra The Wind Waker HD Tetra The alter ego of Toon Zelda, she uses a dagger and cannonballs to fight, and is one of the more nimble characters in the roster. SSB The Legend of Zelda SeriesThe Legend of Zelda
Dexter Remote Dexter A brainy little boy who attacks with his devices such as a laser gun and a robot mech.


Dexter's Lab

Class sel sm heavy red Heavy He is the Heavy Weapons Guy, and he attacks with, well, Heavy weapons. However, he is quite slow. 


Team Fortress 2

Nessness Ness The boy who defeated Giygas, he attacks with his bat, yo-yo, and his PSI abilities.



Shikamaru Nara Shikamaru Nara Wait, Shikamaru is a playable character? What a drag! He attacks with shurikens and can strangle you with his own shadow! However, this attack uses up Chakra, and needs to go on cool-down before being used again. Naruto
Steven Universe Steven Universe The 4th and only male Crystal Gem, he can gain power by eating ice cream, or let his clothes attack for him. 


Steven Universe

185px-Pac-Man character art - The Adventure Begins Pac-Man Pac-Man attacks mostly by eating things. He also can throw Pellets and and use his tongue as a grappling hook.  PacmanIcon Pac-Man
Wii Fit Trainer of Awesomeness Wii Fit Trainer The strangest fitness trainer you will ever meet. She attacks with yoga poses and stretching. She also can use the balance board. SSB Wii Fit Series Wii Fit
Ruby Rose - Trans Ruby Rose The leader of team RWBY attending Beacon Academy. She uses her ultra-badass scythe called Crescent Rose, which alternates as a sniper rifle. She also is the second fastest character in the game, the fastest being Sonic.



Locked Characters


Image Name Description Franchise How to Unlock
SONICYAYAY Sonic Blue streak, speeds by, Sonic the Hedgehog! He attacks with his spin dash, can collect rings to regain health, and can use wisp abilities. 

Sonic Emblem

Sonic the Hedgehog

Beat Timewarp as Mario.
Sonic Werehog Werehog Sonic's furrier counterpart, he is slower then Sonic, but is stronger and can stretch his arms.  Sonic EmblemSonic the Hedgehog Beat Timewarp as Sonic
593px-Bowser Artwork - Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bowser The destructive Koopa King attacks with his fire breath, can throw bob-ombs, or use his Koopa Klown Kopter. 100px-SSB Mario SeriesSuper Mario Win 50 Brawls as Mario
Boo Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Boo The ghost creature and Luigi's worst nightmare, Boo attacks by licking enemies, can go inside walls, and temporarily possess other players. 100px-SSB Mario SeriesSuper Mario Beat Timewarp as Luigi
MegaMan X Megaman X The Maverick Hunter and the first of many future incarnations of Mega Man, he can uses his X buster or the White Armor to fight. He is also faster and stronger then normal Megaman.  SSBMegaManEmblemMegaman Beat Timewarp as Megaman
Mmpu-roll Roll  Megaman's "sister." She attacks using some of Dr. Light's gadgets and a broom (because she's a house-keeping robot, afterall) and can heal herself with an E-Tank.   SSBMegaManEmblemMegaman Win 50 Brawls as Megaman. 
Czim Zim Zim invades the battle! He attacks with special Irken devices, such as a laser gun or the mechanical legs that come out of his backpack. ZimSymbolInvader Zim TBA
Coyote Wily E. Coyote Otherwise known as just the Coyote, he attacks with a fork and knife as well as ACME weapons. He is a bit of a joke character though, as most of his attacks need a lot of preperation, and also harm the Coyote as well.  Looney Tunes Lose once. 
UltronFOL5 Ultron The evil android created by Hank Pym, he can shoot laser blasts and is a very strong character. MarvelogoMarvel TBA
100px-SSB Mario Series Series Symbol The series symbol (somehow) joins the battle! It's default form is the Mario symbol, but it can transform into any other symbol who's series is being represented during the battle. He can mimmick the attacks of the characters that are in the series of his symbol, or he can turn into a table and smash into opponents. Eternal Brawl Beat Challenge as all other characters.
Nylocke Nylocke NYLOCKE! MASTER OF.....I got nothing. He uses dramatic entrances and his sword to fight. WHOOSH! TOME Beat 50 battles on the ;Lavendera stage.
Kirbopher Kirbopher A brash little Imp who uses a magic sword to fight. He is the quickest of the TOME cast, and his sword does some good damage. TOME Beat Timewarp as all other TOME characters. 
The Legend of zelda Twilight Princess Link costume ver 01-1-01 Twilight Princess Link Link's darker, grittier counterpart. He can't use a Deku Leaf, but he can use the hookshot and turn into Wolf Link.

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series 

The Legend of Zelda

Beat Timewarp as Link
Firic Da Hedgehoog Firic Da Hedgehoog Firic comes from another dimension called Fantendno, where all characters are sh*tty recolors. His moves are mostly 50% weaker versions of Sonic's moves, with an added fire effect (NOTE: This effect damages himself more then the opponent) It is next to impossible to win as him.  Fantendno Lose as Sonic 25 times. 


Scorpion The specter of the Netherrealm, he is the mortal enemy of Sub Zero, and attacks with his swords, his "GET OVER HERE!" spear and fire breathing.  Mortal kombat logo2 Mortal Kombat Beat Challenge as Raiden.
Shang Tsung Shang Tsung Shao Kahn's second-in-command, He can shoot flaming skulls and can steal other player's moves.  Mortal kombat logo2 Mortal Kombat Beat Challenge as Liu Kang
Herobrine Herobrine Notch's dead brother, he attacks with glitch moves and a diamond sword. He also can teleport.  Minecraft symbol Minecraft Beat Challenge as Enderman. 
20110625152200!Kat and Ana WarioWare Mega Microgames Kat & Ana Two ninja sisters, they have ninja speed and attack with their swords.  SSB Wario Series WarioWare Beat Challenge as Ashley
Weiss Schnee Weiss Schnee A stuck-up girl who attends Beacon Academy, and is a member of team RWBY. She attacks with her sword which can also shoot ice.  RWBYicon RWBY Beat Challenge as Ruby Rose
Furno Brain Attack Furno XL The newest form of Alpha Team member William Furno, he can use his sword and shield, and also has a unique function where he can morph himself into different combinations, changing his moveset entirely. However, he is vulnerable while morphing. Hero Factory Create 100 Custom Stages

Assist Trophies

There are 15 assist trophies.

Image Name Ability Franchise Rarity
IronGolem Iron Golem Walks around the stage, knocking players that come near it up into the air (except for the summoner.) Minecraft symbolMinecraft Rare
Creeper SMSS2AB Creeper Walks up to the nearest opponent and explodes. Minecraft symbolMinecraft Semi-Common.
KungLao Cutout 001 copia Kung Lao He throws his hat across the stage, damaging any opponents it hits, then it comes back to him. Mortal kombat logo2Mortal Kombat Common
Shrek Shrek He roars at the opponent, knocking them back. Shrek Common
Whyti Whyti She shoots ice blasts at the opponent. TOME Common 
Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Goomba Will walk into enemies, damaging any opponent in it's way. 100px-SSB Mario Series Super Mario Bros. Common
Minion Minion Will throw a banana peel at an opponent, causing them to trip. 

DespicableMeSymbol Despicable Me

WanderOY Wander Will tightly hug the nearest opponent, making them unable to move before disapearing. Wander over Yonder Rare
Dandanvs Dan  He runs over opponents with his car.

DanVSLogo Dan VS


Starting Stages

Image Name Description Franchise
Lavendera ;Lavendera The purple waistland where players fight in TOME. Hazards include players jumping in and attacking you. TOME
HeliCarrier Helicarrier The main transportation for S.H.I.E.L.D agents, basically you are soaring through the skies, much like the Halberd from SSBB. MarvelogoMarvel
BattlefieldDayNightCycle2WiiUSSB4 Battlefield Nothing much to see here. Just a battlefield. SSB Smash Bros Series Super Smash Bros
KAAAHN Arena Another plain old arena. Shao Kahn will taunt you in the background while you fight. Mortal kombat logo2 Mortal Kombat
MysteryShack MAINREF Mystery Shack Dipper and Mabel's summer home. Hazards include Stan Pines pulling a con on the player. Gravity Falls Icon Gravity Falls
Mushroom Kingdom 3D by Kritter5x Level 1-1 The iconic first level of Mario, hazards include phirana plants, and you can heal yourself with a mushroom from a ? block.  100px-SSB Mario SeriesSuper Mario

Locked Stages

Image Name Description Franchise How to Unlock
StevenHouse Crystal Gem House Where the Crystal Gem's live. Hazards include living clothes attacking the player. StevenSeries Steven Universe Win 20 Brawls as Steven.

Alternate Costumes

Character Alternate Costume 1 Alternate Costume 2 Alternate Costume 3
WiiU-3DS SmashBros char01 E3 Fire Mario not Fire 640px-Dr. Mario by shy Guy Yellow Jumpman
Cluigi 3D Ice Luigi Dr. Luigi Artwork - Dr. Luigi Mr L
185px-Pac-Man character art - The Adventure Begins Pacman300 TBA TBA


Main Theme:

The main theme of the game.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton - Can't Hold Us

Main Menu Theme:

The theme for the main menu.

Alan Silvestri - Avengers Main Theme

Cosmic Invasion Theme:

The theme for the story mode. 

Jeff Williams - This Will Be The Day

Ending Theme:

The theme for the end credits. 

One Republic - Counting Stars

Boss Theme:

The Theme that plays while fighting a boss.

Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)