Current Age 27
Gender Female
Species Beorn
Current Status Alive
Crouded Spaces
Main Weapon(s) Plasma Cannon
Sexuality Bisexual
First Appearance  ???
Etanor is a 'steampunk' albino beorn that resides on a isolated base where she creates 'SteamDragons'. She is socially akward and a bit afraid of more than one person by her, the effect of hiding herself in a base for a couple years. Her right eye is a bright green while her other is a dark cyan, a condition that she had since birth. She is extremely smart, creating things that most people on Earth only dream of.


Etanor was a careless child back on Zeon, but soon after becoming a teenager she devoted her life to science and soon created herself an isolated base away from Zeon, promising her parents she would return (she never did, though!). Over the years she became more and more entwined with her projects, now almost never leaving her base and staying in her office for hours on end.

Soon enough she created the first few 'SteamDragon' prototypes that had gotten lose and presumably fleed to Earth, and began to create more for a current unknown reason, continuosly upgrading the SteamDragons. In the past year or so, her base has drifted closer and closer to Earth, bringing her closer to a planet several Beorns had fled to. Though she hasn't seemed to notice.


Etanor is a white beorn, with a slightly greyish color at the ends of her arms. She usually wears a plasma cannon strapped around her right arm, just in case. During her times on Zeon as a kid, she had gotten her leg stuck in a trap, causing her to have to wear a prosthetic leg on her bottom left leg. Her right eye is a bright green while her other eye is a dark cyan. 


Etanor is a very isolated person, she prefers doing things by herself and staying in then going out with friends. She often doesn't understand other people and tends to ignore and/or avoid them. She has no idea that Zeon is gone, and still plans to go visit it soon, but always never 'has the time to visit it' because of projects. She seems to not care about being lonely, being totally fine with it. She doesn't seem to be very emotional, though is somewhat negative almost all the time.


She doesn't really know anybody of interest currently.