Estella the Espeon
Estella is the most beautiful showgirl Pokemon in Pokeiffel.
Full Name Estella the Espeon
Current Age 16
Date of Birth Pokeiffel
Gender female
Location Eiffelmon (PokeMutant World version of France)
Current Status alive
Class damsel in distress
Renario "Renan" Extreme
Main Weapon(s) Pink Feathered Duster
Ability/ies psychic, sexy-dress up (causes male to nosebleed, this ability was removed in the English version), Swift
Vulnerable To Getting Dirty
Beauty-face (by most male fans)
First Appearance Renan's Adventure
Latest Appearance Renan's Destiny
I'm the most beautiful showgirl in Eiffelmon!
Sunshine, showing off herself

Estella (orignally named Sunshine) the Espeon is one of heroes and the first female character in the RenarioExtreme series. She is a very beautiful Espeon who works as a showgirl and Renan's love interest. Her code color is pink. Her symbol represents happiness.


Estella the Espeon wears an indigo dress with red trimmings on the sleeves and skirt, white earrings, purple eye shadow, mascara, heart necklace, red long gloves and white heels with a big blue circle with a small red circle in it. In her old appearance, she wears a pink tank shirt, a pink skirt and pink boots. In the anime, she wears a Paris showgirl costume; a pink cotton peacock feather headband, a pink skirted bikini with purple patterns, wings on the top, and a lot of jewels on it, pink long gloves, and pink pumps.


Sunshine speaks in a Korean (rarely French) accent. is a very happy, kind and soft-hearted Espeon who loves to help Renan and his friends in his adventures. She is also like an older sister to Renan. She rarely gets angry. She is usually sweet and shy, but once someone has gone too far, she gets very cranky and angry, and uses her psychic to attack the provoker. She is also usually frustrated with Renan's impulsive actions and behaviour, often telling him to think twice before doing anything.


Renario "Renan" Extreme

Renan has a huge crush of Estella because of her beauty. The only thing Estella hates about Renan is his bad behaviour.

Hiroshi the Quilava

Hiroshi and Estella have very good terms with each other, as Hiroshi helps her fix her broken things.

Dr. Mewtwo

Dr. Mewtwo usually kidnaps Estella for his plans on taking over the world, but then gets foiled by Renan.

Rexar the Croconaw

Estella quite has a grudge against Rexar, because of her gentle peersonality and his rough behviour.

Axellon "Axel" E-Ville

Estella doesn't like Axel very much because of his hatred in his heart.



  • She is the only female main character in the series.
  • Her original name is Sunshine, but her name changed to Estella in 2012 for unknown reasons.