Essence Koopa is a Magikoopa debuting in Super Mario Bros. F5 as one of the five playable characters.


Essence is one of the Koopa Troop's top sorcerers. She joins Mario and Luigi on their journey to the Dark Zone after realizing she left her magic wand at Bowser's Castle. Essence plans to use her magic powers on the Mario Bros., a mission she must keep secret from everyone but Bowser. However, wand or not, she is blissfully unaware that her companion partners are in fact Mario and Luigi—probably due to internalizing a constant stream of overexaggeratedly horrific descriptions of the plumbers.


When not under the player's control, Essence is often precise and focused, but she does have moments where she doesn't think things through. She devotes much of her time to her magic studies and usually keeps her magic wand about her person, feeling slightly insecure without it.



  • To be clear, despite the apparent naming convention used, Essence is not a Koopaling.

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