A ruby essence.
Habitat(s) Crystals
Ability/ies Hovering
Temporary immortality
Vulnerable To Mining equipment
Notable Members
Rainbow Essences

Essences are beings that live among humans. They can be extracted from crystals and gemstones. There are usually nearly twice as many essences in a crystal as there are carats. Their lifespans are generally three times as long as that of a human's, but they are unable to reproduce. Instead, when one is nearing death, they must return to the crystal that they originated from with all of the other essences from the crystal in order to stay alive. All of them will then be trapped in the crystal until they are extracted again, but they will have new bodies when they return. If this is not performed in time, all of the essences will die at once. Essences are immortal while inside of their crystals.


Essences are, most of the time, fluent in both the official language of the country their crystal originated from and their own language, known as Antoinetta. They do not follow human religion and have several of their own, but all state that the end of the world will begin once two essence goddesses from crystals at the start and end of a rainbow, called Rainbow Essences, are extracted.


The bodies of essences resemble large crystals. Their heads are connected to the top of these crystals, appearing as pyramids. Essences have two faces, but they are both connected to one mind. Their mouths look like triangles, with one upside down to the other. Their eyes consist of oval shapes. Their hands float by them, not connected to their bodies. These hands seem to be similar to crystals, specifically diamonds. The colours of their bodies are somewhat varying as essences happen to be the colour of their crystals.


  • These creatures were concepted after the Rainbow Essences mentioned in Fantendo - FRPG.

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