Espada Volante
Espada Volante
Espada Volante's Appearance
Full Name Espada Volante
Current Age 38
Gender Male
Species Peanike
Align Lawful-Evil
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) The Harpoonmancer
Ability/ies Extendable Right Arm

Excellent Swimmer

Vulnerable To Electrocution
Height 2.55m
Weight 97.5kg
Sexuality Heterosexual
Espada Volante is an infamous Bounty Hunter and head collector of the now semi-extinct species, Peanike.


Espada is a large humanoid-fish-esque creature. His mouth is covered by a large mask that protects him from noxious fumes by cleansing air. He has a large split-frill on the top of his head that is orange in colour (the same as the rest of his frills). He has a pair of pearl-like structures above and below each of his eyes that provide him with some protection to his skull as well as collecting dust and particles, they are said to grow with age eventually forming a visor around his eyes. He has an rather thin frame considering his left arm and he wears a long band around his body that crosses over at the front and joins together at the back.

His left arm is very muscular and has four spikes jutting out of his shoulder, it is said to be common in his species. He also wears a wrist gauntlet leaving his razor-sharp claws open for him to attack with. His Right arm has been severed as part of a trade he made and he has since had it replaced with what is known as Anenoles which have an incredibly powerful grip, the main Anenole is the red one and severing it renders the others useless. He commonly wields his blade, The Harpoonmancer, named due to him using it to kill Hunters of Sea Life. His legs are less muscular than his left arm and feature a sort of diving shorts whcih appear to be skin tight. His lower legs have frills on the back of them and end in three clawed webbed feet.

He is overall Red-Crimson in colour and his claws and spikes appear to be off-white in colour.


Brash and rather vicious, Espada has described his desire to hunt others as a sport rather than his job. Although he makes sure he completes whatever assignments he is given he takes pride in his work and every new species he kills he has collected their heads. According to an interview with Espada he has collected at least one head from every animal in the Orion Belt among other animals in other parts of the universe. He has stated that he finds pleasure in hunting as it invokes a sort of primal force within him and he often feels lead by his sword rather than his legs.

He seems to harbour a distrust to any and all mammals describing them as "Pompous and Self-Righteous" and his killings of them are noticeably more brutal than others. He also seems to have a tendency to become extremely aggrevated around those who question his right arm's appearance sometimes causing him to just halt a conversation completely. He has rarely mentioned the past behind his arm although he has stated that he's trying to cut back on the aggression he has towards those who question his arm.


Barely anything is known about Espada's childhood, it is known that he grew up under an opressive father whom would beat Espada into submission although this merely ignited a personal hatred Esapada has for his father, which ironically is one he hasn't settled in anyway, seemingly using said hatred to fuel his passion for Bounty Hunting.

When he was a very young adult (14 years old for Peanikes), Espada made a trade on the black market with an arms dealer (it's a literal arms dealer, you trade arms for whatever he's got) to acquire a sword that seemed to resonate with Espada incredibly well as well as the root of an Anenode for his right arm. Espada spend the next few weeks allowing the Anenode to grow and acquire its strength before he started Bounty Hunting.

According to Espada's head tally the first target he ever received was as he put it;

"Some suit wearing politician who'd been lining his pockets with his people's money, the client was apparently a terrorist on their planet and so now I am too. To be honest the fella' got what he deserved, talking about something like "tapping into the world's resources" or some poltical lie, doesn't matter now".

Espada is accepted on most planets at least for doing his job, he tends not to stick around too long and often is sighted at Asteroid Markets inspecting goods. He also has an awful habit of drinking as he seems to spend nearly half of his bounties on alcohol despite it actually being more adverse to him than it is to humans.


  • Espada's split-frill isn't natural of his species and was caused by his father's abuse
  • The diving shorts that Espada wears are made of a Carbon-Weave that protects him from sharp attacks to the groin and upper legs
  • Espada apparently has extreme difficulty lifting the Harpoonmancer with his left arm due to its sheer weight
  • The Harpponmancer contains an old pearl of Espada's that formed on his chest for a few years, he had the pearl shaped to fit in the slot after he sold the Ruby that was previously in the slot.