Esmeralda, Rico's angry girlfriend

Esmeralda is a character in the Neverhood Series. She is a yellow chao with white hair and wears a purple dress. She is also Rico's grumpy girlfriend.


Esmeralda is often moody, and enjoys beating Rico to release her stress.

Battle For The Neverhood

Monster Esmeralda

Esmeralda's monster form

Esmeralda got mutated by the mutating gas Dr. Kogg poured, turning her into a giant Boomer. She then goes to the Land Of Sweets where she begins drinking a waterfall of chocolate. When Rico came to save Esmeralda, she eats up a whole chocolate bar with him on it. Rico then fights her stomach and defeats her, only to get beaten more by an angry Esmeralda for hurting her.

Esmeralda then goes back home afterwords.

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