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Esarbee is a Toad and captain of Lemmykoopa24's Toad squadron. He looks like a regular Toad, except he has yellow spots on his cap instead of red. He is Lemmykoopa24's best captain and has a very positive personality.

Powers & Abilities

Esarbee has some of Cosmic's powers that include warping and cloning. But he has other powers that are unique to all the other captains of Lemmykoopa24's army. He has the ability to heal himself and allies, summon a creature to aid him in combat and his most cunning ability, the power of shape-shifting. However his Shape-Shifting powers are limited. Such as when he copies an enemy or friend, he is only able to choose half of their powers, and he must know what they look like. The powers he chooses are done by his choice and are not decided randomly.

Paper Karma

He appears in Paper Karma as a partner.

At the Circus

Esarbee was given the role of hosting Lemmykoopa24's circus in Lemmykoopa24's Circus Extravaganza.

Survivor Fan

Esarbee appears as one of the contestants in Survivor Fan. He constantly, along with Thunder Nook, breaks the fourth wall.


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