Full Name Iris "Erisi" Malone
Current Age 20
Date of Birth October 31, 1995
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Female
Species New Human
Location Faele, Ziama Prime
Align Chaotic Good
Current Status Alive
Class Heroine
Family and Relations
Liana (Best Friends)
Main Weapon(s) Cleaver
Height 5'2"
First Appearance Hymns of Helios
Latest Appearance Silhouettes
Erisi is a character who makes her début in Hymns of Helios. She was a bloodthirsty serial killer who was known throughout the kingdom to have very devilish tendencies when it comes to her victims. She often dressed up her victim in clothes to resemble a normal scene, and sets them up in public places. For example, she murdered an office worker, but placed his body in his cubical dressed up in a suit. Her nickname was derived from the word "Erased", a very accurate nickname of this girl's nature.

However, since the events of Hymns of Helios, Erisi has become more toned down and hasn't killed a person since. After meeting Liana she decided that she wants to have a life like her, and looks up to her in that respect. She also cares dearly for Liana, and would do anything to avoid hurting her or disappointing her in any way.


Erisi didn't have much of a childhood. Her mother was never in the picture, which left her dad to raise her. Her dad was a very devoted fan of dictatorship, and agreed with a lot of the policies it put forward. He would often involve himself in activities which involved other dictatorship activists, and brought Erisi along with him to encourage her to believe in it alongside him. Little did she know, this sparked her desire for killing, as she would kill people who would support capitalism, and just ordinary people because they served no purpose in the world that they lived in.


Erisi used to be a very sadistic and psychotic character, where she would kill hundreds just for her own amusement. However, since meeting Liana, she has completely changed in order to live out a normal life. 

While still enjoying dark humour, she often holds back on it when in the company of Liana. She also likes reading books such as murder mystery or something that will make her think. 


Erisi has many different abilities. She mainly attacks with her heavy sword-like weapon, which means that enemies can't use it, due to the sheer weight being too heavy for normal people. She is also very strong, which allows her to carry somewhat heavy bodies around, as well as dressing them up. She can also make use of her flexible limbs, which help her get through tight situations.


Hymns of HeliosEdit

Erisi débuts in the video game Hymns of Helios. She is represented as one of the psychopaths on the island, making her appear to Liana as a threat. However, after meeting Liana, they quickly become friends, which makes Erisi not want to kill her.

Dimensional DestructionEdit




Liana and Erisi are now really good friends. Erisi was originally meant to kill Liana, but after learning more about her she decided against the idea. It is highly hinted that Erisi has some sort of romantic crush of Liana after the events of Hymns of Helios, but it isn't confirmed.


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