Erica Martinez
Erica Martinez
Full Name Erica Rachel Martinez
Current Age 16
Date of Birth 9th September
Gender Female
Species  ??? (might be human, might be alien)
Location International Space Station
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Gravity Switcher
Ability/ies Anti-gravity
Nationality 25px-Flag of Canada
Ethnicity Latino
Height 4'8"
Weight 76 lbs
First Appearance Amy vs The Future
Latest Appearance Amy vs The Future

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Am I an alien? Am I not? I was born in space but my parents were humans. This is confusing...
Erica, on what species she is

Erica is a human (or alien) born on the International Space Station. She can control gravity.


Erica has long red hair, a black jacket, blue jeans and pink trainers. Her eyes are blue. She sometimes wears black gloves while trying to discover her past, using them to make sure she leaves no fingerprints.


Erica has always had one big question in her life: "Am I an alien or not?" Basically, her parents were astronauts and her mother thought it was a smart idea to go to space while pregnant with Erica. Well, she didn't know she was pregnant, she was about one week pregnant. Even with the crew on the station contacting ground control, they kept Erica's mother up there, thinking nothing could go wrong. However, something happened a few days before returning and Erica's mother gave birth to her on the space station. Upon returning home, Erica's mother walked out of the airport with her 3-day-old daughter in her hands. Erica grew up in Canada, but never knew of her true home until she turned 10, when she saw a report on "the first baby born in space" and a picture of what appeared to be her mother with Erica in her hands, which puzzled her, seeing as she thought she was from Toronto. Since then, Erica has questioned what species she is: alien or human. She moved to California around the time of the events of the Fantendoverse being discovered by Tayshaun and Hitomi, and many unusual happenings.


Erica is a shy girl. She usually backs away from social things and stays indoors. She can get horrible flashbacks and visions whenever she senses danger around, or feels insecure.


  • Erica originated from a Mii that her creator had made.