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Eric's Return Chapter 2: A Deeper Glance Reveals All

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Eric's Return to the Quest Chapter 2

Written by Dk64rules

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Part 1: Darklands City

[Eric, John, and Kiara are on a speedboat, heading towards Darklands City.]

Eric: So, how do I get to this altar thing?

John: You'll have to go through the city in a disguise until you reach a sign that says Cherished Fountain. Cherished Fountain is a alias for the altar.

Kiara: Those Merevelaries think you're dead, so you can speak and do things regularly, just don't use your powers. And always wear the disguise.

John: Look! We're here!

[They come up onto the docks of Darklands City East Side, a place of scum and low-lifes. This used to be the Void City's Eastern Slums.]

Eric: Okay, I'm off!

[Eric gets out of the boat and climbs up onto the docks. Then he runs into the city, under the name Earl Fower, a name similar to his own.]

John: Kiara, turn the ship around. We have to head there, but in a different direction. Those Merevelaries are after you.

Kiara: Okay.

[John and Kiara set out for the Western Side, where they can easily sneak into the city.]

Eric: What a place this has become.

Part 2: Channeling Anger and Hate

[1 hour later...]

Eric: I found it! The Cherished Fountain!

???: Hey! You! Earl Fower!

Eric: Huh?

???: Just kidding, it's me John.

Eric: Oh! Ha ha!

Kiara [rushing in]: Hurry! Channel that power or whatever and let's go!

Eric: Okay, okay!

[Eric stands in the Cherished Fountain, and before Sixty's power can reach him, he gets a look at the Surface World.]

Amy [sad and worried]: Oh Eric...I hope he's okay...

???: What was that, Mommy?

[The look closes and Eric becomes enraged, channeling not the power of Sixty, but of BloodClawer, Jayl Cel's menacing companion in one of Sixty's adventures.]

Eric: Mom...she...she's replaced me!

[Eric shoots a Massive Dread Blast, and John is engulfed in dark red flame.]

John: Aaack...Urrgh...

[Eric smashes the Cherished Fountain and becomes Dreadful Eric, a form that is fueled by anger. Dreadful Eric goes around the city, and in under a minute, the denizens are panicking and the entire cityscape in burning.]

Part 3: Kiara Cannot Stop Him

Kiara: Eric! Please stop! You must've misunderstood!

[Eric does not listen, but stops his merciless confront Kiara!]

Eric [in a deep demonic voice]: You must die. You ALL must die. This is nothing but a world of hate and betrayal.

Kiara: You want a fight?!

[Eric shoots a Flame Blast at Kiara!]

Kiara: Gaaah!

[Kiara shakes the flames and embers off.]

Kiara: Alright then!

[Kiara comes at Eric with a Short Knife, but Eric stops her.]

Eric: Die!

[Kiara is flung into the water at a horrifyingly fast rate!]

Will Eric come back to his senses?

Is Kiara dead?

Is this fan-fiction cut short?

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