Eric's Return to the Quest Chapter 1

Written by Dk64rules

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Part 1: Sudden Stop

???: Come on, Battle Buddy! I didn't pay you to be this slow!

Kiara: Sorry, John. This's depressing in this landfill.

John: So? This is where the treasure is! I can almost feel those mansion walls!

Kiara: Well....if you say so....I am getting paid, I guess...

John: Try not to trip over that coming up, ok?

Kiara: Ok-


Kiara: Aaah!

John: *facepalm*

Kiara: Wait....this is a body!

John: What?!

[John slides down the hill he's on, and joins Kiara.]

Kiara: Help me get it out!

John: Dead treasure....hmm...

Kiara: Fine, I'll do it my-

[The body is none other than Eric Four, the forgotten hero who was defeated by Merevelous.]

John: Who's that?

Kiara: It's....Eric Four!

Part 2: Revival to Return

Kiara: Hand me your Revival Potions!

John: But, I need these for-

Kiara: Just give them to me!

John: You are by far the most demanding Battle Buddy I've ever seen.

[John hands the potions over, reluctantly. Kiara uses the potion on Eric, and he jumps up, his energy being returned at an alarmingly fast rate.]

Eric: Hey! I'm alive! Kiara, you saved me? What happened? Who's that?

John: Hi, I'm John.

Kiara: Merevelous sent you down the shaft and you ended up here when the Trash Bots unloaded the bottom part of the shaft's debris.

Eric: So he's alive....

[Eric looks out over the purple Void Rivers, and notices that the city looks different. Much different. It has been changed into Darklands City, Merevelous's world of power.]

Kiara: Notice anything?

Eric: The's changed. Did Merevelous do all this?

John: Yeah, he did. I was an Elite Merevelary before I realized my mistake. I was stabbed by a young boy before I changed my ways....wait a minute...

Eric: You're THAT John?!

John: Ha ha, would you look at that. It is you! I just knew it! No hard feelings. If you didn't try to kill me, I don't think I would've changed.

Part 3: Preparing a Do-Over

Kiara: So, what do we do now?

John: Yeah, Eric. I'm ready to fight that evil ruler! Screw the treasure, this is much more epic!

Eric: I should try to get those Coveted Darkness Orbs before I confront Merevelous again.

Kiara: Yeaaaaah, slight problem. Merevelous kinda recollected them back into one big orb, and that's how he has more power now.

John: Plus, we're the only help you've got now. The rest of the Battle Buddies are sided with Merev, as well as the rest of the population.

Eric: Then what should I do?!

Kiara: Lie back and wait for an opening? Um....defeat your opponent in mid-speech? Uh, no....that won't work. Um...

John: I got it! He should go to the Spirit Altar and channel the power of Sixty Four!

Eric: But that got me killed last time!

Kiara: That's because you were given it suddenly and shortly. But now, you can channel it differently and control it!

Eric: Wait, can I see the Surface World at this Spirit Altar?

John: I think, why?

Eric [whispers]: Mom...

Will Eric reach the Spirit Altar?

How is Amy doing?

Yes, it's the return of your favorite Italicized Sentences!

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