Merevelous: I believe you can stop this stupid quest of yours.

Eric's Quest I Chapter 4: Away in the Darkness of the Void

Written by DK64rules

The main characters are...


Eric Four

Kiara the Battle Buddy

King Alkatraz

You're on Chapter 4. You can go back to 1 2 or 3, or go ahead to 5 6 when they are available.

Part 1: The First of the 4

Kiara: Eric! Hit Gultuon's Rocket Pack! It's what keeps him in the air and out of reach!

Eric: Got it!

[Eric fires a Voidball at Gultuon's Rocket Pack, making it burst in flame and send Gultuon spiraling to the ground!]

Kiara: Well, Gultuon, looks like you're down.

Gultuon: 'Aye, tis true. Even me rockets couldn't hold meh up long enough.

Eric: [silence]

Gultuon: Well, finish me--

[Eric plunges his sword into Gultuon's back, making the old sorceror explode in dark purple smoke.]

Kiara: Always finish off your opponent in mid-speech?

Eric: Exactly.

[The First Coveted Darkness Orb appears, and Eric immediately grabs it, securing 1 out of 4.]

Kiara: Hmm, now what?

Eric: How about we take a break?

Kiara: When I'm getting paid for every hour of work to save the Void? I don't think so.

Eric: Okay then, I guess will head back to Ameri to find out-

Merevelous: I don't think that is possible anymore!

Eric & Kiara: Merevelous!

Merev: Why does everyone do that?!

Eric: What have you done with Ameri?!

Merev: Ameri is dead. Now you will never find my other minions!

Part 2: Short-Lived Help

Kiara: I'm gonna kill you soon enough, you cretin!

Merev: I thought that was Eric's job, but if you can kill me.

Kiara: With pleasure!

Eric: Kiara, don't!

[Kiara runs over to Merevelous to kill him, but two huge knights appear. These are Elite Merevelaries, bodyguards to Merevelous.]

Merev: Take hold of her! Nobody shall help this Sixty Four wannabe.

[The Elite Merevelaries sink inot the ground, Kiara with them.]

Merev: I believe you can stop this stupid quest of yours.

[Merevelous disappears in the darkness.]

Eric: Never....I won't stop....

[Eric notices a small, running figure in the distance.]

Eric: Hey!!

[The running figure takes a glance, then speeds away.]

Eric: Oh, for cryin' out-

[The figure shoots a poison dart!]

Eric: Ugh!

[The dart hits Eric directly in the chest, and he falls.]

Part 3: Return of a New/Old Friend

???: Why have you come here? To the bottom?

Eric: Ughhhh...whaa?

???: You may have noticed that I have revived you. But now you must answer me. Why are you here?

Eric: 4....Coveted....Orbs....

???: You don't mean...those Orbs...

Eric: I do. Where am I...?

???: In my home. Come, get up off my couch.

Eric: Ok...

[Eric gets up and has a look around....very old-fashioned.]

Eric: Who are you?

???: I'm.....Mick Cool.

What the-? Mick Cool?!

The End

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