Eric's Quest I Chapter 3: Maleficent Merevelous

Written by Dk64rules

The Main Characters are...

Eric Four

King Alkatraz


Merevelous Dontori


You are on Chapter 3. You can go back to 1 or 2, or go to 4 5 6 when they are available.

Part 1: The Plan

Eric: So what do I have to do again?

Alkatraz: At the Bottom of the Void, you must retrieve the 4 Coveted Darkness Orbs from Merevelous's four guards: Gultuon, Tamriton, Poisuon, and Guyton. In that order.

Eric: So....that's it?

Ameri: No, then you have to combine the 4 orbs together to make the Orb of Sacred Shadow. Then use the power of that to defeat Merevelous.

Eric: I get any help?

Alkatraz: You could always hire a Battle Buddy.

Eric: A Battle Buddy?

Ameri: Warriors for hire. At the Void Town Tavern.

Eric: Oh. Guess I'll go there. Any of you got some money to spare?

Ameri: Here, take this. A bag of 100 Voidcoins.

Eric: Thanks.

[Eric runs out of the castle, heading towards the Void Town Tavern.]

Ameri: A Battle Buddy?

Alkatraz: Hey, the guy needs help. We don't have anyone to offer.

Merevelous: It would appear not.

Alkatraz and Ameri: Merevelous!!

Part 2: Buddies For Hire

[Eric opens the door of the Void Town Tavern, a place full of low-lifes and Battle Buddies, strong fighters looking to make a quick buck.]

Eric: Doesn't seem very friendly...

Bartender: Hey buddy, you look a little young to be a-steppin in here, eh?

Eric: I'm just looking for the Battle Buddies.

Bartender: You're outta luck, kid. A gray-haired fellow named Mereveli or somethin' came in and killed them all about an hour ago.

Eric: Merevelous!

Bartender: Yeah, that's his name!

[Eric runs out of the bar, but is abruptly stopped by a Gerudo-like lady named Kiara.]

Kiara: Shh, foolish boy! Quit running so fast! The Merevelaries will hear you!

Eric: Wha? Who are you?

Kiara: I'm Kiara, one of the Battle Buddies. I'm currently the only living one here. The Merevelaries are sworn guards of Merevelous, trained to destroy you, Eric.

Eric: How do you know my name?!

Kiara: I have been watching you secretly. Even your recent talk with Ameri. I will be your helper, free of charge. If you accept.

Eric: As long as you don't work for Merevelous.

Kiara: Deal. Now, how can we get back to Ameri, with all the guards around?

Eric: Let's forget about them if it's easier to get to the Bottom of the Void.

Part 3: Time to Die

Merevelous: Well, well, well. Eric's off to find a Battle Buddy to destroy me. But I won't be defeated by a stupid kid and some outcast fighter. I am the new Dark Lord. No one can stop me!

[Ameri and Alkatraz are hung over a lava pit.]

Ameri: Eric is Sixty Four's son.

Merevelous: ......Who's son?!

Ameri: Sixty Four's.

Merevelous: You mean the one who destroyed the Dark Lord before Seven...? Jayl Cel?

Alkatraz: That's correct.

Merevelous: Maybe I have underestimated this kid...but he won't get past Guyton. Maybe the others, but not Guyton.

Ameri: Guyton's still working for you?

Merevelous: Yes, he is. Now, does this Eric Four have a mom?

Alkatraz: I...uh...think so.

Merevelous: Then I'll make sure for a sympathy card to be sent to her! And your's too, Ameri!

Ameri: Why mine?!

Merevelous: Drop him in the lava.

[A Merevelary cuts the rope, and Ameri burns in the lava.]

Ameri: HOT!!! OWWWWWW!!!......


Merevelous: Now....where were we...

Alkatraz: Uhhh....

Merevelous: Oh yes! Where's Eric?!

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