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Eric's Quest I Chapter 2: Young King Alkatraz

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Alkatraz: ....Savior, it is you.

Eric's Quest I Chapter 2: Young King Alkatraz

Written by Dk64rules

The Main Characters are...

Eric Four

King Alkatraz


You are on Chapter 2. You can go back to 1, or go to 3 4 5 6.

Part 1: Teh King

???: His son?! Holy crap! I can't believe it!!

Eric: Whoa, calm down. Who are you anyway?

[??? takes off his hood.]

???: King of the Void, King Alkatraz.

Eric: Isn't that a prison?

Alkatraz: Yeah, but I have a "k" in my name instead of a "c"

Eric: Oh. It's an honor, king. But wait- you're like 14 years old.

Alkatraz: Yeah.....and?

Eric: You're a king.

Alkatraz: Young King Alkatraz.

Eric: Ok. Who's that?

Alkatraz: Oh, the guy with the scroll in his hand?

Eric: Yeah.

Alkatraz: He's Ameri, my messenger and right-hand man.

Ameri: Pleasure to meet you, uh...

Eric: Eric. Eric Four.

Alkatraz: He's Sixty Four's son! Can you believe it?

Ameri: OMG really?! Wow!

Eric: I guess I'm well-known? Or my father was?

Part 2: Where's Eric?!

Amy: Have you seen my son?! Have you seen Eric?!

Guy: Shut up, lady. People are trying to have a nice walk!

Amy: How dare you! Do you even have a heart?

Guy: Look, just go to the police station and stop yelling.

Amy: Fine, I will!

[Amy walks off.]

[Guy pulls out a Coveted Darkness Orb, an evil sphere that helps locate people in the void.]

Guy: So, this Eric is in the void. Maybe I will go get him.

[Guy flashes in a bright light, then disappears.]

In the Void...

Alkatraz: And this is the castle.

Eric: Wow, it's so....

Ameri: Big? Amazing? ....built by evil sorcerers?

Eric: What?

Alkatraz: Oh, Ameri! Don't pepper the kid's mind with dark tales! It's not healthy for a hero's successor!

Ameri: Oh, sorry sir.

Eric: Wait....what evil sorcerers?

Alkatraz: Oh, fine. Tell him, Ameri.

Ameri: Not too long ago, Seven the Evil Knight led an army of a thousand sorcerers. They built this castle for him. But then, 2 years later, a sorcerer named Merevelous Dontori turned against Seven, and killed him. You would consider him a hero for killing the evil knight, right? Dead wrong. Merevelous was just as evil as Seven, and broke the Orb of Sacred Shadow into 4 Coveted Darkness Orbs. Merevelous gave one orb to his assistant, Guyton. The other 3 were scattered around the Bottom of the Void.

Eric: So this Merevelous killed Seven? I thought Sixty died shortly after killing Seven.

Alkatraz: Ameri, is he thinking right? He does know that Seven "technically" killed Sixty, right?

Eric: father...was killed by Seven?!

Ameri: Technically, Sixty was thrown into a fire pit by Seven, and died in the hospital.

Eric: So...Sixty was burnt to death?

Alkatraz: Technically.

Eric: No......he couldn't have....he was supposed to kill Seven....

Ameri: Why is he glowing purple, Alkatraz?

Alkatraz: ....Savior, it is you.

Chapter 3: Eric Four's Rage Awakened

[Eric's Dark Arm glows with power, and his eyes glow dark purple, with shadows and swirling voidwind engulfing him, turning him into a rage-filled warrior.]

Ameri: Should we be worried?! [Eric topples one of the castle's columns and the castle begins to shake.]

Alkatraz: Ameri! Come with me!

Ameri: Okay!

[Alkatraz and Ameri run to the Sacred Book Room.]

Alkatraz: See, in the Prophecy Tome, it lists a hero that is light and dark powered to defeat an evil sorcerer.

Ameri: So the right one to combat Merevelous?

Alkatraz: I sure hope so. We need to calm Eric down with something....maybe a Calm Spell!

Ameri: That's my specialty. Let me handle it.

[Ameri goes out to where Eric is.]

Ameri: Please work!

[Ameri uses a Calm Spell. Eric reverts back to his original power and mood. The castle is back to normal.]

Eric: Ugh...

[Eric falls to the ground.]

Ameri: This is going to be a long quest for him.

Alkatraz: But he'll complete it. This I am sure of.

Ameri: I sure hope so.

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