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Eric's Quest I Chapter 1: 13 Years Later

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Eric: I'm his son.

Eric's Quest I Chapter 1: 13 Years Later

Written by Dk64rules

The Main Characters are...

Eric Four

Amy Four

You are on Chapter 1. You can go to 2 3 4 5 6 .

Part 1/2: Those 13 Years

[Obviously a lot of time has passed since the death of Sixty Four. Allow me to fill some major points in for you before you begin.]

  • Eric's dream is to become a sword master, like Sixty.
  • Amy has seen the darkness in Eric, and fears he may turn to the "evil side."
  • Eric has become a strong and sometimes cold person, due to the fact that he has been made fun of because of his Dark Arm.
  • The void has become a dangerous place, but a new king may change that...
  • Eric despises foolish people, and has no respect for them.
  • Eric has always admired Sixty's brave actions as a little kid.

[Okay, now we start!]

Part 1: The Sword of Generations

Amy Four: So, how did you like your birthday party today?

Eric Four: I loved it! But, I didn't get a present from you yet.

Amy: That's because I didn't get you one.

Eric: Huh??

Amy: Sixty did.

[Amy walks upstairs, and Eric hears a case open. Then, Amy comes back.]

Eric: Is that a sword?

Amy: Not just any sword. This is your dad's sword. This weapon will give you the power to destroy evil.

Eric: Let me see.

Amy: Ok.

[Amy hands over the blade to Eric.]

Eric: Ha!

[Eric swings the sword so fast, it's power surges through him and his Dark Arm is powered up.]

Eric: Whoa! Now, what about this!

[Eric swings the sword with his Dark Arm, and there is so much power that the entire house shakes.]

Amy: Okay, that's enough. If you want to swing it more, go outside.

Eric: Fine.

[Eric walks outside.]

Eric: This sword is awesome!

Part 2: Problems in the Void

[In the Void....]

The King: What's the report, Ameri?

Ameri: Well, all 4 cities are running fine, except...

The King: What?

Ameri: Well...

The King: What?!

Ameri: Merevelous is acting up again in Lower Right City!!

The King: Merevelous?!

Ameri: Yes!! The one who stabbed Seven to death!

The King: And then hung his Skeleton in his lair?

Ameri: That's the one, unfortunately!

The King: I thought we were done with him....

Ameri: I'm afraid we'll need to recruit a hero from our army again.

Part 3: Ready for Adventure?

Eric: Now to play some video games.

[Eric walks downstairs.]

Eric: Hmmm....Wii? No, Gamecube. Well, maybe Wii. Both?

[Eric's new sword begins to shake and glow.]

Eric: Hey, what's happening...?

[The dusty Nintendo 64 starts to glow and shake now.]

Eric: What the hell is going on?!

[Eric is pulled towards the 64, sword in hand.]

Eric: Stop, you...Whoa!

[The sword swings into the N64 cartridge slot, and a ominous portal appears.]

Eric: What the...?

[Eric's Dark Arm pulls him into the portal.]

Eric: No! Wait!

[Eric goes through the swirling energy tunnel, then comes out into a city.]

Eric: Where is this?

???: Why, this is the Void. Void City.

Eric: .......The Void? Like, where Sixty Four destroyed-

???: Sixty Four? You know Sixty Four?!

Eric: I'm his son.

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