Current Age 16
Gender Male
Location Baltimore
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) FN GP35


First Appearance Night of Thieves: First Hunt
Latest Appearance Night of Thieves: At Dawn's End

Eric is one of the main characters that appears in the Night of Thieves series. Eric is a long time best friend of Micheal and decides to join with him to stop Frank Jimsworth and his gang, and save the city.


Eric was born 4 months after Micheal was born in the same year. Eric was raised by two parents, but his dad died years back in World War I and his mom is a business women, and Eric doesn't see her that much due to her busy job. Eric didn't always have the best life, but he had his friends to be there. He goes on a new adventure to stop Frank and his army.


Night of Thieves: First Hunt

Night of Thieves: At Dawn's End

General Information

Phyical Appearance

Eric has short black hair and blue eyes. Eric is pretty skinny, but is athletic and often does morning runs. Eric wears a red suit with a brown tie and a black hat with white strips. Eric also has brown-ish shoes and his FN GP35 can be seen in his pocket, and Eric is about 5ft and 2 inches.

Personality and Traits

Eric usually tends to joke around alot with his friends and hang out around the neighborhood. Eric shows signs of being courageous and is a helpful person.


  • Eric can use his FN GP35 which takes a couple of shots to defeat an enemy.
  • Eric can also use his Dagger which is alot like a knife, but can cause more damage to enemies.


  • Eric's last name was revealed to be Padford.