Pilot Episode

"Long before time had a name, Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master using the four weapons of Spinjitzu: The Scythe of Quakes, the Nunchucks of Lightning, the Shurikens of Ice, and the Sword of Fire. Weapons so powerful, no one can handle all their power at once. When he passed away, his two sons swore to protect them. But the oldest was consumed by darkness, and wanted to possess the weapons. A battle between brothers broke out, and the oldest was struck down and banished to the underworld. Peace returned, and the younger brother hid the weapons. But knowing his older brother's relentless ambition for power, he placed a guardian to protect them. And for fear of his own demise, a map for an honest man to hide."

―Sensei Wu to The Super Hero Squad in "Heroes and Ninja"

Episode 1: Heroes and Ninja

The episode opens with The Super Hero Squad fighting some Thugs in Super Hero City at night. In Castle Doom at Latveria, Dr. Doom was watching them through a computer screen, going angry and trying to figure out a plan Z. But Modok and Abomination had an idea to transport the Super Hero Squad, the heroes' allies, the other heroes, the villains that Doom wants to transport, and Doom to a world called "Ninjago". But to do that, Dr. Doom asks Modok to send in his best AIM Agents to a SHIELD Secret Base in New Jersey. But then on the Helicarrier, JARVIS told Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Falcon, and Silver Surfer that this is happening right now. They Hero Up, went to New Jersey, and defeated several AIM Agents. But they were defeated by a smoke bomb and got captured. Then, the Super Hero Squad were in a plastic box and they were trying to escape. And then, Doom's plan worked. But the heroes were in the forests of Ninjago when they were attacked by a group of Skeleton Bikers called "The Skulkin". On the edge of the hill, a large vehicle (the Skull Truck) appears along with a group of motorcycles, all of which have skeletons on board, notably Nuckal, Kruncha, and Samukai. The skeletons begin to attack to arrest the squaddies for defying someone named "Lord Garmadon". The heroes broke free and starting to Hero Up again, and begins attacking skeletons. Iron Man is nearly killed by Samukai, but he was saved by Sensei Wu, who appears just in time. Samukai tells his gang to retreat under the orders of someone named "Lord Garmadon". Wu tells the Super Hero Squad the story of Ninjago, finishing by telling him that Kai's father was given a map made by Sensei Wu to hide the Golden Weapons from Garmadon, Wu's older brother. Realizing that Garmadon has struck a deal Dr. Doom with Samukai, King of the Underworld, Wu asks the squaddies to join him in his battle against Garmadon as the new and improved Super Hero Squad. Wolverine at first refuses to get involved, until realizing he won't stand a chance without Spinjitzu, which Sensei Wu promises to teach. The heroes begins to train in Sensei Wu's Monastery, by completing an obstacle course. When they completes the course and asks for their Spinjitzu training, Wu simply says that they have already learned Spinjitzu, and that their final test will come. When preparing for bed that night and checking at his Iron Man armors from MK I to MK XVII, Tony Stark is attacked by four mysterious Ninja.

Episode 2: The Golden Weapon

Continuing from "Way of the Ninja", a battle between Iron Man in his MK V from the comics, his Super Hero Squad, and the ninja causes them to be thrown out onto the training grounds. Falcon activates the training course and the obstacles disarm the attackers.

Moments later, Sensei Wu stops the fight, revealing that the four are his other students. Wu then uses spinjitzu to transform the ninja into different colored outfits. The ninja are introduced to the squaddies: Cole, the black ninja of earth, who is solid as rock, and compared to Wolverine and Hulk; Jay, the blue ninja of lightning, and compared to Spider-Man and Falcon; Zane, the white ninja of ice and seer with a sixth sense, and compared to Thor and Silver Surfer; and Kai, the red ninja of fire, and compared to Iron Man and Captain America. After they introduce themselves Wu announces the search for the golden weapons has begun.

The first destination is the Caves of Despair, where Kai races off in hopes of finding Nya. Krazi sees him and nearly raises alarm, but the remaining three Ninjas and the Super Hero Squad disarm him quietly and reunite with Kai, also snatching the map from Samukai. When the four capture the weapon, they are attacked by Samukai and a whole legion of Skeletons. Jay notices the enemies were similar to the training course, and after traveling through the motions Wu taught him, he manages to summon a tornado of energy corresponding with his element, finally preforming Spinjitzu. The others follow, remembering the motions from the training course. Samukai and his army retreat, as they are unable to deal with all four Ninjas and eight Heroes. Just as they are about to escape, the Earth Dragon, guardian of the Scythe, appears behind them and attacks, believing them to be stealing it. In desperation, Kai uses the scythe, despite Wu's instruction not to use the weapon's power, as no mortal is powerful enough to wield it (except for Thor). A rift appears in the cave ceiling, partly crushing the dragon, and the ninjas and the squaddies escape with Spinjitzu. Though triumphant, Sensei is angry at Kai for using the weapon. The episode ends with Samukai addressing his dark master, who has not yet been shown, telling him he has failed. With a laugh, however, the shadow speaks that everything is going according to plan.

Episode 3: King of the Shadows

As the ninja and the heroes are heading to the Shurikens of Ice, Sensei Wu tells them of the most powerful move in spinjitzu: the Tornado of Creation. Kai attempts it, with a warning from Wu that if done incorrectly, it will lead to disastrous consequences. The boat arrives, crashing into an island and knocking them down, causing Kai to mistake the crash for his own doing with the Tornado of Creation, however Sensei Wu tells him otherwise as they embark onto Jotunheim. Loki saw that his brother, Thor and his friends are trying to reach the Shurikens of Ice, so, he sent the Frost Giants to attack them. They were so many of them, so, Iron Man in his Arctic Armor told Jay and Zane to go after the Shurikens when Loki was going to fight Thor. Zane is frozen when he makes contact with the Shurikens, and using him as a toboggan so that the other eleven can escape from Loki, the Frost Giants, and another dragon. Later, at the Floating Ruins, it is discovered that they are being followed by Electro, Shocker, and Samukai, who now has full knowledge of Lord Garmadon's plan. Using one of Jay's more useful inventions, the twelve escape from the Lightning Dragon. Using Jay's invention, coupled with the high altitude from the Floating Ruins, they are able to fly all the way to the Forest of Tranquility, the location of the Sword of Fire. After a campfire party, followed by bedtime beside the embers, Kai is awoken by none other than... Nya. She runs away, and Kai chases her through the forest, entering to the Fire Temple. Nya runs onto a platform and morphs into a giant black shadow, having only been an illusion made by Lord Garmadon to trick Kai to go into the Fire Temple to steal him the Sword of Fire, as in his shadow form he cannot touch it. He exploits the fact that Kai had forgotten his sword, and that the real Nya is hanging from chains above the lava. Garmadon tells him the only way to cut the chains to save Nya is to pull the Sword of Fire out of its rock. Kai obtains the sword, cuts Nya free and is then confronted by Garmadon's shadows, which he cannot harm. Wu arrives and asttempts to save them, but Lord Garmadon awakes the Fire Dragon, who believes them to be stealing the Sword of Fire. Sensei decides to make a sacrifice and take the Sword of Fire to the Underworld. Kai tries to ask swap places with Sensei, as he blames himself for going after "Nya" alone, but it is too late. Meanwhile, Lord Garmadon traveled to the forest, where the skeletons have tied the Super Hero Squad and the three ninja to a tree and tells Samukai and his army to return to the Underworld to unite the weapons before it's to late (But Spider-Man tied and hanged himself with his webs by Electro, when Spidey was out of Web-Fluid). Jay grabs Nuckal's sword and is able to cut the rope and release them just as the skeletons are leaving. Their weapons have no affect on Spider-Man's webs, but Elektra cut Spidey's webs with her Sais. The Super Hero Squad, the three ninjas, and Elektra begin chase the skeleton's convoy and regain the golden weapons, however are struck with difficulty slowing down the Skull Truck. When the vehicles travel fast enough, they create portals to the Underworld. Because of the Skull Truck's massive size, it must go faster to make the crossing. The driver tries to get the truck up to speed, but is slowed down by Cole. Jay tries to save the Golden Weapons, but is accidentally hit by Cole’s as well, losing his voice. Zane attempts to take control of the driving seat, but Samukai is already there. Tossing Bonezai aside, he grabs the wheel and floors the pedal, throwing the twelve off onto the road. The truck is able to make the crossing to the Underworld just before it would have hit a stone wall.

Episode 4: Weapons of Destiny

Sensei Wu awakes in the Underworld, his journey having knocked him out. He begins to search for Lord Garmadon. The Super Hero Squad, the three ninjas, and Elektra arrive at the Fire Temple, but Zane's sixth sense tells them that all four weapons are now in the Underworld, and that Kai and Wu have failed. Iron Man admits with a sigh that they have been defeated, and that there's no way now to regain control of the weapons. He is proven wrong in several moments, as Kai and Nya appear aback the Fire Dragon, whom now fully understands the situation and has the ability to cross to the Underworld.

Cole points out that there's no way for all of them to fit on the one dragon. Kai has a solution, returning to all three of the other elemental dragons. Also, Iron Man, Thor, Falcon, and Silver Surfer could fly. But Spider-Man used his Spider-Copter and Captain America, Wolverine, and Hulk decides to use one of SHIELD's jets. The dragons, the flying heroes, and the flying vehicles pass to the Underworld, and the eight heroes and the four ninjas attempt to silently sneak into Garmadon's Fortress. Swinging from stalactites, they are close to their goal when Jay, still speechless, notices that they are actually hanging from the legs of Bone Spiders. Unable to receive his warning, they plummet to the ground, where Nuckal raise the Ninja Alarm.

Jay is able to gain usage of his voice back in time to remind the others of the Tornado of Creation, which they successfully attempt, turning the fortress into a caged Ferris wheel and entrapping the skeletons inside it.

Meanwhile, in Lord Garmadon's throne room, Sensei Wu has used the Sword of Fire to destroy a group of skeletons, stating that Garmadon will have to take the Sword from him. Garmadon calls on Samukai, who now holds the Shurikens, Nunchuks, and the Scythe. They arrive to witness the battle, but choose to let Wu fight Garmadon on his own. Samukai defeats Sensei Wu and obtains the Sword.

He turns on Garmadon, keeping all the power for himself, but is unable to contain all of the energy streaming through him. The weapons fuse and disintegrate Samukai, in the process opening a time portal to the Overworld. Garmadon jumps through the portal and escapes the Underworld, but not before promising to one day wield all four weapons and use them to recreate the world in his image.

Though Garmadon is gone, Wu sighs and states that he will one day return, perhaps with the power to do as he pleases. The Ninja pick up the golden weapons, now lying on the ground. Turning to Wu, Spider-Man says "And we'll be ready for him". They return on the dragons to the blacksmith shop and reunite with Nya, becoming heroes across Ninjago.

Mini-Movies (7 episodes)

Secrets of the Blacksmith

Jay takes Nya back to the Four Weapons blacksmith shop on his dragon so she can pack since she is now moving in with the ninjas. She packs tons of weapons and put a necklace on her arm. Then Modok, Abomination, Venom, Bullseye, Living Laser, Mysterio, Blizzard, and Doc Ock attack only to be defeated by Nya. Jay hears them fighting, and goes to see whats wrong, he sees Nya is alright and she tells him she just "Knocked down some samurai helmets and stuff.". They both get on the dragon to fly back to the monastery while Modok and the other seven villains decide not to tell anyone what happened.

Flight of the Flying One

The Super Hero Squad and the Ninja decide to have a race with their flying objects and dragons to earn the title "Flying One". Jay thinks he will win since he won the last time they raced. At first Zane is worried Sensei Wu might find out they are not training, but then Kai tells him riding their dragons is a type of training. They all race. It ends up with Cole winning, but he is told "We'll get you tomorrow" by Kai, Which makes Cole upset because they didn't agree to have him Dragon Ninja for a month.

The New Masters of Spinjitzu

The episode begins showing Modok and Abomination playing a video game called "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" at Castle Doom. Modok was cheating when he said he wasn't cheating. So, Abomination was going to smash Modok, but instead, he smashed both the TV and the X-Box 360 console. Abomination then comes up with the idea to use the golden weapons so they can do spinjitzu themselves. They use the Doom Truck to go to the monastery. Once they are there, they sneak up on the heroes and the ninjas while they are sleeping and steal their golden weapons. They were able to do spinjitzu, but they couldn't control it and ended up turning the training course on. Kai then (not noticing Doom's henchman) turns off the training course and yells at Jay to fix it who reply's "I'll do it tomorrow". Modok and Abomination then decide to put the weapons back where they found them. The episode ends with the two villains arguing over who's idea it was.

An Underworldly Takeover

The Super Hero Squad and the ninjas asks Sensei Wu how Lord Garmadon had control over the Skulkin, Wu tells him that him and Garmadon used to be friends before he fell. A flashback then shows Garmadon after he fell into the Underworld, then Samukai and his skeletons close in on him. Garmadon then fights Samukai and uses spinjitzu to win, he then takes Samukai's helmet and claims the title "King of the Underworld". It is then revealed Wu doesn't know how Garmadon became leader and then thinks they "Talked it over a nice cup of tea". The episode ends with Hulk breaking pencils when he was trying to write the list of playable characters from LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Return to the Fire Temple

(This episode starts exectly after "The New Masters of Spinjitzu"). Flame (the fire dragon) takes Kai and Nya back to the Fire Temple to show them a secret entrance that leads to the Underworld where Wyplash and Krazi (who's name is misspelled "Krazy" in the credits) along with four other skeletons are standing. Krazi notices Kai and then tells Wyplash "We've got company". Wyplash then tells the other four skeletons to attack Kai while Krazi stays by Wyplash's side. Kai uses the Sword of Fire to knock out the skeletons axes, but the skeletons pick up Kai. Kai can not escape the grasp of the skeletons, not even using spinjitzu. Flame uses his fire breath to attack the skeletons. The skeletons then escape through the entrance which later becomes blocked by boulders. Kruncha then blames Nuckal for "leaving the stove on" thinking that was the reason for the boulders.

Battle Between Brothers

The Super Hero Squad and the ninjas asks Sensei Wu for another story about him and Lord Garmadon. But Zane notices Sensei Wu's new kimono and tells him it is "most extraordinary". Wu thanks Zane and tells him it has powers against evil and reminds him of the day Lord Garmadon was banished to the Underworld. Then there is a flashback showing a young Garmadon taking the weapons from their stands. The young Wu tells him the weapons are for display, but Garmadon tells him "Tell me, brother, what good is a weapon if all its used for is collecting dust?". Wu tells him not to be a fool only for Garmadon to tell him their father was a fool. Wu and Garmadon then battle over the weapons leading to Garmadon getting struck by lightning and falling into the Underworld. The flashback is over and in the present Wu tells the twelve there were many years of peace after Garmadon's downfall. The episode ends with Hulk once again breaking pencils when he was trying to write the list of playable characters from LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and ripping the paper that he wasn't good at writing.

Unnamed Mini-Movie

The mini-movie involves Kai fighting Nuckal riding a vehicle. (Kai and Nuckal do not have any designs on their outfits and Nuckal has green eyes.)

Season 1 (13 episodes)

"Long before time had a name, the first Spinjitzu master created Ninjago using four elemental weapons. But when he passed, a dark presence sought out to collect them all, Lord Garmadon. So I, Sensei Wu, his brother, sought out to find four ninja and eight super heroes to collect them first."

―Sensei Wu in "Rise of the Snakes" All episodes began with a recap of the last episode. After the recap, "The Weekend Whip" was played and the ninjas and the heroes were shown with their names along with Sensei Wu and Nya. After the episode "The Snake King", the ninjas were shown in their "ZX" outfits

Rise of the Snakes

Immediately continuing the story from where the first season left off, Sensei Wu implores the Ninja and the Super Hero Squad to start training again to prepare for his brother's return to Ninjago, but ever since Lord Garmadon has escaped they have done nothing but play video games and waste time. Sensei lectures the four on "not putting off onto tomorrow what can be done today", saying that the twelve have not yet reached their full potential. The squaddies and the ninja laugh, saying that they'll be ready when Lord Garmadon returns. Their meeting is interrupted by Nya, bringing word that Garmadon was spotted in Jamonicai village, sending the Monastery to a state of panic. The out-of-shape Ninja then travel to Jamonicai village to stop Lord Garmadon, only to find the sighting to be false and the fake Garmadon to be just his son who has brought them a wagon of candy, Lloyd Garmadon.

Then, Dr. Doom was watching them from a computer screen in Castle Doom, figuring out another plan. But, Modok and Abomination told Doom about a legend called the "Serpentine" about their ability, their tombs, and how many tribes there are. Before returning to the Monastery, Kai discovers he has accidentally taken Sensei's bag in the rush, and finds a scroll that tells of the prophecy of Ninjago; one ninja will rise above the others and become the Green Ninja destinated. None of them are able to contain excitement, boasting to the others that himself will become the green ninja. Meanwhile, Dr. Doom, Modok, and Abomination were looking for the first Serpentine tomb in Jotunheim. Then, they uncover an ancient tomb containing a tribe of the real serpentine known as Hypnobrai. The Hypnobrai general attempts to hypnotize the three villains, but the ice pillar causes the general to seeing himself in a reflection, and letting Doom take control of him. The tribe is now under Doom's control who sends them to steal all the money in Jamonicai. The Hypnobrai use their power to hypnotize the villagers, bringing more power to Doom. All consumed by selfishness, they try to hold a tournament to find who is the best of them all, and thus become the green ninja. Unfortunately, the idea backfires when Kai's sword starts an elemental fire which cannot be put out. Sensei Wu arrives and uses the Shurikens of Ice to stop the fire, before explaining the heroes and ninja must agree to continue their path to unlocking their potential before any of them will become the green ninja. Sensei senses the presence of the Serpentine and quickly alerts the heroes and ninja , who rush to the village and are able defeat the Hypnobrai, forcing them to retreat. However, Skales, the second-in-command for the tribe, tries to hypnotize Cole before leaving town, forming a scheme to destroy them for revenge. But Wolverine, Hulk, and Nya came to the rescue just in time. After stealing the Snake Staff, Nya uses the anti-venom inside it to cure the villagers. Later, Skales realizes that he can see what Cole is seeing.


At the Monastery, the others begin to notice Zane's odd behavior, but Sensei explains Zane is the ninja's brother, and like all brothers, he is different. After a mail delivery, Jay questions Zane why he never recieves any letters from his parents, to which Zane responds he had been an orphan all his life and never knew his family. Wu tells him the Monastery is now his home, and the squaddies and the ninja are his family, but Zane only leaves sadly. In the meantime, at the Forest of Tranquility, Dr. Doom instructs the tribe to create a fortress to "rule" Ninjago from, where Skales and Rattla conspire the downfall of Slithraa, the current tribe leader. Later that night, when Zane goes outside to take out the trash from dinner, he finds a falcon that mimmicks his every move, and is presuaded to follow him. He soon discovers Doom's treehouse, and brings the others to help destroy it the next day. After analyzing the structure, Wolverine thinks that if they destroy all four ropes holding up the fort, it will crash down with the snakes inside it. The plan almost succeeds, but Skales enforces Cole's hypnotic spell, causing him to fight his heroic friends and nearly bring the fort down with them on it. In the nick of time, though, Sensei and Nya arrive on Flame, Kai's dragon, while Sensei plays a flute that breaks Cole's spell. After rescuing them and destroying the fort, he explains the flute is as old as the Serpentine themselves, and the flute is sacred, as it will play a large role in the Serpentine's downfall. When returning to the Monastery, they find the entire building demolished and burned to a crisp, causing them to turn on Zane and blame him for destroying their home. When they go to apologize, however, they find Zane leaving on his dragon, Shard. Later that evening, Zane returns and explains he was following the falcon, which led him to Destiny's Bounty, their new home. Meanwhile, at the Hypnobrai tomb, Skales challenges Slithraa to a fight in the Slither Pit for command of the tribe, which Skales wins. Now in control of the Hypnobrai, he teams up with Doom, but steals a map to the other three tribe tombs before they left, and plans yet another act of vengeance.


After using the Hypnobrai tribe, Dr. Doom uses his stolen map to find the Fangpyre tribe's tomb, where he offers an alliance to get revenge on the Super Hero Squad and the ninja. Fangtom, the tribe general, agrees, but first plans on building up his army by using his tribe member's venomous snake bite to transform anything to snakes. Also to recruit Bullseye, Green Goblin, and the Wrecking Crew for some damage. Meanwhile, Jay's parents, Ed and Edna arrive at the ship visiting, much to Jay's annoyance. After being embarressed multiple times by his mother, Jay ushers his parents back to their junkyard, where they are assualted by the Wrecking Crew, Bullseye, Green Goblin, and the Fangpyre and given the venomous snake bite while the others infect vehicles in the yard to their own evil use. The next day, Jay keeps his promise to his father and visits the junkyard with the other onfoot, as the ninja's dragon migrated east to begin a transformation in their stage of life. When they arrive, the place is quiet, which worries Jay, since his parents are apparently "never quiet". He finds Ed and Edna captive and beginning their transformation to snakes, while meanwhile the Fangpyre, Bullseye, Green Goblin, and the Wrecking Crew fight the Super Hero Squad and the ninja. Sensei explains the only to change Jay's parents back is to get the anti-venom from the staff, but the Fangpyre begin to retreat, carrying the staff with them. After discovering their weapons have the ability to transform to vehicles, Jay uses his Storm Fighter plane to steal the Snake Staff from the Rattlecopter, which makes the Fangpyre follow the Super Hero Squad and the ninja back to Destiny's Bounty. While there, Nya creates the anti-venom and accidentally loses the staff, and Ed fixes the "defense system" Jay was working on earlier in the episode, allowing them to take flight and escape the Fangpyre.

Never Trust a Snake

Zane has a dream about the green ninja fighting Lord Garmadon and then tells the other ninja and the Super Hero Squad about it during training. Sensei Wu then gives the ninja and the squaddies a riddle to solve: "What is the best way to defeat an enemy?" Meanwhile, Doom told his army that they can look for the two tribes tomorrow and recruit Doc Ock, Sandman, Chameleon, Beetle, Shocker, and Electro to form a new Sinister Six. The ninja and the heroes continue training and Sensei Wu checks up on them to see if they have found the answer to the riddle. Kai says it is "to train", but Sensei answers that he is wrong and orders them to continue to train. The Sinister Six then create havoc around Ninjago and return to Castle Doom. Together, Dr. Doom, his two henchmen, and the Sinister Six then take over the Boarding School for Bad Boys. The Ninja and the Super Heroes Squad then arrive to stop them, and they free the tied-up school students. They also find Kruncha and Nuckal tied up in the same room, Cole agrees to free them if they promise to leave Ninjago. The nine villains including the Sinister Six are cornered on the roof and used a teleporting device to go to Castle Doom. Later, Sensei reads Lloyd a bed time story about why you should never trust a snake and Lloyd then falls asleep. The ninja and the heroes are confused and ask Sensei about it and Sensei reveals the answer to the riddle is: "To make them your friend".

Can of Worms

Lloyd Garmadon plays tricks on the ninja and the Super Hero Squad by order of Sensei Wu to teach the ninja and the heroes about the destructive power of rumors. Zane's outfit is mixed in with Kai's when washing them and is turned pink as one of the tricks. Sensei tells them one of the reasons he told Lloyd to do this was because he couldn't find his lesson book, Kai later finds the lesson book in Lloyd's pocket. Nya then tells them the location of the Constrictai and Venomari tombs. They then split up into two teams, Kai, Iron Man, Captain America, Jay, Spider-Man, and Falcon in the Venomari Tomb and Zane, Thor, Silver Surfer, Cole, Wolverine, and the Hulk in the Constrictai Tomb to stop Dr. Doom from releasing. However they are too late and Zane, Thor, Silver Surfer, Cole, Wolverine, and the Hulk fall under attack by Skalidor. They escape and head to help Kai, Iron Man, Captain America, Jay, Spider-Man, and Falcon who had been attacked by Dr. Doom, Moleman, Venom, Carnage, Hydra, Annihilus, Super Skrull, Mysterio, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the Constrictai, and the Venomari. They are then saved by Samurai X who uses gas to knock them out so they don't know the identity of the samurai. The ninja and the squaddies then head to Ninjago city to stop the tribes uniting. Dr. Doom has now assembled "The Destroyers of Doom" and showed them his three clips. One clip featured Doom using the shower, when Invisible Woman had her hair and costume same, but her face had zombie make up to scare Doom. The second clip featured Doom, Abomination, and Modok having a picnic, when Ant-Man and Wasp stole the picnic bag so the three villains could blame on themselves. And the last clip featured Doom in the hallways, when the Black Widow used stealth mode to hack into the security codes, just so that she could turn Doom's weapons against him, and Doom blamed on Modok. After the three clips were done, The Super Hero Squad and the ninja then use the power of rumors to their advantage to stop the tribes and the villains from uniting but are all captured except Zane because of his pink outfit blending in with a poster on the wall. Zane then frees the others but is pursued by Dr. Doom, Abomination, Modok, Loki, Magneto, Scales, and the other villains and Serpentine. Zane then uses his Shurikens of Ice to freeze the floors, and then everyone gets on his snowmobile, and they escape, while Doom, the other villains, and the other Serpentine are slipping on the icy floor that Zane created. Lloyd Garmadon makes Zane's clothes white again to make up for making them pink in the first place. Also, he says sorry to Cole by giving him a can of nuts, but Cole says there are snakes inside. He then opens the refrigerator and when he opened it, snakes pop out and everyone laughs, including Cole.

The Snake King

Dr. Doom, Modok, Abomination, Scales, Loki, Magneto, Sandman, and Whirlwind are found digging in the desert looking for a lost city known as "Ouroborus". Abomination finds a switch while digging and, when when the switch is activated, the lost city emerges from the sand. Meanwhile, the ninja receive a package with their ZX outfits (But not the Super Hero Squad nor Lloyd). They are then told by Nya that Serpentine, Juggernaut, the Wrecking Crew, Electro, Pyro, Avalanche, and Green Goblin have invaded Mega Monster Amusement Park. By the time they are there, they find the serpentine and the rapid criminals tied up. They are told by the park's guests that a mysterious samurai came and saved the park. Sensei Wu tell the ninja and the squaddies to not be jealous of the samurai, but to instead be inspired by him. The ninja and the heroes decide that whoever finds out the identity of the samurai shall become the Green Ninja. They each attempt to capture the samurai but fail. While Deadpool is baby-sitting Lloyd, the two went to an arcade and Deadpool spotted a video game called "Deadpool", but cost 12 tokens. So he leaves Lloyd to guard the arcade game before anyone else plays it. Lloyd notices Skales talking to the other Serpentine and the other villains about Ouroborus and offering them a ride there on a Serpentine Bus, and Lloyd sneaks on the bus, having disguised himself as a Hypnobrai. The bus takes them to Ouroborus, but it was inside Castle Doom and Ouroborus was made from metal, where Dr. Doom challenges to fight Abomination, Modok, Loki, Magneto, and the generals for there allegiance. Skales secretly gives Doom the flute to charm the Serpentine in return to be Doom's second-in-command. With the flute, Doom forces the generals to give up there staffs. He then becomes leader of the snake tribes. Then, Lloyd drops the maracas that he was holding and the Serpentine and the villains find out he was Lloyd, leading to his immediate imprisonment. Back at the Destiny's Bounty, Sensei Wu asks about Lloyd and, when the ninja and the squaddies respond that they have not seen him, they get sent out to find him. The ninja and the heroes found Deadpool, who was upset that Lloyd wasn't guarding the arcade game that he was going to play. So, they blamed on him. Afterword, they found Lloyd's tracks and the lost city of "Ouroborous" that they led to. They try to make a sneak attack to rescue the boy but get captured, get their golden weapons taken away, and are forced to fight Samurai X. But Iron Man tells JARVIS to get his Hulkbuster Armor. After a long time of fighting, they start to work together to get out of there. The ninja and the Super Hero Squad grab onto the mech suit and fly off to safety while Samurai X gets in a fight with the Serpentine and the villains and then later flies off to safety too, with the golden weapons. While in the sky, Samurai X's rocket boots shut down and he hits the ground. Meanwhile, the mech suit also shuts down and the ninja, Deadpool, and the heroes hit the ground, Iron Man's Hulkbuster Armor was destroyed and needs to be repaired, and Kai being separated by the rest of the group. Kai sees Samurai X fall to the ground and goes to help, but finds out that he was Nya. Nya begs Kai not to reveal her identity, which Kai agrees to. Nya gives Kai the golden weapons and he goes to find the rest of the group, which he does. They go to the Destiny, though they returned without Lloyd, which made Sensei Wu upset. Nya then goes to her room to put her costume away and drops a weapon of her's in the process, which is picked up by Sensei Wu. Wu then says "Iron sharpens iron, sibling sharpens sibling".

Tick Tock

The Vision got into the Bounty and the ninja and the squaddies (but not Deadpool). He wanted to tell something to them, but the heroes and the ninja went to see Sensei Wu about their full potential. Sensei tells them a story of Garmadon when they were both young. He explains how the Great Devourer's venom made him evil. He goes on a trip to find Garmadon. Meanwhile the Serpentine and the villains ask Dr. Doom where the four fang blades are and he struggles to find them. Then in Jamonicai village Zane finds the falcon and the ninja, the squaddies, and Vision follow it. Zane first encounters the Wendigo that tries to attack him. After defeating him he finds a workshop and discovers that he is and the falcon are robots. The ninja, the Super Hero Squad, and Vision leave and are attacked by Treehorns and they struggle to win and discover the Wendigo was here to fight treehorns and mistook Zane for one. Zane decides to fight and unlocks his full potential to fight the Treehorn Queen. Then, Dr. Doom discovers to get the map. He needs the antivenom in the staffs on paper to make the map. While Sensei Wu buys some tea and pours it in a fire and a portal opens. Sensei Wu goes in the portal, wakes up and Garmadon with four arms says "Hello brother, what took you so long?” and laughs.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

The episode begins with Nya explaining to the ninjas, the Super Hero Squad, and the Vision (who was repaired after the fight with the Treehorns) another means for Fangpyre anti venom and after this, Jay asks her out on a date. Jay accidentally touches the fangs of the Fangpyre skeleton. Dr. Curtis Conners, an expert on reptiles, drank the venom of the Fangpyre and was transformed into "The Lizard". The Destroyers of Doom try to get the first fang blade at the Mega Monster Amusement Park. They can sneak and not grab any attention because people think they are other people in costumes. When Sensei Wu talked to Lord Garmadon, he attacked him. Garmadon summoned mud monsters. But when Wu told Garmadon about Lloyd, Garmadon pulled him out, and they went on a journey to the Mountain of Madness to get back to Ninjago. While on the date Jay noticed that he is turning into a snake, but doesn't want to tell Nya. Meanwhile, the ninja and the Super Hero Squad (but not Vision) fought The Destroyers of Doom. Zane accidentally froze themselves. When Nya walked away, Jay got beaten up by the people in the restaurant and then found a way to sneak out. Nya attempted to use the Samurai Mech but the busted engines provide a problem. The Destroyers of Doom caught up to her and tie her to a roller coaster with a flaming hoop and a broken track. Jay came to the rescue to stop them and save Nya, in the process, unlocking his full potential.

The Royal Blacksmiths

The Destroyers of Doom arrive at Egypt to find a fang blade. They use Lloyd to get past the traps, promising his freedom but then Lloyd finds that it isn't there and ask if he's going to be freed but Dr. Doom says no. While the Ninjas and the Heroes discuss where are the other fang blades Cole shows one is in the form of a trophy. They pay a visit to his father and try to win the talent show so they can get the fang blade. Mystique disguises herself as a judge and then the ninjas and the squaddies win but Doom steals the cup from them and gets a Moloid and a Bytar to trap Cole and Lou.Cole reaches his full potential to rescue his father. Meanwhile Sensei Wu and Lord Garmadon go through the mountain of madness and fight the Shadow King and his Craglings and make it back to Ninjago.

The Green Ninja

The episode starts with three of the ninja, Zane, Cole and Jay, and seven of the squaddies, Thor, Silver Surfer, Wolverine, Hulk, Spider-Man, Falcon, and Captain America, training very late at night, while Kai dresses up as the Green Ninja and Tony Stark testing his Armor MK XLII from the movies. After the other ninjas and the other heroes sneak in and embarrass Kai and Iron Man, they get a message from Nya that Sensei Wu has returned. They met him and explain what has happened within the last few days, or the last three episodes. Behind him is Lord Garmadon, who surprises the ninjas and the squaddies because he has four arms. Kai and Lord Garmadon get locked in into a fight, which Sensei Wu breaks up. In the montage afterwards, the heroes are increasingly upset about his erratic (mainly evil-related) behavior, especially Kai. So, Iron Man calls in the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the other that Iron Man could find to put up some traps for Lord Garmadon, but none of them worked. Kai hears Wu and Nya talk about the Green Ninja. He then gets in another fight with Garmadon, though more of a shove-fight. The ninjas, the squaddies, and the other heroes find out that the third Fang Blade, the Destroyers of Doom, and Lloyd Garmadon are in the fire temple. Kai runs out and catches Garmadon with the Four Golden Weapons (which proves Garmadon's plan worked) and gets into another fight. Kai wins this one, but gets scolded by Sensei Wu. The heroes (except for the other heroes that need to watch the Bounty) get inside the fire temple, they see the villains and the snakes looking for the Fang Blade. A snake next to Dr. Doom finds and gives it to him. He looks in the blade and sees the ninjas and the Super Hero Squad In this episode, Doom gets the Fangpyre fang blade and Kai unlocks his full potential. Lloyd is saved in this episode and (at the end) has is revealed to be the Green Ninja, the one who will defeat the Dark Lord (His Father).

All of Nothing

The episode begins with an AIM Agent running down an alley and getting cornered by the four ninjas and the eight heroes. He gives the twelve lots of information on Dr. Doom's whereabouts then he gets scared and tells them to stop them from unleashing the Great Devourer and is let free. Back on the Destiny's Bounty, Lloyd tells them they should steal the three other fang blades before Doom gets the last one, then they find the tomb where the Destroyers of Doom are trying to get the fang blade. Before leaving, Sensei Wu instructs the heroes (except for other heroes that Iron Man had chosen in the last episode) and the ninjas on ways to avoid a snake's powers, such as Kai using Spinjizu with his eyes closed v.s. a Hypnobrai, or Zane connecting to the falcon against a Venomari. Also, Nya made a modification to the Samurai Mech to include a seat for Wu. The 4 ninjas, the 8 heroes, Nya and Wu leave Lloyd, the other heroes, and Lord Garmadon behind to look after the HQ for them. In the tomb, they find a hidden door to the top of the Serpentine's inner sanctum. At Destiny's Bounty, Lloyd catches his dad trying to find the Ninjas and the Super Hero Squad secrets and tells him to leave, and they get a call from Nya. Meanwhile, the group is found and a fight begin, the ninjas and the heroes using the tricks they learned earlier. However, they fall into a trap and end up in a large cage. Doom then appears with the fourth and final fang blade, the Venomari blade. Lloyd gets ready to leave the ship in his Green Ninja suit, giving a message to Nya but failing to get a weapon. In the sanctum, Doom is about to leave for Castle Doom, but the rest of the Destroyers of Doom members want to celebrate with a Slither Pit tournament, which he agrees to. Kai escapes the cage in an attempt to free the others, but gets caught by Blizzard. Lloyd breaks in, but trips on a rock and comically falls into the baddies' crowd and all of them laugh at him. Lord Garmadon appears with the other heroes that Iron Man had chosen an the Skulkin to save the ninjas and the squaddies, Doom is shocked and tells him he betrayed them and Samukai long ago. A fight between 2011 and 2012 antagonists results in the heroes escaping with their possessions all 4 fang blades at once. During the fight, Doom tries to take the 4 fang blades and run off with them but he bumps into Hulk and Thing and they take the Fang Blades away from him. The Ghost, one of Doom's men, then turns invisible and all the heroes got back to Destiny's Bounty. Afterwards, Lord Garmadon leaves the heroes and says good bye to his son before vanishing. Upset, Lloyd walks into a party the rest of the heroes made to celebrate having all of the fang blades. Unbeknownst to the heroes, Ghost is outside their very window, about to strike for all of the fang blades.

Rise of the Great Devour

Dr. Doom gets ready to steal the Fang Blades to unleash The Great Devourer, while Ghost ties up Lloyd to some training equipment, keeping him quiet. Sensei looks into the spirit fog and sees him, the Super Hero Squad, and the ninjas fighting the Destroyers of Doom, but the The Great Devourer is freed anyway. This foreshadows the events of the entire episode. Sensei gathers the ninja and the squaddies to throw the Fang Blades into a volcano to destroy them (however, the Fang Blades could have survived this anyway, the Fangpyre one did in The Green Ninja). Doom snatches the Fang Blades and The Ghost messes up the controls of the ship, sending Sensei overboard. Wu is caught by the ninja and the squaddies, but the event distracts them while Doom gathers the Fang Blades. Before leaving, Doom is attacked by War Machine, Rescue, Nya (as the Samurai), and Lloyd (as the Green Ninja). Doom and Ghost jumps off, onto the Rattlecopter and meets with the other villains. The Destroyers of Doom hijack a tour bus to drive towards Castle Doom. The ninja and the squad race towards it and get into a big fight. The ninja and the heroes board the snake bus and fight off the baddies guarding it, led by Skales. Cole uses his Tread Assault to knock Skales out of a window, into the desert. As a result all minions flee, leaving only Doom and Loki. Doom pushed Loki out of the window and Sensei goes after him and fights him. This (and Stan cycling by) causes the bus to crash right in front of Castle Doom. Doom goes into Ouroborus and places the fang blades into the Great Devourer's statue, awakening the beast. The statue collapses right in front of him. He finds out that the Devourer was under him, not the statue, the whole time, larger than any statue or drawing of it. The Great Devourer exits its prison, ever hungry. Doom is dragged by Sensei Wu in front of the Devourer and were together the reptile's first course.

The Day of the Great Devour

Dr. Doom and Sensei Wu have just been the appetizer of The Great Devourer's mighty buffet after it has finally been released. But Doom escaped from the Devour's mouth and was alive. The ninja and the heroes are forced to run with the giant reptile on their heels. They are forced to run with the giant reptile on their heels. They flee to the Destiny's Bounty and are forced to leave their home behind after the Great Devourer caught it. Left with nothing but their weapons (and the Samurai Mech) they head to the junkyard owned by Jay's parents. While Jay's parents weren't there, they used the junk and the Tornado of Creation to make the Ultra Sonic Raider. The Devourer (probably attracted to the large amount of things it could eat) appears and gets into a huge fight with the Sonic Raider, destroying it. Zane is caught in the attack and has the left side of his "skin" messed up, part of his "nindroid" face showing. The giant monster scurries to Ninjago City, the capital of Ninjago. The Great Devourer goes through the forest where the Fangpyre tomb is located in his path to the city. The Serpentine and the villains, who are all gathered at the Fangpyre tomb, jump into the tomb to avoid being squashed and they shut the lid, trapping them in the tomb. Before they did that, Doom was running away from it and got inside the tomb. The ninja, the Super Hero Squad, and all the heroes protect the citizens and people celebrating some kind of anti-snake holiday (Including Lou, Ed Walker, Edna Walker, and Stan). The four-headed dragon saves them after they almost get eaten. The dragon and the snake fight, but the snake wins once again. Garmadon shows up and asks for the four golden weapons. The seventy-eight formulate a plan. The ninja and the heroes take turns "running from it," using its large size against it. Going according to plan, the Devourer ends up stuck with its tail in it's mouth. Garmadon jumps off of a skyscraper with the four weapons and destroy The Great Devourer for good. Though Garmadon and the Four Golden Weapons are nowhere to be found, the seventy-seven found Sensei Wu, still alive.

Season 2 (13 Episodes)

Darkness Shall Rise

the seventy-seven heroes are helping in fixing Ninjago City after the Devourer was defeated. Nya then informs them that she has found a realestate agent named Patty Keys who will help them find a place to live. Nya and Sensei Wu than say they have to leave to find parts for the Ninja Tank. Sensei also tells them that there new destiny is to train Lloyd. Meanwhile, Dr. Doom along with Abomination, Modok, Loki, Magneto, Scales, and the other tribe generals attempt to regain the trust of the Destroyers of Doom after his defeat. However, Lord Garmadon forces them to follow him, recreating the remains of Destiny's Bounty into a ship he named "The Black Bounty", leaving Doom, Modok, Abomination, Loki, Magneto, Scales, and the generals behind. Meanwhile, Patty Keys attempts to sell the ninjas and the heroes (not the ones from the last 4 episodes) a bad quality apartment room, saying it is the only place they can afford. They then state they need a place to train Lloyd and are then introduced to the "Hero Suite", a room at the top of the apartment shaped like a dojo that has a training room. Although Zane states the room is to expensive, Patty tells them that they deserved the room. They then decide to get jobs to pay for the rent of the room. So, Iron Man had to invite the sixty-three heroes to train Lloyd. Lord Garmadon now names the Destroyers of Doom, "the Destroyers of Garmadon" while they fly to the Golden Peaks, birthplace of the golden weapons, and fuses the Golden Weapons together into a Master Weapon. He plans to use it to destroy Sensei and the twelve heroes so they will never be able to train Lloyd, then the prophecy will never be fulfilled.

Pirates vs Ninja and Heroes

The Episode begins a few centuries ago, with the pirate crew of the Destiny's Bounty captained by Captain Soto looking for the Dark Island. The crew leave No Eyed Pete to steer the ship when the captain wasn't noticing, but due to his lack of sight, they crash in Ninjago. In the present time, Kai is training Lloyd in their apartment, referencing the moment Sensei told Kai "You are not ready to face my pinkie toe". Sensei gives the ninjas and the squaddies bus tokens to go and find a better place to train. On the Black Bounty Lord Garmadon is discussing the one weapon with the Generals, Abomination, Modok, Loki, and Magneto, and he tries to use it to destroy the Ultra Dragon, who was fling close to the Bounty. He flies into a rage when he is unable to destroy it, and discovers Captain Soto's journal in the cabin. He accidentally resurrects the pirate crew, then finding out that the weapon can only create and that it weakens him when used. Captain Soto then orders his crew to lock up Garmadon, who is unable to defeat them because he is weak, and the the Destroyers of Garmadon in the brig. Meanwhile, the twelve heroes find "Grand Sensei Dareths Mojo Dojo" where there introduced to "Grand Sensei" Dareth. Dareth agrees to let them use his dojo if they defeat him in a battle. Kai then defeats Dareth with Spinjitzu and he allows them to use his dojo. They ninjas start training Lloyd at a dojo, where he demonstrates powers of the Scythe of Quakes. The Pirates then attack Ninjago city, and the ninjas and the heroes rush onboard. While battling the captain, Lloyd unlocks Spinjitzu. The pirates are later arrested, and Lord Garmadon takes back the Black Bounty.

Attack of the Skrull Clones

On board the Black Bounty, Garmadon brainstorms ideas to destroy the Ninja and the Super Hero Squad while still using the Mega Weapon's power of Creation. He tells Super Skrull to send in his best Skrulls. The Skrulls put on the heroes costumes and Lord Garmadon creates four dark versions of the Ninjas and the Squaddies, and sends them to destroy the Real ones. Meanwhile, Jay is trying to teach Lloyd to harness the power of Lightning, when they get word of a ceremony at Darkly's School for "Great Students" That turns out to be a trap, as the boys kidnap the heroes and try to turn Lloyd back to their side. They escape with the teachers, but are confronted by the Skrull Heroes. Lloyd convinces the boys to be good, and they make Ninja and Squaddies suits and attack the evil Skrulls. After defeating the shape-shifting aliens, the teachers decide to celebrate. The twelve heroes drive back to Ninjago city in the Ultra Sonic Raider, and receive a message from Lord Garmadon saying he will be back.

Ninja Ball Run

When the Super Hero Squad and the ninja learn that Darreth's Mojo Dojo is to be destroyed and Darreth doesn't have the money to save it, our heroes enter the annual NinjaBall Run to win its cash prize in order to save the dojo.

To save the dojo from a wrecking ball destruction, they enter a huge road race in the Ninja Tank and on the Ultra Dragon, their opposition include, the Serpentine Bus, who have just broken Dr. Doom out of jail, SHIELD, the police, The Black Bounty, Modok and Abomination, Kruncha and Kuckal, the royal blacksmiths, Ed and Edna, The boarding school for bad boys,Stan Lee's Turbo boosted Mailman bike, Deadpool and his scooter, and the pirate van. The pirates, Stan, and royal blacksmiths crash and are eliminated. The twelve heroes are out of fuel, but Ed and Edna come and help, they transfer fuel to the Ultra Sonic Raider. The the Destroyers of Garmadon jump from the Dark Bounty to the Ultra Sonic Raider in attempt to stop the heroes. Ed and Edna crash, and Jay takes a part to assure their car crosses the finish line. They speed on, and are winning, but in the final stretch, Lord Garmadon uses his Mega Weapon to create a giant crevasse in the ground. Kai uses a secret weapon installed by Nya and transfers the Ultra Sonic Raider into its flying form. The race is a photo finish, and the heroes win thanks to the part Jay took from his parent's car. Garmadon thinks it's not fair, being his ship is bigger. But Lloyd takes back the Bounty, and SHIELD and the police try to arrest the Dark Lord. The serpentine bus drives in and picks up Garmadon, who probably will be back.

Child's Play

The episode starts with Lloyd gazing over the Bounty onto Jamonicai Village seeing some kids playing. He is sad that instead of playing he must train. He tries to get permission to go buy a comic, but the Super Hero Squad and the ninja tell him he must train. Nya then tells the ninja and the heroes (not the ones from the last few episodes) that Lord Garmadon has been spotted at the museum. Once there, Lord Garmadon tells the Serpentine and the villains (including Dr. Doom) he is going to awaken the long dead Grundle, a killer dinosaur creature with a head like a deep sea fish, and make it hunt the twelve heroes. In the middle of this process, the Ninja and the Super Hero Squad They jump on the fossil, but nothing seems to happen at all. Garmadon gets angry and leaves, and the Serpentine Generals, Dr. Doom, Modok, Abomination, Loki, and Magneto steal a Chitauri portal. The squaddies ninja go after them, but fall behind. As the baddies can´t get the Chitauri portal into a manhole with them, they leave it behind. The good guys then realize they have been turned into kids. Then, Ronan the Accuser came, and the twelve heroes are accused of having stolen the portal. As the ninja try to perform Spinjitzu, they realize they are to short. When they face the museum director and apologize, he asks them why the Grundle fossil is gone too. The ninja and the heroes then realize it must have been reawakened and walked off. To escape, they disguise themselves and run off with some school kids. A while after the director sees them leave, he hears a rumbling coming from on top of the museum. He looks up, and the Grundle jumps down and scares the visitors. They try to call Lloyd as he is playing video-games. They meet at the arcade, where Lloyd is shocked at what happened to them. He brings them to a comic writer that he knows to ask him for advice. The writer tells him that a couple of illuma-swords would work well, as the Grundle is nocturnal, but they must win them in a comic knowledge competition. They call Sensei and Nya and tell them what happened. Sensei and Nya then go to the Sanctum Sanctorum for tomorrow tea to turn the good guys for tomorrow tea to turn the ninja back into their older selves and the Grundle back into bones, but it takes Dr. Strange a while to find it. Meanwhile, Lloyd loses the competition and the Grundle shows up, but using the illuma-swords and Lloyd´s powers, they manage to hold the Grundle at bay until Sensei and Nya turn up. They use the tea, but it makes Lloyd become an older version of himself, too. The episode ends with the writer handing Lloyd a comic, which he says Lloyd has earned. Lloyd declines, saying he already knows how it ends. The last image is a comic where Lloyd faces of against his father under the stylized title of "Green Ninja".

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

In a dystopian future in the year 2055 AD, Wolverine, Hornet 2099, and Blink battle Future Lord Garmadon's Sentinels. A mutant named Bishop attacks the Sentinels and saves them, but Hornet 2099 and Blink were killed by Lord Garmadon himself. Bishop and Wolverine retreated to a Rebel Hideout, where they meet Iron Man 2020. Wolverine plans on using the temporal transceiver to go back in time to the Past to stop an destruction. Iron Man says the rebels have a theory that if the destruction never occurred, then the dystopia would have never happened. Bishop volunteers to go instead, and Iron Man backs him up. The Sentinels and Lord Garmadon attack the hideout as Bishop goes back in time.

In the present, Bishop finds himself in the Bounty and soon learns that the time travel worked, although he can not remember much about his mission. Later, while training Lloyd on the bounty, the falcon returns. But Bishop came in and the Super hero Squad and the ninja attacked him and thought he was one of Garmadon minions. But, Sensei Wu told him that he's not. Bishop tells about his timeline. After that, Zane looks into its database, Zane discovers that Lord Garmadon and his Destroyers of Garmadon are rebuilding Ouroboros and turning Castle Doom, into Castle Garmadon. Spidey had and idea to call Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man 2099, and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. When they go there, Lord Garmadon tells the Red Skull to create a vortex to go back in time, to stop the Super Hero Squad, Bishop, the three Alternate Spider-Men, and the ninja from being formed in the first place. After the opening of the first season happens, the future squaddies, the future Bishop, the alternate Web-Heads, and the future ninja tell past Sensei Wu about how they are from the future and what they must do. When the skeletons come and kidnap Nya, Garmadon makes them miss with the Bone Claw. Nya's capture was the reason why Kai wanted to be a ninja in the first place, and Kai has no prompt to go with Sensei. However, Sensei managed to convince past Kai to come with him to train anyway. At the Monastery, Sensei is trying to train Kai, but Kai is unwilling. The Ninja , Bishop, the Web-Heads, and the Super Hero Squad then kidnap Nya to make Kai become a Ninja. Everything goes along as planned until the Fire Temple showdown. There, both past and future Garmadon battle past Kai and the future Ninja , the future Bishop, the Alternate Spideys, and future Super Hero Squad. In order to make everything right, the ninja unite the weapons and use them , Bishop used his mutant powers, the Spideys used their powers, and the squaddies used their hero ups to destroy the Mega Weapon. Iron Man using his Concussive Overload, Amazing Spider-Man using his Bungee Bash, Wolverine using his Berserker Fury, Captain Ameica using his Avenger's Shield, Hulk using his Hulk Smash, Thor using his Wrath of the Gods, Falcon using his Feather Frenzy, and Silver Surfer using his Galactic Might.

Bishop arrives in the future, to find that apparently nothing has changed. Iron Man 2020 appears, saying that he will have to go back again and again until things are fixed. He tends to Wolverine's adamantium skeleton, floating in a tank.

Spider-Man Noir arrives in the past, Spider-Man 2099 arrives in the alternate future, and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man arrives in the alternate present.

When the ninja and the squaddies return to the present, Lloyd has never heard of the Mega weapon, because it was presumably destroyed in the past.

The Stone Army

Lord Garmadon, Dr. Doom, Modok, Abomination, Loki, Magneto, and the Serpentine Generals set out to find the Dark Island. Meanwhile, the Super Hero Squad and the ninja are summoned to the museum, where the Great Devourer's venom has brought the merchendice to life. After chasing after one, Sensei bumps into an old friend, who he introduces as Lloyd's Mother. Misako tells the ninja and the squaddies the full story of Creation: When The First Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago, he had to create Darkness to keep the balance. An evil spirit known as Overlord. A battle raged out, neither able to destroy the other. Overlord created indestructible Stone Warriors, and instead of being defeated, the First Spinjitzu Master split Ninjago in two. The museum's exibit of one Stone Warrior come alive thanks to the Devourer's venom, and the thirteen heroes are unable to stop it. Lloyd then tricks it into the bottomless pit in which it was originally found. Doom pushed Lord Garmadon out of the rattlecopter, and is now back the Snake King. Lord Garmadon washed onshore of an island, where he is greeted by Overlord himself. Garmadon then raises the full Dark Island out of the water, and is promised domination of Ninjago...

The Day Ninjago Stood Still

Dr. Doom is back to be the Snake King and demands the villains and the Serpentine to dig under Ninjago City, while Avalanche, one of Magneto's Brotherhood, cause the earthquake, new Stone Warriors come from underground. The ninja and the heroes (including the ones from the last several episodes) are forced to evacuate all the citizens from Ninjago City on the Destiny's Bounty.

The Last Voyage

The Ninja and the Super Hero Squad sail to the Dark Island after a Stone Warrior damaged the thrusters. Along the way, they are attacked by Attuma, Tiger Shark, Atlantean Warriors, and evil starfish called starteeth. But the thirteen heroes were saved by Namor. They run aground on an island in the middle of the ocean, where they find Dr. Julien. It is revealed that he was revived by Samukai and forced to build machines for his army, and to ensure Dr. Julien wouldn't escape, Samukai chained a Leviathon, a giant squid with eyes on its tentacles to keep guard. While Dr. Julien repairs the thrusters, they were attacked by Attuma, Tiger Shark, the Atlantean Warriors, and the Leviathon. But the heroes were saved by Invisible Woman. The fifteen heroes escape from the Leviathon, when Zane dives into the ocean and forces starteeth to break the Leviathon's chains.

Island of Darkness

The ninja and the heroes (not Invisible Woman and Namor, because they have to stay in the Bounty) set out to find the Temple of Light, which will give the ninja back their elemental powers. Zane, however sees his falcon and goes after it, being spotted by the Stone Army. The ninja and the squaddies climb up the mountain to the temple with Cole's Power Drill and Kai's Fire Robot, both build by Dr. Julien. At the temple, the ninja and the Super Hero Squad are upgraded to their final variation, each ninja equipped with pure Elemental Blades. Each hero was powered up. Lloyd has also been powered up, now in his kimono version. He is then able to summon the Golden Dragon, and the Stone Army retreats.

The Last Hope

The Ninja and the Super Hero Squad, disguised as Stone Warriors, smuggle Misako behind enemy lines. Misako believes that if they can return the Helmet of Darkness to the Celestial Clock, it will stop and prevent the final battle. Misako swipes the helmet from Garmadon's tent, and rush to the clock. Lord Garmadon pursues them in his new weapon: a four-armed robot. After Garmadon disables Cole's Power Drill, Lloyd arrives and makes short work of the robot. Lloyd attempts to summon the Golden Dragon to defeat an injured Garmadon, but is unable to hurt his father. The ninja ans the squaddies arrive at the Celestial Clock and have trouble finding the helmet's perch. They return it, but the clock strikes zero. A beam of light shoots out of it and hits Garmadon's camp, and the Overlord presents the Ultimate Weapon: The Garmatron.

Return of the Overlord

The clock strikes zero and the final battle has begun. Loki has betrayed Dr. Doom and joined Lord Garmadon to focus on his plan to rule Asgard. The stone army has captured Nya and turned her evil with the dark matter. The ninja and the Super Hero Squad launch a surprise attack on Garmadon's camp but find it deserted, with massive tracks leading to the coast. They go after them, but are attacked by the evil Nya. The twelve heroes stay to keep her occupied while Sensei Wu, Misako, Invisible Woman, Namor, and Lloyd Garmadon confront Garmadon, Overlord, and Loki. Garmadon fires a massive bullet filled with Dark Matter at Ninjago, which turns the citizens into dark zombies like Nya. As things are changing, the balance has shifted, and the Overlord and Loki betrays Garmadon, claiming Ninjago as his own. He then possesses Garmadon and changes him into a dark, werewolf like creature. The Overlord (in Garmadon's body) attempts to shoot Ninjago City with Gamatron, but launches General Kozu instead. But Loki wanted Overlord Garmadon to get inside his body, now Garmadon, the Overlord, and Loki are now combined and becomes Overload Loki. He believes that he could turn Asgard into his own image. This was a part of his plan. Lloyd confronts the Overload Loki, but stands no chance for the evil being, who shoots dark energy from his hands. Lord Garmadon attempts to take his body back, but is no match for the Overlord nor Loki. The Overload Loki knocks Lloyd, and attempts to shoot a bullet at him, but Dr. Julien absorbs the impact with the Destiny's Bounty. The Overload Loki then takes his army through a portal to Ninjago City and shoots another bullet. Now, he then takes his army through a portal to Asgard, leaving the fifteen heroes stranded on the island.

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

The Ninja and The Super Hero Squad, now stranded on the Dark Island, and Lloyd with a broken leg, travel back to the Temple of Light, where they find the Golden Mech, used by The First Spinjitzu Master They travel to Asgard on the Ultra Dragon, where they discover the Overload Loki has turned everyone evil (except for Darreth, his class, Lou, Jay's parents, SHIELD, the other heroes, Heimdall, Balder, Lady Sif, the Warrior Three, and Odin) and there are lots of Garmatrons. The Overload Loki was in the Asgardian Castle. The ninja, the seventy-nine heroes, and the good Asgardians are about to be overwhelmed by Stone Warriors and an alien race called "The Chitauri", but Darreth puts on the Helmet of Darkness and commands the Stone army to attack the Chitauri and the castle On the climb up the fortress, the Super Hero Squad, Jay , Zane and Cole are hit with dark matter. Only Lloyd makes it to the top, and confronts Loki, but Overlord inside Loki transformed him into an evil dragon-like creature. A battle rages out, and Lloyd transforms himself into the Ultimate Spinjiztu Master. Though armed with the Golden Dragon, Lloyd is swallowed by the Overlord, but the evil lord explodes in a flash of gold light, and Ninjago City is repaired. The Overlord is probably banished back to the Dark Island. Loki was defeated, taken down by Hulk, and was taken to the dungeons of Asgard. Lloyd arrives on the ground to find the ninja all better, cured of the dark poison. Then Garmadon steps out of the rubble, purged of darkness and fully cured of the Devourer's venom. They have a family reunion, and Kai says that if the Overlord shows his face again, they will be ready.

Season 3 (13 Episodes)

The Surge

A long time has passed since Lloyd, as the Golden Ninja, defeated Loki and the Overlord: Ninjago City has been rebuilt into New Ninjago City, and the Ninja and The Super Hero Squad are now teachers of Sensei Wu's Academy. However, they are far from happy and yearn for the old days fighting the forces of evil. Nya comes with the news of a field trip to New Ninjago City's Borg Industries, and they set off with their students. Upon arrival, they realize how much the city has changed into the technological marvel it now is, and no longer requires the twelve heroes. They also meet P.I.X.A.L., a Nindroid-like robot at Borg Industries whom takes an interest in Zane and vice versa. While Nya, Sensei Wu, and the students are given a tour of the building, the former heroes and ninja are called to meet with Cyrus Borg, the manager of Borg Industries and whom led the city's rebuilding. Cyrus Borg gives them a statue of himself as a gift to them and Lloyd, though Kai notes his worried expression and warning to "protect them with their lives". They find out why when, by breaking the statue in the elevator, they discover new ninja outfits and the Techno-Blades. Immediately, all of the building's systems become hostile, and the Ninja and the Squaddies barely escape their plummeting elevator while Nya, Sensei Wu, and the students are attacked by P.I.X.A.L. and the assembly room's drones.

While the tour group tries to find a way out, the heroes and the newly-dressed Ninja attempt to escape by using their new weapons, but with no success. An ominous face on Cyrus Borg's screens berates him for betraying him before "reassembling" the pleading manager. Meanwhile, the Ninja and the heroes finally discover the power of the Techno-Blades when Zane uses his to hack and reprogram a heli-carrier, and then saves the students from the assembly room's incinerator. As Nya takes the students back to the Academy and warn Lloyd, the Ninja, the Super Hero Squad, and Sensei Wu go on the offensive to protect the people. Jay reprograms a tank; Cole takes a robot drone; and Kai flies a jet, which projects a message from Cyrus Borg of the reason why he gave them the new suits and blades: the Overlord is back, in the form of a computer virus and has secretly re-taken control of the city. This fear is further elevated when the Overlord reveals himself upon Lloyd's arrival to assist the surrounded heroes, and demands the Techno-Blades and Lloyd himself. Sensei Wu makes a plan to escape with Lloyd and the weapons, which succeeds but leaves Sensei Wu behind as a captive. While the Ninja and the Super Hero Squad leave New Ninjago City to fight another day, a reprogrammed P.I.X.A.L. recruits Ultron and initiates the assembly of a robot army scanned from Zane's design...

The Art of the Silent Fist

In the top of Borg Industries, P.I.X.A.L. attempts to transfer Lloyd's "golden power" from a drone he attacked to the Overlord. This fails, and the Overlord laments his weakened state and using bodies and technology to live. Claiming that Lloyd is the source to become powerful again, he scans a captive Sensei Wu's memories to find him. Meanwhile, the Ninja, the Super Hero Squad, and Nya are reunited with Misako, who leads them to a reformed Lord Garmadon--Sensei Garmadon. While Zane guards the Techno-Blades, the others meet with Sensei Garmadon in his monastary while learning with his students the technique of "fighting without fighting": the Art of the Silent Fist. As this happens, P.I.X.A.L. attempts to steal the weapons from Zane, but is captured and taken to the monastary before being reprogrammed by his Techno-Blade. Freed of the Overlord's influence, she explains to the group how the Overlord requires Lloyd's power to escape the digital realm and the importance of the Techno-Blades: together, they are able to reboot the city's systems and wipe clean all of their programs--the Overlord included. By this time, an army of Nindroids attack and the group barely escape, leaving Zane damaged and their vehicles destroyed in a diversion. They decide to split up: the Ninja, The Super Hero Squad, Nya, and P.I.X.A.L. head toward New Ninjago City's power station to disable the Nindroids, while Sensei Garmadon and Lloyd go to Nya's Samurai X hideout for transport as far from the city as possible. Meanwhile, the Overlord is furious at the Nindroids' failed attempts, and declares his new method of finding them in the form of a huge mech-dragon.

During their travel to the power station, Nya explains the plan to shut off the power and provide a safe way to enter the city while P.I.X.A.L. and Zane share some bonding time over their differences, including Zane's power source which P.I.X.A.L. describes as "unique". When they get there, the place is swarming with Nindroids, including their semi-sentient leader General Cryptor. As they infiltrate the station and attempt to shut off the power core, the Ninja, The Super Hero Squad, and Nya are discovered, which prompts P.I.X.A.L. to create a diversion and an alarmed Zane to rescue her from General Cryptor. At the same time, Lloyd and his father are found and chased by the huge mech-dragon sent by the Overlord. Soon, Kai gets the idea of "fighting without fighting" by provoking the Nindroid they are facing to shooting the core. Cole tells Nya to let the others in, and the combined attacks and evasions succeed in destroying the power core and shutting off all machinery dependent on it. Unfortunately, this included P.I.X.A.L. as well, who tells a despondent Zane that they are not so different after all--even compatible--before shutting off too. Far from the scene, Lloyd and his father climb over the deactivated mech-dragon to continue their journey.

Black Out

Although the power is out in all of New Ninjago City, the hard-drive containing the Digital Overlord has been stolen by a mysterious stranger who is now using the chip to alternatively power the Nindroids to attack the Twelve Heroes and capture Lloyd.

Curse of the Golden Master

The Twelve Heroes' search for the stranger and the Overlord hard-drive takes them deep underground, where they meet three old enemies who offers to assist them.

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