Episode Snickers is an add-on for General's Journey, being a continuation of the original game's story, featuring a new (yet smaller) roster of playable characters and having a slightly redone gameplay system. The game features the eponymous character General Snickers and continues the game's story from his point of view, and concludes the Journey story. It is considered much harder and significantly more brutal than the original game, although is shorter and isn't as complex to learn.  Despite being a continuation of General's Journey, it takes place in its own unique environments, all the enemies and bosses are different, and features such as Sea Travel and Time Travel are completely absent.

As to be expected with the add-on, Episode Snickers is a single-player RPG containing multiple interactive elements.  Snickers navigates the relatively small world with his three partners: the arrogant and self-proclaimed "meme queen" Keil, the paranoid runaway freak Zonas, and the extremely lethal X machine. The events of Episode Snickers lead up to Gone and a yet-to-be-announced title for the latter two partners.  Snickers does not lead armies or recruit enemies in this game; instead he utilizes new mechanics exclusive to him, such as Revenge and Blacken, the former of which allows him to deal extreme damage on enemies that have attacked him recently and the latter allowing him to blind multiple enemies and get away.

The game has been rated T for usage of strong violence and minor profanity as well as suggestive themes, all of which are more prominent in Episode Snickers than in the original version of General's Journey.  As with Journey, it is available for multiple platforms; specifically, any system that can play Journey can play this add-on.

The data can only be accessed after completing the main storyline. This is due to story purposes.

Plot synopsis


Following humiliation and failures surrounding his plans, Snickers turns to run, grabbing Keil for the ride and high-tailing it out of the Lifts. He must venture through the deepest, most disturbing areas of Hisplit and Woodinn to make his escape, and get out as silently as he possibly can...things do not seem to work out for him however, as he comes into many issues and must learn how to cope with his new friends' different and rather severe issues. Can Snickers make his escape?...


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Gameplay is for the most part identical to General's Journey, although features some new twists in the formula that have not been seen before. Most features from the main game -- such as Time Travel, Sea Travel, the Fighter Dojo, and the Nubbling garden -- are completely absent in favor of focusing directly on the epilogue of the game. Most of the overworld gameplay remains the same, although the maps are much more challenging to pass through and are much more linear in nature, referring to the story-focused structure of the game. While the main game featured many different areas, Episode Snickers only features around six.  None of the areas visited in this game are present in Journey, with every location (besides the very starting point) being brand-new.

Army Stars, the experience point system of the original game, have been replaced with Shadow Stars, which fulfill the same purpose but do not result in anyone ranking (for Snickers/Keil are already at "General Ranking" and the other two are auto-promoted by the eponymous character).  Leveling up mechanics however, such as stat level ups, are largely the same as before, and each character now gets a lot of stat buffs as if everyone were at the General rank.  USA CASH MONEY has only one purpose; to purchase items from the shady Oober Nightmarecoat.  If the player doesn't have enough money for something, they'll have to deal with stories told from the abstract being and receive a game over.


Battling is much more intense than in the main game, with way stronger enemies and bosses battling Snickers' party, whom are often just strong enough to beat them.  Otherwise, battles mechanically remain the same, with enemy encounters held in the exact same way.  All four characters are present on the battlefield; therefore no switching is involved.  All characters have five "moves" (besides Snickers, who has more): Attack, Defend, Team-Up, Items, and Tactics.  They work just like they did before.  Snickers has several new tactics: Revenge, Blacken, Anger Point, and General's March.  The former two have been explained earlier; Anger Point increases Snickers' stats sharply for a short time and General's March allows for a full assault on the opposition, using everyone's turn at once.

Everyone is capable of possessing a Power Ring, which enables them to use SP (special points).  Snickers and Keil by default already have them in their possession.  Equipment is incredibly rare to come by; every character only gets two weapons and two pieces of armor in the entire game and they're only purchasable from Oober.  The player must grind a lot in order to even gain this equipment, and must figure out how to balance the money they're saving for equipment with the money they want to use to purchase vital items like revival items and healing stuff.  Zonas and X require extra care when being raised, as they lack the experience that Snickers and Keil do (they start at really low levels).


While bonding isn't as expanded on as it was in the main game, it is still extremely vital and very important in gameplay. Players will have to give their all and raise the characters together so they become stronger than ever on the lines of war. Characters must gain 50 love points in order to level up a bond, with Level 5 being where it stops. It is recommended that all characters that can form a relationship build one so that their chances of surviving in battle are at their absolute highest. Unlike in the main game for General's Journey, no special pairings exist. Bonding is done between Snickers, Keil, Zonas and X -- this is reasonable however, for they are the only playable characters.



There are only four playable characters in Episode Snickers, a sharp fall from twelve in the main game. These are the story's main characters overall and have their own levels of importance in the game.


The mischievous, daring older brother of General Scotch, with the most disgusting personality to boot. He appears to be snide and quite sarcastic, and has many strengths over Scotch's team. Who is he now, really? A manipulated child or an evil leader on his own goals?

Specializes in pyrokinesis, able to use it to his advantage on the battlefield.

Waifu keil

Keil is the strangest team member that Scotch has ever received for a teammate in his entire life.  Keil carries a wild, crazy personality backed with ignorance of all danger/safety measures and a great ability to totally insult/burn anyone around her.  Unpredictable and scary.

Specializes in randomness, carrying the ability to inflict any status aliment 10% of the time.

Lv. (Varies); +DEF
Lv. (Varies); +OFF

A cowardy mess who randomly came from nowhere, seeking escape from a "wretched place". Breaks down and cries a lot, and shivers in his boots whenever he has to go somewhere that either intimidates him or frightens him to death. He has demon heritage, but doesn't know its potential.

Specializes in usage of guns, able to shoot well and knock down most foes.


X is a mechanical copy of Bowie that was apparently incomplete, having been left to rot in Hisplit. After it got fixed by Snickers, X woke up and appeared to be extremely malevolent, but joined Snickers' forces after having seen his potential. It is abrasive and merciless in its style.

Specializes in offense, able to obliterate everything with just a few attacks.

Lv. 25; +SPE
Lv. 40; +GUT


military-like art TBA

SPOILER WARNING: Once the ruler of the mighty Mallorian empire, which had collapsed to the likes of Scotch and his crew. Now Mallory is on the run and can no longer safely reside in the Lifts. She is rarely seen but tries to help Snicks whenever she can as a reward for having helped her out.

Mallory offers tips about the darkest, deepest ends of the game's six locations.


A completely insane being that only appears in areas with a pitch-black atmosphere. He runs the game's shop, but is completely risky to get stuff from. If you linger too long, he'll eat you up. If you don't have enough money for something, he won't waste his time.

Oober runs the game's shop; don't mess around in there if you can. He can mess you up.

O. Nightmarecoat


  • The concept of an add-on for General's Journey was very much inspired by Persona 3 FES.

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