Epicenter is Tyrell's Up Special Move in Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse. The beginning of the move is very similar to Kirby's Final Cutter while the seconds part of the move is similar to Ike's Aether. Tyrell jumps upwards as he spins, hitting once with his axe. Then, once he reaches the apex of the height, he grabs the axe with both hands and falls down to the ground rapidly, smashing the ground with his axe and creating a small explosion where he lands, with his axe. Tyrell leaves a stream of fire wherever he goes using this attack, which can damage slightly anyone who touches it. The explosion which is created resembles a dragon's head, thus the stream of fire resembles the body. In general, the move is not a very helpful recovery move.


Game Boy Advance - Golden Sun (2001)

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