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Thanks for reading Epic Warriors/Summons and PokéBalls, <insert your name here>! Enjoy!

This is a list of summons and Pokémon you can get in Epic Warriors. Power of the summons and Pokemon are like this:

  • Common: Weak
  • Uncommon: Somewhat strong
  • Very uncommon: Strong
  • Rare: Stronger, but not that strong.
  • Very rare: Strongest


Image Character Powers Franchise Rarity
KoopaTroopaMP9 Koopa Tucks into his shell and dashes across the stage to hurt fighters. Super Mario Common
BossGoombaPMSS Megasparkle Goomba Stomps across the stage to the other side, then rolls into a tube and crashes into nearly every fighter. Paper Mario Rare


Image Character Powers Rarity
225Delibird Delibird Throws presents that can hurt or heal players. Common
Trapinch Dream Trapinch Runs around, biting opponents like mad. He also throws sand sometimes. Common
610Axew Axew Finds one opponent and uses Dragon Claw over and over. Common
Spritzee Spritzee Uses Fairy Wind to make opponents slow down and take damage. Common
Bianca Litwick Adventures Litwick Runs around happily, setting fire to foes and land. Uncommon
321Wailord Wailord Jumps around the stage, crushing people randomly. Very uncommon

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