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Thanks for reading Epic Warriors/Missions, <insert your name here>! Enjoy!

This is a list of missions in the game, Epic Warriors.

Mission Set I: Default Pack

Number Title Description Objective Characters Stage
01 Battle of the Ages Mario isn't here, so guess who needs to defeat Bowser? Luigi! Wish him luck; he's going to need it. Defeat Bowser. Luigi (you) vs. Bowser (CPU) Dream's Deep
02 The True Bear There are two bear heroes in the Fantendoverse--Bowie and Unten. The question still lies, though; Which is better? Defeat Unten. Bowie (you) vs. Unten (CPU) TBA
03 Bowser's Strike Force Oh, no! Three big-shot villains are here on an invasion mission! Looks like it's up to the Captain to save the day this time around. Defeat Reznor, Ludwig, and Lord Crump. Captain Toad (you) vs. Reznor, Ludwig, and Epic Warriors/Lord Crump (CPU) Mushroom Gorge

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