Goombella's Tattle is a taunt used by Paper Mario on either the Rogueport stage or the Paper Theater stage. When Paper Mario uses it, Goombella appears next to him and gives information about one of the fighters that he is up against. Some of Mario's other partners will appear and also give tips.


  • Goombella: That's Luigi. No true explanation here, right? After all, he is your brother! Although, that's odd. He seems a bit more...3D than you, Mario.
  • Koops: Well, Goombella, he's called Paper Mario for a reason.
  • Bobbery: The Koopa's got a point, Goombella!
  • Goombella: All right, quiet! Well, he has a vacuum called the Poltergust 2000 to draw fighters in to attack them. He also throws fireballs at us that can burn you for a while, kind of like your Fire Flower attack.
  • Koops: Except, well, those are green. And since they're 3D, they look scarier.
  • Goombella: Thank you for that intelligent remark, Koops. Where would we be without you?


  • Goombella: That's Rosalina. She's the adoptive mother of Lumas, and the space princess
  • Yoshi Kid: Wow, Goombella. Redundant much?
  • Goombella: Oh, hush. Anyway, she is able to summon Str Bits to throw at yo, but luckily you can send it back at her with Hammer Attack. Also, she can use a Luma to attack side-by-side, which does more damage to you.
  • Koops: Kind of liken having a partner, I suppose.
  • Goombella: Wow, Koops. That's...actually a really good analogy.

Paper Mario

  • Goombella: That's Paper Mario. He's like a 2D version of that big, famous plumber hero, Mario. He attacks by...wait a second. Is!
  • Koops: Maybe it's Doopliss up to his old tricks again.
  • Goombella: That would make sense...but didn't he reform or something after our adventure?
  • Flurrie: It does seem rather odd. I did perform a reenactment of our adventure with him multiple times.
  • "Paper Mario": Hey, Slick, hurry it up in that corner! I wanna get to the fighting bit!
  • Goombella: What?! It is Doopliss!
  • Doopliss: Aw, so what? A Duplighost is allowed to have a little fun, isn't he?
  • Flurrie: That is true, but why pretend to be Mario? Couldn't you be your own character?
  • Doopliss: Oh, enough talk! It's time to brawl!


  • Goombella: That is Kirby. He's practically a bottomless pit. He'll chew you up and spit you out doing quite a number on you.
  • Yoshi Kid: Heh. Remind you of anyone?
  • Goombella:...anyways, if he swallows you after using his inhaling technique, he'll gain your standard move. I guess he's a pretty strong believer in fighting fire with fire.
  • Koops: Especially if he swallows someone like you, Goombella! Since, you know, you can be such a hothead at times?
  • Goombella: That was bad. Just...bad.

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