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Epic Story II is an 8-bit RPG and is the official prequel to the game Epic Story on PC, Mac, Linux, and Pacifico. The game is set to release on December 12th, 2018. This time the game tells the story of a hero named John who must end a war by navigating through the railroads he created.


He loved exploration, so it was a shame when he got imprisoned in that church.

Zern: Well well well! Lookie who I got here! The so called "Savior of the Moon". Well, surely if you were a savior, you wouldn't be locked up like this, eh?

John: Let me go dammit! My wife is having a kid... and I'd hate to miss being apart of my child's life...

Zern: Well, isn't that a shame. My children were raised in war, raised evil. They wouldn't care less if I left them!

John: Well... what do I have to do here.

Zern: So glad you asked! Your job will be... train conductor. You will lead all of my slaves to capture more slaves, in this underground railroad I have created.

John: And if I escape?

Zern: Trust me on this one John. After all of the lies and betrayals I have said and done to you, just believe me when I say: You really don't want to do that.

John: *gulp* Ok.


  • The church in Epic Story II is underground, not above ground and the only entrance is through a tower located on the bottom left corner of the church, which is a large tower in the church.


  • This game is underground mainly because "Zelda's" main prequel game was Skyward Sword, so Ice did the exact opposite of what skyward sword did, he put them into the ground.

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