Epic Story is an 8-bit RPG by Phoenix Fire. The game tells a story about a teenage boy named Jake who must save the world from The Brightness Lord - Zern. The game was released on January 24th, 1987 for NES.


Jake is a farmboy who lives in a small town known as Soki Village, in a world with no sunlight, only the moon. The town is surrounded by a forest, and nobody goes outside the forest, to a place known as Takhalla Kingdom. The only people who go to Takhalla Kingdom are the guards, and Jake longs to be a guard (and technically Roamers can go to the Takhalla Kingdom for goods). However, Jake can only be a guard at the age of 16, so for now he continues to farm with his non-biological father, Richard (Richard has never told Jake that he was non-biological). Once Jake's 16th birthday comes around, he applies to be a guard for Soki Village, and after some training sessions, he is an official guard. Whilst guarding the forest one day, Jake gets kidnapped and knocked out unconscious by assassins. When Jake wakes up, he finds himself in an old place full of storage, with a locked door behind him and a door on the ground. After looking around for a while, a creature appears out of nowhere. It was a wolf kid with broken chains around his arms who could float above the ground.

Jake: Who are you?

Sabar: My names Sabar. I'm here to help.

Jake: Wolf helping man? HAH! Please.

Sabar: No really, I want to help and I need you to cooperate

Jake: *Stares at broken chains around wrists*

Sabar: *sigh* You want to know why I'm a prisoner? I've been trying to stop the sun from rising for 200 years now, and until not that long ago I got caught.

Jake: Wait... what's the sun?

Sabar: The sun is a sphere of fire that would cause our god, The Moon, to become extinct. It would not be shown in the sky again. I've been trying to stop this from happening by sabotaging plans and fighting the men behind this for 200 straight years, and now I can't do it. I need someone else to end this. End it all. All the things I did were merely temporary, and someone needs to make permanent damage to these foes.

Jake: Oh... well, I'm assuming you're asking me to help you find a hero?

Sabar: Well... yeah... sure... sort of...

Jake: Well then, let's go!

So with that being said, Sabar breaks them out by using the floor door, and once they escape it is revealed they were in a storage attic of sorts, it is also revealed that they are inside of a church os sorts as well.

Sabar: Welcome to the Church of Legends. It was built to not only protect The Moon, but it was also built to teach about The Moon. Nobody has set foot in here for years, due to the importance fading. It eventually became a sort of home and prison to the men of light. But now, this is our source of living.

Sabar shows Jake around and he shows him a room in the church that contains the "Moon Gloves". Thses are gloves that give the wearer powers towards their enemies, and it was used to seal off a demon years ago.

Jake: Wait... you want ME to be the hero? No... I can't?!

Sabar: Yes, you can. I can see it in your eyes. I know someone like you who would've been just as scared as you. But, he would've kept moving forward. I know you're the one. Now put on those gloves and punch the heck out of the enemies that lay in the journey ahead.

Jake: Well... I guess I am a guard. I do have  have physical strength and mental strength to do this. Can I just say goodbye to everyone first?

With that being said, Jake said goodbye to his village and departed on his journey that will save the world.

Garden of Life

DIFFICULTY: ▲▲△△△△△△△△

Jake headed back into the Church, where Sabar greeted him.

Sabar: Back? Well, time for some explaining. This whole world is shaped by 5 things: Life, Form, Color, Time, and Darkness. These 5 essential things keep us alive. 120 years ago, a war broke out. It was the men of light and us. A war broke out over a storm that would destroy humanity. Understandably so, since this storm was powered by none other than light. Fortunately, we won the war due to 5 people who grew up with the war and studied the 5 essentials of life that I told you earlier. This helped a good friend of mine destroy the men of light and you'll need those 5 people, known as The Legends of The Moon. In fact, the leader of the men of light may be ressurected if we do nothing.

Jake: Alright, well, where are these "legends".

Sabar: In this church there is a hallway with doors blocked by barriers. These doors lead to the legends home. You must find the legends inside of their homes.

Jake: Ah... but wait. All of the doors are locked using barriers like you said, so how will I get through any of these?

Sabar: Well, take a look at the life door, the one that is blocked by a tree. You can easily get through that with your dads help.

Jake knew that his dad would be willing to help him, knowing that Jake lived on a farm with his dad. When Jake approaches Soki Village, he walks up to his dad and gives him a large hug.

Richard: Back already? Son, I thought that you were going to save the world! That was quick!

Jake: Uh... sorry to break it to you dad, I'm still on a journey, it's just something came up...

Richard: Really? Anything I could help with?

Jake: Actually yes, that's that's exactly why I came here. There's a tree blocking a place that I need to go to and you have plenty experience with chopping wood. Hell, you made our house by doing just that!

Richard: Ho, son. You got the right man for the job. Let me grab my axe and we're on our way

As Jake departed Soki with his dad, he was greeted once again by Sabar at the church who introduced himself to Richard.

Sabar: Hello, sir! I am the initiator of this hero's journey! I presume you are Jake's dad? You look nothing alike!

Richard got nervous and ignored what he said the last part

Richard: Yep I'm his dad!

Richard proceeded to cut down the tree and left 

Richard: Good luck on your journey son. Please, take my hatchet, I want you to be as safe as possible. Farewell!

Sabar nodded with Jake and they proceeded to go through the door

Sabar: Your dad is definitley hiding something.

Jake just shrugged and continued onward and opened the door, which lead to a place with large tomatoes, flowers, and blades of grass. It was almost as if they shrunk when they went through the door into a garden. As they closed the door behind them, it dissapeared.

Sabar: Welcome to the Garden of Life. This is a garden made by Foras, the Legend of Life. He now lives inside of the garden, since he shrunk down using this door. This garden is actually really small, it's just that it appears big because the door shrunk us.

Jake: Wow. This place is amazing!

Sabar: Yeah it really is. Insects live in this place in tomato houses, and flower towers.  Now, let's find Foras, and get out of here.

Jake goes to a flower tower, which is the watch tower in their town. The guard was a bee named Goun Stripes 

Goun: Hello there small human! I am Goun, guard of Foras' Garden, can I help you?

Sabar: Hello Goun, pleasure to meet you. I'm Sabar, and this "small human" is Jake. We are looking for Foras to retrieve his powers of Life. Can you help us?

Goun: Certainly, I will take you to Foras' Plants, the oldest portion of this garden, and the whereabouts of Foras. Hop on my back! Don't worry, I won't sting. However, if you need me to sting enemies, tell me if I need to do so.

Jake and Sabar climb on Gouns back and fly off toward Foras' Plants. Goun stings attacking Mosquitos on his way. As they arrived Goun dropped them off and waved goodbye. What they found when they arrived was an imprint of a seed that used to be there, as well as a Pumpkin on the right of the imprint, and a Watermelon on the left of it. 

Sabar: Huh, weird. Last time I came here there was a big gourd right here... maybe we have to find the seed of the tree in one of those Pumpkins.

Jake: Maybe we have to find the seed of the tree in one of those large fruits?

Jake went for the Pumpkin. When he went inside and found a royal guard of Foras that looked like a hornet.

Horney Guard: I am the royal guard of Foras. If you are worthy of retrieving the seed, you must prove your wisdom.

The hornet guard presented a maze. If Jake wanted to open a door in the maze, he has to close another. This adds to the difficulty of the puzzle. However, once Jake finishes the maze, he finds a pumpkin seed. Once Jake retrieves the pumpkin seed, he goes back to the imprint. Obviously the pumpkin seed didn't fit the imprint.

Sabar: So why did we do that stupid maze? It didn't even give us the thing we wanted! Well, let's check the watermelon to see if it's in there.

Jake nodded and headed towards the watermelon that had a beetle guard inside.

Beetle Guard: You may have the wisdom to get the part of the seed, but do you have the power to get it? 

The beetle guard will begin attacking Jake. Jake must crack the shell of the beetle by punching it. It will do a attack where it swoops down, and Jake must jump onto it and punch its shell until it completely cracks. After that is done, Jake must get the watermelon seed. Jake carries the watermelon seed over to the pumpkin seed, and they fuse together to make one huge gourd seed, in which Jake must place into the imprint. After that is done, a gourd will grow from the seed, that he can enter. Inside the gourd is a combination of the pumpkin and the watermelon. It tests strength (by having mosquitos attack him) while having to go through an maze. Once Jake reaches the end of the maze, Jake must go up the staircase to the final boss. 


Beetlehorn is the final boss in this area. It is once again, a hybrid of both bosses, combined. Beetlehorn attacks by growing trees next to Jake, which will knock him down and lower his health. Jake takes his hatchet and cuts down the trees whenever Beetlehorn whenever it's next to him, which damages it. He does this 4 times, until Beetlehorn is defeated. After it is defeated Foras appears.

Foras: I am impressed with your skills Jake. You have killed my best guard. No need to worry, I can create another one... well I can't since I am giving you my powers of life giving. Please use them wisely.

Jake: I most certainly will.

Foras: To give you my powers from my hand to your hand, we must pound eachothers fists to transfer correctly.

After Jake receives the powers from Foras, Sabar talks to Foras.

Sabar: The church is lonely without you guys... almost saddening.

Foras: I know Sabar, but I have a garden to protect. Now go stop the sun from rising.

Foras creates a door that leads back to where they started, they went through while saying farewells to Foras and thanking him. After they finally closed the door, they went for the next door.

Railroads of Form

DIFFICULTY: ▲▲▲▲△△△△△△ 

Sabar: So Jake, Foras never specifically told you what the power of life does. Whenever you punch anything it receives life. For example, if you punch dry dirt when you punch it grass will grow on it.

Jake: Whoa! That's amazing!

Sabar: I know, it is. Eventually you'll have every element inside your fist, which will help you kill him.

Jake: Weird to think about... I'll have the fist of a god...

Sabar: Indeed you will, and in order to do so we must keep pushing forward. Now, follow me

Jake followed Sabar to a frame of a door, but the actual door was not there only the frame was.

Sabar: Punch in the middle of this frame to give life to the door.

As Jake punched, a door appeared that he went through with Sabar. Like last time, when they closed the door it dissappeared behind them, and they were transferred to a quiet and abandoned mountain. Inside the mountain was a cave with railroad tracks on the floor.

Sabar: Welcome to the Railroads of Form, where the 2nd legend, Esther, lives. Esther is a woman who went through a journey of strength and dimension to get her title as a legend. Nobody has gone through the Railroads of Form in years but it was used, and is still used, to ship things all over Takhalla. It's seen it's better days, which is why it's perfect to have the ability of life in this place specifically. Got it?

Jake: I hope so! Let's do this!

Jake entered the old place. Jake found a minecart and jumped in to ride it. He rode it for a little while until he reached the core of this mountain. It was a spiral of railroads leading all the way to the top, with houses and shops built into the walls. It was full of a community of old, mask loving folks of all sorts. The first house Jake saw was the postal house in which he walked into. A man with a long beard behind his Tiki Mask named Sage greeted Jake.

Sage: Oy there mate! M'names Sage, passed down from me ancestors! Welcome to the Railroads of Form, the largest shippin' organization in the entire world! How may I help ye'?

Jake: Hi, I'm Jake and my partner here is Sabar. I wanted to know where Esther is, I heard she lived in these mountains.

Sage: Ah, Esther! Well, you'd be a scum to show up tuh Esther like that mate! Come on now, let's find ye a mask!

Jake followed Sage who took Jake to a cave.

Sage: Every masked man must go through a journey that fits himself, ye? Now go on, go through the abandoned railroads that lead to the Mask of Fate!

People gathered around to see if Jake would make it, but Jake gave a confident look and ran through the cave. Sure enough, it was very old like Sabar mentioned earlier.

Sabar: Nice people! Making you go through some long boring puzzle of wits in order for you to see the strongest person amung them! Fantastic!

Jake: Eh, whatever. Let's get this over with.

Jake's first trial in this cave was to get over a wall. Jake did this simply by punching the wall which grew a vine on it. The next test was for him to kill flying creatures that fire venom, Jake defeated them by pounding the ground which grew trees which crushed the enemies. The last task was for him to help a troubled man, and Jake saved this man by... punching him which gave the man life again. The man showed Jake to the mask, which was specialised just for him to be a Moon Mask, a mask only rumoured about in the masked community. As Jake walked out, everyone was surprised. 

Sage: Yeer speed... yeer mask... could it.... no... J-J-J

Masked Citizen: No, he's dead Sage... though this boy is remarkable just like that man... that man of light.

Jake was surprised since that was his original intention: to be just like the previous hero.

Sage: Right this way s-sir.

He lead Jake to a minecart which lead up to where Esther lives. But the puzzle didn't stop there. Jake had to turn at railroad tracks very quickly, and if he made the wrong choice, he would die from falling off a cliff. When Jake reached the top successfully, he approached a fram of a door like he had previously, so he punched inbetween the frame and a door appeared. He went through the door and saw a strange ancient robot who had arms of spikes. In attempts to find Esther, he turned on the robot by giving it life. Little did he know the mistake he just made


Chester targetted Jake and spun its arms in a circular motion, after that it fired fire out of its head in a curcular motion. Then it did it's final move in this cycle: it targetted Jake and slammed down it's head. Jake quickly punched the ground which grew a tree that went straight into it's face. It then made a new pattern. It's arms transformed into mace's which slammed down on the ground in a circular motion, which changed the ground shape very strangely. It then fired lava out of it's head in a circle pattern. Then it did it's final move, it lunged it's head much quicker this time, so that Jake couldn't punch the ground in time, so Jake had to punch the wall, which grew vines that trapped it's head. Jake jumped on to its head and punched it, which made it's head explode and it's whole body exploded afterwards. Inside the robot was Esther, who congratulated Jake.

Esther: You destroyed my armor, well done! Based on your mask, I believe I know who you are. Welcome back old friend.

Jake: I uh...

Esther: I know, it's strange meeting you after all these years, but I always believed your death was simply something that you needed to fake for your baby to live--

Sabar: Actually Esther, this is not him, it is merely a shadow of who he once was. The equivalent of him.

Esther: Oh I see... well great hero, take my power of form by punching my fist.

Jake proceeded to fist bump Esther and received the power.

Sabar: Esther it's been so long since you've been active in the church... 

Esther: I really wish I could come back to that place, but I really don't think I can, or else they'll be off with my head! I truly do want to come back another day. Anyways, it was nice seeing you Sabar. Know that if your hero doesn't make it, you guys can come into my mountain which is safe from all warm rays that hit this Earth.

Esther created a door to lead back to the church.

Sabar: Thank you Esther, but this hero is no ordinary hero... he's epic. There's no way he's going to let the world down.

Esther nodded and waved to them as they left. When they closed the door, they walked over to the next one which was blocked by a boulder.

City of Color


Sabar: Alright, time for you to learn more about what the ability of form is. When you punch things, their shape will change. So I'm sure you can take a guess as to how you get past this barrier.

Jake shook his head and punched the rock, which changed it's form and revealed a door behind the rock. He stepped through the door, and was in a city of black and white all of the sudden.

Sabar: Welcome to the City of... Color? I don't know about you but this all looks black and white and colorless. Usually this city is full of color? It seems to be drained of it's color?

Jake: What about that rainbow tower over there with the lights on?

Sabar: That must be where Rose is. Rose is a woman who studied the art of colors. She had to go through a lot of brain games to get her title as the Color Legend. She resides in this once colorful town in that tower. This city is the most popular part of Takhalla, and before it was the City of Color, it was Takhalla Kingdom! Well anyways, we should probably get to that tower.

Jake: Alright!

Jake ran over to the tower which was locked, and the tower could not get deformed. 

Sabar: Hmm, this is strange. But don't worry, I know of the passageways underground that the people of this town used to use a lot. Just find an open door.

Jake looked around and saw a lot of people down the roads, but they were all frozen stiff and drained of color. It was like someone took a black and white photograph. Jake found a open door of a house and went down the ladder into the tunnels that lead all across the village. Jake punched through some walls of the maze that were closed off and changed there form. Once he went through all of the barriers, he finally arrived at the tower, which he climbed up vines to get inside. This tower had a lot of rooms and it was clear that this was some sort of republic. In this tower were lots of color full octupus guards that attempt to attack Jake, but they fail. The first room in the tower was a red room full of many octopus enemies, once Jake defeat them all he will recieve a red tentacle. Then the room ascended upwards like an elvatator, taking Jake to an orange room which dropped tiles of a puzzle that Jake moved by changing it's form. He must arrange them so they create an image of an octopus. After he does so, the puzzle pieces will dissapear and give him an orange tentacle. The floor will rise once again, this time to a yellow room. This room contains mirrors and a lazer. Jake moved the mirrors to reflect the lazer onto a diamond on the wall, which gave him a yellow tentacle and made the room ascend to a green room. The green room contained spike obstacles that Jake avoided as the room kept ascending upwards. Then he arrived in the final room: the gray room, and received the last green tentacle. Out of his pockets, the tentacles climbed out, and forged together to create a rainbow octopus.

Awkt: Thank you for reassembling me, but now I have to suck the color out of the last thing that has color... YOU!

He sucked the color out of Sabar by using his tentacle, which made Sabar freeze, and it was clear that Jake was next on Awkts list.


Awkt gave Jake a staredown and grabbed Jake finally. Jake punched her tentacle and misformed it, which forced her to drop Jake. She attempts grabbing Jake with all of her other tentacles, but those all became misformed as well. Now that Awkts tentacles are useless, she decides to just spin around, and after a while she becomes dizzy making it easy for Jake to attack her. Awkt grew new tentacles and even more than before and did the exact same thing, but Jake misformed them again, and she spun and Jake attacked her once again, which made he shrivel up and die. What was left were tentacles that you could wear on your head. Sabar put them on his head jokingly and kept them on.

Jake: Welp, that was easy! 

Sabar: You could say that again. Here, just ring that bell up on top of the tower and everything should be colorful again. After that we just need to find out where Rose is, since she doesn't seem to be inside this tower.

Jake proceeded to ring the bell and then descended from all of the rooms to escape the tower once and for all. Once he escaped, many people were thanking Jake for what he did.

Sabar: Where could Rose be?!

All of the sudden, the tentacles on Sabar's head came to life and became a hybrid of him and Awkt.


It had a head of an octopus and the body of a wolf. First, it whipped Jake several times using the chains around it's wrist and then grabbed many civilians with it's tentacles on it's head and turned them into paint. Awktar continued to whip Jake until Jake grabbed the chains and threw Awktar to the ground. After this he continually punched the octopus head, which he did several times in the repeating pattern of Awktar whipping Jake. Eventually, Awktars head burst into paint and Sabar was fine again! The paint from Awkt came to life, as Rose.

Rose: What happened? Oh no, my beast came out! I'm so embarassed!

Sabar: Don't be Rose. You remember me right?

Rose: By god I do, and between you and me, the savior is looking handsome as ever!

Sabar: This isn't the savior Rose, sorry to burst your bubble.

Rose: Oh I see. He has impressive skills though, he has the true potential to be a hero like the one we had years ago.

Sabar: Indeed, and you see that over there? That light peaking out from the mountains? That's called the sun, and we need to stop it from burning our planet. Quick! Give Jake the powers of color so he can be successful in doing so!

Rose fist bumped Jake, and Jake received the power of color. Rose then painted a door, which came to life when Jake pounded it.

Jake: Goodbye Rose, thank you for the power!

Sabar: Indeed, good seeing you again! We need some decorating down here at the church, if you ever need something to do!

Rose: NOTED! Farewell!

The door closed behind them.

Sabar: This is going to be the last power you receive. Are you ready?

Jake: I think so.

Sabar: Alright. First let me tell you how the color power does. The color power allows you to drain and add color to things. Draining color will freeze an object, and giving color will let it move again. If you punch something with color, it will drain it's color, and if you punch something without color, it will gain color again. Got it?

Jake: Yes, loud and clear!

Sabar: Alright we're off then!

Jake: Where to?

Sabar: The attic, the place where we both first met... the first time you set foot in this church...

Church of Legends

DIFFICULTY: ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲△△

Jake and Sabar walked slowly towards the attic. They swung down the ladder and climbed up it into the attic that they were at not long ago.

Sabar: Here we are... my room.

Jake: Wait what? Your room?!

Sabar: Jake, I used to live here a long time ago, with my brother. A man took us into the church after the war, he's the hero everyone's confusing you for. I choose this room, and my brother took the one on the opposite side of me. It was happy.

Jake: Wow... what on earth happened to this place? It sounded like it was such a peaceful place!

Sabar: It was... but... the man had to leave the church to do something very important. He had to save everyone from danger, and he left the church for me... everyone else abandonded it like cowards, since they thought that we might be in danger of the sun. They were right but... I just wish I had company.

Jake: Dang. Well, why are we up here?

Sabar: That door is the last door you'll go through. I left my power in there... my power of time.

Jake: You're the legend of time?!

Sabar: Yes, I am. I fear that someone has already gone through this door and taken my powers for themselves, so we need to go quick!

Jake gave the door color and stepped through the door, into the past, to the old church which looked a lot nicer than what it looks like today.

Sabar: My room is very different compared to other legends rooms. You'll only be able to see what happens within this next minute, until time resets again. Your travelling progress won't be reset though, so don't rush yourself, but everything in this scene will be reset. You can extend the time by going to the gears throughout the church, and you can gain yourself a minute or so. 

Jake: Got it... dang the church looks a lot nicer now!

Sabar: Yeah, I wish it would stay this way.

Jake saw a man walking towards doors, but it reset right as he was about to unlock them. Jake new he had to extend the time by finding the other gears, wherever they are.

Sabar: Hmm, so we need to make sure he reaches the door so we can walk out, but we also can't be seen, since that would mess up the events in time. There should be a bridge between me and my brothers room, since it hadn't withered away yet in this era. We'll take that and see if my brother has any gears in there.

Jake ran back up the ladder and walked across the bridge to Sabar's brother's room. 

Sabar: Welcome to Zeke's room. He was such a great kid... what happened?!

Jake looked around and saw a gear near the end of the room, that Jake gave color to. Now that he gave color to it, time restarted every 2 minutes, rather than 1. Jake went down the ladder of Zeke's room, which lead him to the same exact room that he was in before, except at a different angle. He watched the man open the door from a side angle, rather than behind, but right as the man was about to open the door, a bunch of rocks fell from the ceiling.

Sabar: Someone's here, they're trying to stop us... I might know exactly who is trying to do this. But in the meantime, once that guy leaves, make sure to punch the rocks with the power of form to move them.

The man ran away in fear, and Jake punched the rocks, and right as he did time reset. Jake had to find a third gear.

Sabar: Is there another gear in this room somewhere? Hmm, try going up on the stage on the complete right wall should be a gear. Make sure to do this sneakily, so that the man doesn't notice.

Jake snuck over to the right wall, and gave it color, extending his time to 3 minutes. Jake then changed the formation of the rocks and walked through, since the door was already unlocked, just the man who unlocked it ran off. Once he was inside the other room, he noticed all of the legends gathered there, except Sabar.

Sabar: All of them think you look like the hero anyways, so just talk to them on where the power of time is. 

Jake walked up to them and cleared his throat.

Jake: Hey guys, do you know where the power of time is?

Legends: No! We've been looking for them everywhere, but we can't find them!!

Jake nodded his head and walked away.

Sabar: This is worse than I thought, this is serious sabotage.

Out of nowehere, the creature who had been sabotaging them revealed themselves, and threatened to kill all of them, but time reset after that.

Sabar: We NEED to find a third gear! Here, try going into the hero's room, it's right over there!

Jake walked over to the room and found a woman inside.

Mary: Oh hi honey! How are you doing?

Jake: Oh uh... hi? I'm doing.... ok? You.. you should get out of here.

Mary: Why?

Jake: Sabotage...

Mary: Oh I see, I'll take the railroads to somewhere safe. I'll take Sabar and Zeke with me too.

Jake: Thank you.

After Mary left, Jake searched everywhere for the gear, and he found it!

Sabar: Good job! Now our time is extended by a lot.  Quick run in and tell the creature to reveal himself!

Jake ran out and did what Sabar said.

Zeke: Here I am!

He made the others dissappear

Zeke: This was the thing I needed to ressurect him... Zern. But you guys REALLY tried to stop me? I'll have you know that that's going to be the last thing you're going to do, and it won't happen. Zern is going to make the sun rise, and there's nothing you can do to end it. Now let's settle this, eh brother? You were always the weakling...

Sabar: Shut up, I'll have you know that I have some powerful whips around my wrists, thanks to you, that I can use against you.

Jake: No, I'll take him on.

Zeke: HAH! The human really thinks he can beat a beast! Pathetic!

Sabar: He has killed all of your beasts Zeke, I wouldn't be laughing. He has every single power except time, so I doubt you even have a chance.

Zeke: Eh, so what, a tiny challenge. Sure, little human, I'll fight you, but it'll be the last fight you ever have!


Zeke: Let's take this to the roof, shall we?

Zeke and Jake were now on the roof, and Sabar was watching them. Zeke threw a punch at Jake but Jake avoided it. Zeke summoned Beetlehorn. Jake killed it using the strategy he used before. Zeke then summoned chester, who was easy to defeat using the power of form. Zeke finally summons Awkt, but Jake can beat it using the power of color, by freezing it. Zeke now just runs away, but you must catch up to him to punch him and kill him. Jake went in for the final punch, and Zeke was dying

Zeke: You idiots... killing me now is only an act of cowardness... the sun's probably already risen...

Zeke died.

Sabar: Not gonna lie, I'm going to miss that son of a bitch. We had some good times together, but unfortunately, not all can stay pure. Let's get that power of time, and we're off.

Jake got the power of time, and they ran off. It zooms in on Zeke's dead body and he opens his eyes a little bit.

Sabar: Shoot! Gaaaah! The door is gone! What are we gonna do?

Jake: Well, what does this power of time do?

Sabar: Aha! That's it! You can punch things and it will age it. If you punch down the ground for a while we'll be in modern day because you will have aged our way to the future!

Jake did so, and he saw the church age around him as he did this, until he reached modern day. He looked outside and the sun was just rising, and it was rising quick.


DIFFICULTY: ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

Jake stepped outside of the church, the church was shaking and a large wolf came out.

Sabar: Hello... dad. It's been a few years eh?

Jake: HE'S YOUR DAD?!??

Sabar: God job, you finished my family tree. I was born into a terrible family, and it's time that we end them.

Jake: I.. I don't know if I can trust you anymore.... you're not even pure!

Sabar: No, Jake! The hero took me into the church and made me good! I promise I'm good!

Jake walked over to Sabar

Jake: I'm sorry, but I have to do this.

Sabar: NOOOOO!

Jake took the color out of Sabar so he couldn't move. Zern finally ressurected from the church and began speaking

Zern: Ah, I've waited quite a long while to finally kill you. Thanks to my son, I was able to escape that I believed I was eternally in. But look at me now... I'm watching my own creation rise. Truly beautiful. It reflects all of my choices I've made in these last few awful years. So let's watch it rise, together my boy. We can live in a paradise full of suns for eternities on end. We'll live in a place where the sun will never set. It would be wonderful, don't you think?

Jake: No, I don't. To live in sun is to live without a god. You're no god Zern, you can't do this.

Zern: But I will


Zern has a glove of his own

Zern: I even made my own glove for this occasion! And guess what it does? The exact opposite effect that yours does. Try to stop me!

Zern kicked Jake, which knocked him over, and Zern punched him several times. Jake knew this guy meant buisiness now. Jake ran up to Zern and punched him with his color effect, but Zern dodged it using his opposite effect. Jake figured out what to do. He dodged Zerns powerful kicks and eventually Zern came dashing towards him. Jake quickly made a tree appear in front of him that Zern hit at full speed. Jake then punched the tree with form, which toppled on top of Zern, and he froze him so he could punch him several times using time. He figured eventually he'll just vanish from time if he punches him enough. Zern got back up on his feet and looked furious. He began to float off of the ground and he summoned 3 Beetlehorns, that Jake had to defeat. After a long while he defeated them, and Zern fell asleep while he beat them. Jake grew a tree under Zern which gave Zern a big hit. Zern awoke then and summoned 3 Chesters. Zern fell asleep again while Jake beat them, which gave Jake another opportunity to hit him from underneath. Zern summoned 3 Awkts and 1 Awktar using Sabars body, which Jake defeated finally, and Zern was asleep once again. So this was another oppurtunity to hurt him, which Jake did, and Zern this time fell to the ground. Jake gave a powerful punch of time to Zern while he was there, and Zern got furious. He knew his strategy of summoning a bunch of enemies wasn't working so he decided to try something else. He summoned 8 pillars, that were all surrounding Jake. He stood on these pillars and fired projectiles at Jake, that Jake avoided. Zern just went from pillar to pillar doing this. Jake waited until the timing was right to misform one of the pillars, which knocked Zern down, but Zern got righ back up on the pillars. Jake once again knocked him down, and he did it another time too, and when he did it the 4th time, he didn't get up, so Jake took the oppurtunity to punch him with the power of time. Zern got extremely frustrated and tried another thing, he decided to clone himself several times to surround Jake, and Jake had to find out which one is the real one, and drain there color so he could beat them. He ended up finding the real one 4 times in a row, easily because the real one did actions ever so slightly differently. On the 4th time, Zern was frozen in his drained color, unlike the previous times when he broke free from it, and Jake took the opportuniry to punch him with the power of time.  Zern finally had enough. He was so damaged that it was hard for him to even use his body, so he posessed Sabar's body. When he did this he immediatley took a swing at Jake, which knocked Jake down to the ground. Jake passed out, and he was walking around in his mind. He realised something that he had within. Jake realized that he had the power of moons within him the whole time, and he knew that had to be his most powerful ability. Jake woke up and watched Zern walk away in his own body, since he thought that Jake was dead, but Jake stood up, ran over, and gave him a big punch using his final eternal ability: the power of moons. It extincts all evil and captures it inside of the glove. 

Zern: My death will mean nothing, because I know that someday it will be avenged. I can sense it.

Zern withered away and his evilness got trapped inside of the glove. Jake walked over to Sabar and gave him life again.

Sabar: Jake! Did you do it?

Jake raised his fist and punched the ground, which revealed the moon again.

Jake: Yes I did.


Jake: Heh, what do you know? A farmer can save the world!

Sabar: Ha HA! Hey listen Jake, I'm sorry for lying to you, but I knew if I told you, you wouldn't have done the mission... and I knew that you were the only one who could do it.

Jake: I understand. Now I'm ready to go home!

Sabar: Alright, let's go! I've only met your father, it'll be neat to meet the others!!

Jake: I'll introduce you to them!

Jake went back and the whole town celebrated Jakes win with a festival, ans Sabar was able to meet everyone. They celebrated for a long while, and Sabar told all of his stories to the little ones at the festival, but everyone was tired, so the festival was coming to a close.

Richard: Wow Sabar, it's really neat learnin' some of the stuff you had to go through to get here!

Sabar: Hah, thanks! Despite how young I look and sound, I am many years old, and I have several stories to tell!

Richard: Hey Sabar, if you have nowhere to go after this, I have an extra space in Jake's room if you want to live in the town!

Sabar: Ah, sorry Richard. As much as I'd love that, you and Jake both know that I have a church to protect, and more journeys to embark on! It's been a blast being here, but it's just the way it was meant to be.

Richard: Well, try and at least come every year to celebrate this specific occasion.

Sabar: I'll try to... well anyways, I better be off! Goodbye Jake, it was fun getting to know you and I'd love to help you in future adventures. 

Jake: Goodbye Sabar, and you're the first person I'd pick to go on adventure with, if the world needs my help again.

Sabar: You truly are as great as the hero before you...

Jake smiled and nodded.

Sabar: Goodbye people of Soki! I hope to see you again someday... someday....



Main Theme






The battles in Epic Story are similar to that in "The Escapists", except more skill is required. You do not get taken to a battle screen like most rpg's. Instead you can just fight them head on using your weapons, similar to older The Legend of Zelda games, except you'll be able to see your enemies health at all times, and you can charge your attacks to have more effect.


Can you change what type of element you punch?

Yes, you can change that by scrolling, and it will tell you what your element is in the top left.

Easter Eggs

  • In "Railroads of Form" you can find The Happy Mask Salesman from The Legend of Zelda in a hidden house you must grow vines to get to.

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