Here's the strategies for every boss.

  • My-Nar: My-Nar's kinda easy. He summons four platforms to circle around him. You must attack each one (similar to old Reznor battles) and then he will fall to the ground. The ground then disappears and you fly up into the air on platforms. He will slowly cast spells at you. After he casts a spell, jump on him and he falls off. HOORAY!
  • Boom-Boom: Boom-Boom releases his spikes when you see him and waddle around. Jump on him and he starts flying. Destroy the wings and he crashes to the ground, making a tremor appear underneath you two. You fall down into a cave. Repeat what you did and he will die.
  • Bowser: Bowser's not too hard either! However, the difficulty is going up. He starts in his clown car so throw mechakoopas at him. After 2 hits the car explodes and Bowser lands on the ground. He'll start making tremors, so jump over each one. On the last one he falls on his back. Jump on his stomach. Repeat.
  • My-Nar Popopo: My-Nar's gotten a bit harder. First he will put on a hat and open it up. A whole bunch of icons will spin around. When it lands on one, My-Nar will get that power. For Fire power, he shoots fireballs. For Ice power, he throws an ice block. And for thunder power, he summons lightning. After he's done with all three, he throws the hat away and battles by running left and right and jumping. Jump on him and he squishes.
  • Ganon: Ganon's really hard! On the first stage he throws his trident around the stage. Jump on the trident three times and it will shatter. Ganon will walk over and try to reform it. Jump on his exposed head. Then he reforms the trident, shoots it into the air, and a whole bunch of blocks will land. Then the scene switches to inside the blocks in the second stage. Ganon will start shooting fire. Dodge the rings of fire by going in the opening. After so many uses of fire, his trident's out of energy. Ganon will start charging. Jump on his head! Time for the third stage. Ganon will shoot a dark blast and everything will be dark. You find yourself in a maze. Go through the maze, dodging Ganon's fire. Bring the lantern to the lighthouse and it will light up. Ganon blasts the lighthouse making it's light wash over the battlefield. He'll then use his trident to kill you, but just when it's about to hit, Epona shows up and kicks Ganon in the back making him fall.

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