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Epic EEA Announcements 10 (or E2-A1 10) is an upcoming event that will begin on June 15, 2010 (the same day as E3. It will reveal a lot of info on EEA Inc.'s and many other companies' games.


Sign up here if you want to be part of Epic EEA Announcements 10.

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NOTE: Everyone can start revealing now. Just replace your information on the reveal with the revealed information on the game in bold.


EEA Inc.

Outer Inc.

APIM Group, Inc.

  • APIM Group, Inc. revealed a new game named Jack: Of All Trades. The hero's name is Jack Johnson, which could pick up items from levels and use then to pass obstacles.
  • APIM Group, Inc. also revealed a 3D Mario game called Super Mario Star Journey for the Wii. It has a few Super Mario Galaxy aspects, although it doesn't contain Galaxies, but 3-dimensional Worlds, like Super Mario 64 (DS).
  • APIM Group, Inc. confirmed Pusher's Pile VR for VRWare and Pusher's Pile Gravity Roll 2: Virtual Revenge for the Nintendo VR itself.

Icey Inc.

Koopa Kastle Productions

  • Info will be released on Mushroom Kingdom War II: The Attack. It is revealed that the Toads will lay siege to the Koopa's castle. It is also revealed that a new character will appear.
  • Info will also be released on the seventh LK24 game. It is revealed that it will have PM2-like Battle System as well as the debut of Kelsey Koopa.
  • KKP also stated that they had successfully made their first game system, named the BeatBox.
  • It is also revealed that KKP will be making 3 new games over the course of the summer.

NextGen Games, inc.


*A new game will also be revealed for X-Scissor, The Legendary Starfy 2. Nothing is yet revealed, but they'll start after they release EarthBound 3DS.

  • Ben Roderick Games confirmed Super Mario Galaxy: The Ulitmate Adventure] which is free editing now. But it was cancelled, so I'm doing editing everything. Oh, by the way, it was a few weeks or months to starting my game.

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