Epic Battle Fantasy 6
Developer(s) Matt Roszak
Publisher(s) Matt Roszak
Platform(s) PC
Release Date(s)
9/23/20 (Kongregate and Armor Games)

11/27/20 (Steam)

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure, RPG
Series Epic Battle Fantasy
Predecessor Epic Battle Fantasy 5
Successor Epic Battle Fantasy 7
Cost $15 (Steam)

Free (Kongregate and Armor Games)

Epic Battle Fantasy 6 is the sixth game in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, and is the third game in the main series to be on Steam. It is created by Matt Roszak. It can be located on Kongregate and Armor Games for free with Premium versions or on Steam for $15.


After the events of EBF5, Matt and the gang decide to take a break and head to a recently discovered island for vacation. While there, Natalie discovers a scroll saying a legend that every a thousand years, an ancient evil named Oceianair rises from the ocean and sends the entire island into chaos killing everyone. She also finds out that there is a hidden stone tablet on the island that can be used to summon Oceianair without waiting a thousand years. 

Meanwhile back at their vacation home, Anna decides to explore and remembers to bring a bow along to fight off any wild slimes. After fighting off a giant slime, she finds the hidden stone tablet. Without knowing what it is, she picks it up and unwillingly activates it. The second Oceianair rises, the island is plunged into chaos. Ten slimes jump Anna and she fights to get back to the vacation home.

As Matt and Lance get caught in the middle of an active volcano, they find a person who tells them that someone has awoken Oceianair, and the island was plunged into chaos. He then tells them that they need to defeat his six cores scattered around the island to be able to take him out, once and for all. They then explore the volcano while trying to escape and stumble upon their next team member - Lucas, a necromancer specializing in dark magic and summoning undead minions to attack enemies for only one turn. Shortly after finding him, they stumble upon the holder of the first core - Forestia, the Forest Core. 

Once the core is defeated, the trio decide to go look for anywhere else they can go on the island. They find A Town and decide to rest there for the night and talk to everyone else in it later. While they rest, Natalie and Anna team up and go looking for them. They stumble upon The Town and get ambushed by bandits. After fighting them off as well as the leader of the bandits, they locate a person claiming to know where Matt and Lance are.




Image Name Description Limit Breaks


Name Fought By Description Area Attacks
Giant Slime Anna A gigantic slime from unknown origin, it was supposed to guard the hidden stone tablet. Slimed Forest Rushes, summons two slimes, and fires a poisonous dart out of its mouth.
Bandit Leader Natalie and Anna The leader of a group of bandits, he didn't realize how powerful Anna and Natalie actually were until he fought them. The Town Shoots a bow that hits one of the girls, rushes and stabs at one, steals one random item and uses it, bashes one of their heads in and stuns the victim for a turn.