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Litle P Art

This is a Litle P and Sandslash Series work. Please rate it on the talk page. This was written by Cobweb, however, credit goes to Max2 for characters.

Chapter One: Are We There Yet

"Are we there yet?" whined Litle P. He sat in the backseat of the car, with Cleffa, Randy, and Lotey. Mrs P leaned over her shoulder. "NO," she said for the umpteenth time. They were heading for Goldenrod City for a vacation. There, they would meet up with Litle P's cousins- Big P and Meedyum P- as well as his "friend" Sunnyscythe. Mrs. P had insisted on letting Sunnyscythe come along, despite pleading from Litle P ("Mom, he's cwazy!" "No, honey, he's just had a rough life.") Cleffa, who had been sleeping, awoke with a start. "We there yet?" "NO, CLEFF- uh, your majesty," said Mrs P.

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