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Enlightenment II is a 4X Strategy game developed and published by RECHSOFT for the Windows 95 and Sega Saturn on October 14th, 1996. The game is an expansion of the original Enlightenment, with new countries, new maps, new DLC, and much more. It had 3 expansion packs; Indigenous People, New World, and Coup d'teat.

Nations (Base Game)

Name Leader Capital Wonder
United States Dwight D. Eisenhower Washington D.C. Empire State Building
Russia Vladimir Lenin Moscow Kremlin
Germany Otto Von Bismarck Berlin Berlin Wall
France Napoleon Bonaparte Paris Eiffel Tower
India Akbar Delhi Taj Mahal
Spain Phillip IV Madrid Alhambra
England Winston Churchill London Stonehenge
Canada Alexander Mackenzie Ottawa Cabot Trail
China Mao Zedong Beijing The Great Wall
Mexico Guadalupe Victoria Mexico City Chichen Itza
Brazil Pedro I Brasilia Christo Redenter
Wales Gwrtheyrn Cardiff St. Giles' Church
Austria Franz Ferdinand Vienna Melk Abbey
Poland Phillip IV Warsaw Wieliczka Salt Mine
Scotland Mary Edinburgh West Highland Railroad
Ireland Cathal Brugha Dublin Rock of Cashel
Switzerland Jonas Furrer Bern Lavaux Vineyard
Finland Nikolai II Helsinki Uspenski Cathedral
Sweden Anund Jakob Stockholm Orebo Castle
Denmark Conrad von Reventlow Copenhagen Oresund Bridge
Ukraine Vladimir Shcherbitsky Kiev Chernobyl
Hungary Viktor Orban Budapest Melk Abbey
New Zealand Henry Sewell Wellington Poor Knights' Island
Chile Salvador Gossens Santiago Moai Heads
South Africa Charles Robberts Cape Town, Pretoria, Bloemfontein Cape of Good Hope

Differences from Civilization Series

Enlightenment II was the game which distanced itself firmly from the Civilization series, bringing many different things to the game. Here are all of them.


Territories are similar to cities, but they work resources twice as much, at the cost of not being an official part of your nation.

Traded Territories

In trade agreements, if you have friendly relations with the other nation, you can buy a city, annexing it and making it part of your nation. Territories are similar to any other city, except for that they are still considered part of the nation who owned it prior on scoreboards. It is possible to completely annex the territory and make it part of your nation.

Conquered Territories

Conquering another nation's land can also give you a territory. Upon conquering a city, you have three choices; raze it, make it a puppet, or make it a territory. Like before, it is possible to completely annex the territory and make it part of your nation. Until it is, it is considered owned by nobody.

Settled Territories

With the Prospector unit, it is possible to create territories settled by yourself.


Once in a while (much more common in overseas cities, colonies, and territories.), a plague may infect your city. This will spread to other nearby cities, and can even cause an in-game Black Plague.

Smaller Cities

The game's cities, unlike those of Civilization, do not have any border tiles unless purchased. The cities only take up one tile, and can be placed as close together as one wishes, making for massive possible urbanization.


The game allows a group of cities, colonies, or territories in an area (they must all fill the area) a province can be made. Provinces, along with smaller cities, allow for massive urbanization, and allow for more citizens,

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