Enlightenment is a 4X strategy game developed and published by RECHSOFT for Windows 3.1 and Sega Saturn on October 10th, 1994. The game focuses on the rise of civilizations through the beginning of it to the future.

The game was so successful that it spawned three expansion packs; Test of Time, Gilded Age, and World War, which each introducing new civilizations and mechanics.


Name Leader Capital Added in Notes
United States Ulysses S. Grant Washington D.C. Original Game
Germany Otto von Bismarck Berlin Original Game Called Nazi Germany if Fascism is adopted. Called East Germany if Communism is adopted.
Russia Mikhail Gorbachev Moscow Original Game Called USSR if Communism is adopted.
India Akbar Delhi Original Game
France Charlemange Paris Original Game
Spain Phillip II Madrid Original Game
England Charles I London Original Game
Canada John A. Macdonald Ottawa Original Game
China Qin Shi Huang Beijing Original Game
Mexico Guadalupe Victoria Mexico City Original Game
Brazil Vargas Brasilia Original Game
Wales Owain Gwynedd ap Gruffydd Cardiff Original Game
Austria Maria Theresa Vienna Original Game
Poland August Zaleski Warsaw Original Game
Scotland Kenneth MacAlpin Edinburgh Original Game
Ireland Henry VIII Dublin Original Game
Switzerland Jonas Furrer Bern Original Game
Finland Mauno Koivisto Helsinki Original Game
Sweden Oscar II Stockholm Original Game
Denmark Ulrik Holstein Copenhagen Original Game
Vikings Otto Richard Kierulf Oslo Test of Time Called Norway in Modern Times.
Arabia Ibn Saud Mecca Test of Time Called Saudi Arabia in Modern Times.
Persia Darius I Persepolis Test of Time Called Iran in Modern Times.
Hungary Lajos Kussoth Budapest Test of Time
Ottomans Osman I Constantinople Test of Time Called Turkey in Modern Times.
Ethiopia Meles Zewani Addis Ababa Test of Time
South Africa P.W. Botha Cape Town Test of Time
Prussia William II Königsberg Test of Time
Olmecs Ku Tu San Lorenzo Test of Time
Australia Edmund Barton Canberra Test of Time
North Korea Kim jong-il Pyongyang World War
South Korea Rhee Syng-man Seoul World War
Japan Hirohoto Tokyo World War
Italy Benito Mussolini Venice World War
Yugoslavia Josep Tito Belgrade World War
Burma Hubert Rance Naypyidaw World War Called to Myanmar in Modern Times.
Phillipines Emilio Aguinaldo Manila World War
Malaysia Ibrahim Ismail Kuala Lumpur World War
Vietnam Nguyen Tho Hanoi World War
Indonesia Sukarno Jakarta World War
Mongolia Genghis Kahn Ulaanbaatar Gilded Age
Greece Aesop Athens Gilded Age
Morocco Idriss I Rabat Gilded Age
Portugal Oscar Carmona Lisbon Gilded Age
Netherlands Etienne Gelache Amsterdam Gilded Age
Belgium Schimmelpenninck Brussels Gilded Age
Panama Juan Lopez Panama City Gilded Age
Colombia Simon Palacios Bogota Gilded Age
Argentina Bernardino Rivadavia Buenos Aires Gilded Age
Uruguay Fructuoso Rivera Montevideo Gilded Age


Base Game

  • Working Resources - Resources that are required to build better resources. They include stone, oil, iron, and uranium.
  • Luxury Resources - Resources that can be used to increase happiness in your nation.
  • City-States - Smaller nations that are not reaching to conquer the world.
  • Pollution - The more citizens, buildings, and polluting resources you have, the more pollution you get. The game will eventually automatically end if too much pollution is caused, although you have to be trying for it to do this.
  • War - One of 6 ways to win the game, and one of the main parts of the game. If two nations have problems with one another, there is a high chance of war.
  • Technology Tree - One of 6 ways to win the game, and one of the main parts of the game. The more tech you have, the more you can make.
  • Law Tree - Does absolutely nothing but raise or lower happiness. More important in the 3 expansions.
  • Economy - The main source of money. In the config file, you can name your currency or have it automatically named "Money."

Test of Time

  • Government Tree - This DLC's result for the Law Tree. The types of Government are as follows;
    • Democracy - Allows construction of White House as the capital building. Allows more research and production, but has a chance of the senate overruling use of extreme weapons (If overlapping with World War.). Allows training of Minutemen.
    • Republic - Allows construction of White House as the capital building. Similar to Democracy, but creates more happiness instead of research and production. Allows training of Foreign Legion.
    • Communism - Allows construction of the Kremlin as the capital building. Things cost less, but at the chance of less happiness. Allows training of Red Guard.
    • Fascism - Allows construction of the Reichstag as the capital building. Army fights with more strength, and training military takes less time, but citizens will be murdered every turn soldiers are in a city. Allows training of Protection Squad.
  • Cultural Leaders - Famous people in history (Writers, Artists, Musicians, Generals, Admirals, Scientists, Engineers, Revolutionaries, and Pilots.) who have a chance to appear in your cities.
  • Alliances - 2 or more counties can form (and name) alliances. The limits to an alliance is that all countries involved must have a Pact with each other. It allows open borders between the nations, and forming a Troop with other nation's soldiers.

World War

  • History Tree - This DLC's result for the Law Tree. The types of history to learn are Government, War, Geographic, and National.
  • Nuclear Bombs - The ultimate "extreme weapon." Destroys any city or unit, but has a certain radius, and instantly pollutes every tile in a 3x3 radius, with no hope of recovery.
  • Advanced Battles - Battles now display in cinematic FMVs.

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