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Enigmatik Games
First logo, created by Eximus Max
Type of Company Video Game Company
Founder(s) WereWaffle (tbc)
Founded at/in July 30th, 2013
Owner(s) WereWaffle (tbc)
No. of Employee(s) 2

Enigmatik Games is a videogame company run by WereWaffle. Enigmatik is mostly known for creating a multitude of original games ranging from assorted genres of videogames. On occasion, Enigmatik Games revives either abandoned characters and/or abandoned games from other companies to make use of them in their games. Enigmatik also partners with many other companies to create games or characters together.


  • WereWaffle (tbc): Founder, Boss, Lead Character Designer, Concept Artist.
  • Drebbles (tbc): Co-Creator, Secondary Art Designer.

Games Lineup

^ = In development

< = Repairment

> = Complete

Game Lineup

Collaborated Games


If you wish to see all of Enigmatik Games's characters click here!


Company Affiliates

This is a list of other companies that has given permission to use any of their properties in Enigmatik's game library or a collaborated project between Enigmatik and or multiple companies.


  • Enigmatik Games was known as Ultra Games Inc In mid-2013 and was on hiatus until late-2015 when the company revived itself.