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Only one can be the winner.

Enigma is a melee 3-D fighting game developed by Nano Studios and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U game consoles, as well as Windows, Mac and Linux. While inspired by the popular Super Smash Bros. series, where players use different attacks to weaken their opponents and knock them out of an arena, Enigma is more focused on memorizing specific move combinations, tailored to each individual character, which builds up their mana which when full allows you to use an extremely powerful move.

Due to it being the first game in the series, the game introduced 20 to 30 brand-new diverse characters all designed to be different from one another. Each character would have a stage tailored to their own specific play style and/or theme. The story of the game is simple: 20 of the world's most powerful fighters were swept up and stranded inside an enormous temple by The Saviour, a malevolent and threatening entity who wants them to fight for his amusement. The only way out is the Ancient Relic at the bottom floor of the temple, and the only way to get there is to battle each other by going through enchanted doors, which will transport them to different stages to fight in. The two winners of each round are transported to the next round and at the end, the one winner will have to fight The Saviour to get the Ancient Relic.


Inspired by Power Stone among other similar games, the player(s) are taken to three-dimensional stages, where they can move around and explore feely. You can execute a combo of fast 'light attacks' and some 'heavy attacks', as well as dish out some damage with each characters unique special attack- although every character's movepool is different, and have different strengths and weaknesses. Also, every character has a 'super move', which are extremely powerful attacks that can be achieved by filling up their superbar that can be filled by dealing out hefty damage to their enemies, collecting items and 'taunting' their opponent, which is a short (but time-consuming on the battlefield) process that leaves the user open to any players around. Each player has a lifebar, deplete enough of your opponent's lifebar and they lose a life. The battle isn't over until all players except one has lost all their lives.

Stages are interactive and dynamic, constantly changing as the battle progresses. Most, if not all, of the stages follow a simple formula: they have three sub-stages within them. For example, in The Enchanted Forest level, players start off in the middle of the woods. After a set amount of time, all the players have to advance to the left to avoid getting crushed by giants, before finding a Magic Hut, where the remainder of the battle takes place. Stages are also littered with melee weapons, and projectiles for players to use, such as: tree branches, mini-guns, giant hammers and more. Also, itemboxes are occasionally found, with non-damaging items such as protection (e.g. Shield) or health recovery items (e.g. Sweets). Stages may also come with their own unique fixtures, such as turrets that you can interact with and use.


Oie NxrjtlEgPrdS = Movement

Oie RbE44l2DjVeS = Jump

Oie xT9Ljx6xCgnQ = Light Attack

Oie maZtYj1PH3L6 = Heavy Attack

Oie hTfYuGjUohrL = Special Attack

Oie odZaS7oYrW0V = Block

Oie NKbwT1hBjMTb + Oie aMvA6Xgm4H0h = "Enigma Power"



In Versus Mode, you can fight other players or computer player opponents, up to four fighting. The player can set the teams and characters, as well as the CPU's characters and their difficulty level. Similar to the Super Smash Bros. series, the player can pick the number of lives, or pick the time limit. The player can turn off items if they like, and can regulate the items that go into each match.

In King Of The Hill, the objective of this mode is to stay atop of a hill. The longer you stay up on the hill, the more points you receive, although the twist is, the more points you have, the less damge you give. The player with the most points by the end of the round wins. Players can change the time limit, the amount of opponents, and their opponents personal difficulty level(s).



In Classic Mode, it plays fairly similar to Super Smash Bros; you can select a character, changing the difficulty as you please, and you fight through ten rounds of randomized one-on-one battles. You can only battle characters you already have, and the fifth round is a boss battle against Giant Robot. If on Very Hard Mode, he's joined by another (though smaller) robot, nicknamed Mrs Robot- the difficulty is relatively the same in this round, until you destroy Mrs Robot, which makes Giant Robot go berserk, and get exceptionally stronger. On the tenth round, you battle The Saviour on the top of the temple stage where he gets progressively angrier and more demented as the more damage he takes. Eventually after a hard battle, he dies and you get the Ancient Relic- but the temple starts crashing down and you have to get to the bottom extremely quickly to escape. The Battle Types include:

  • Regular Battle is the most common Battle Type, which is a simple one-on-one. The opponent is randomized, and the battle takes place in said opponents signature stage.
  • Team Battle is where the player fights two randomized CPU characters, while working with another computer teammate. The ally and opponents are all randomized, and the battle takes place in either one of the opponents signature stage.
  • Multi-Character Battle is where the player will fight ten variants of a character, although separately in groups of three. They all have a lower handicap than usual, so they are all easier to KO and harder for them to KO the player too.
  • Free-for-All is where the player must fight three characters in the player's character's own signature stage. The opponents won't start targeting the player specifically until one is killed.
  • Super Battle is where the player battles a discoloured purple version (getting progressively darker the harder the mode is set) of one of the characters. The character is super-powered, being both faster and stronger than normal. The opponent is chosen randomly, but the stage is always the same: some strange void, standing on a silver platform. Unlike other stages, this one can't be played outside of Classic Mode and doesn't change at all during the Battle. This battle is always the second to last battle, and precedes the Saviour boss.

In Challange Mode, you can select any character you have, and each character has about ten challenges each. The challenges give you rewards, such as: new items available, new alternative costumes, new menu background themes, sometimes new characters and occasionally brand new game modes.



Character Description
Experienced in Dark Magic, the mischievous and wise-cracking Phoebe is infamous for causing trouble to those around her. Relishing in the misfortune of others, Phoebe and her apathetic familiar Damien don't care who gets hurt on their journey home.
Robot by Nano
Abandoned during the late 80's due to his regretful inventor's bankruptcy, X-999 is an android created with the brain of the inventor's gentle and kind-hearted comatose son so that he may live on. However, after being offline for so long, some of his data has corrupted and another one of his inventor's inventions gone wrong attached itself to him and integrated itself into his system. The Virus is uncontrollable and violent and sometimes makes X-999 do things he doesn't want to do, necessarily fighting.
Ting Cooltext158890182528629 Seductive yet dangerous, Pandora is the free-spirited warrior of a feared tribal community- but her father, the tribe's chief, was planning on marrying her off to another tribe to keep peace. In order to keep her freedom, she ran away but didn't get far before she was taken by The Saviour With her trusty bird "Chima", she is ready to do anything to keep the freedom she rightfully deserves.
Mademoiselle Privelleged and proper, 19th century Mademoiselle is the upper-class socialite who only prides herself on her social standing and being the picture of the stereotypical wife at the time. She has everything most commoners want, except the one thing she really craves: love. Although stuck-up and fussy on the outside, she's actually quite unhinged and delusional- desperately craving the love of Marius, a noble man who's uses her as a means to an end and constantly cheats, but she forgives him hoping that he'll eventually learn to love her. Although raised by a society believing women to be fragile and shun free-thinking women, she is crazily devoted to getting back to Marius.


Character Description
Kuma Redesign
Interested in studying bears, she has always been fascinated with these grizzly creatures- even to the point where she dresses with a bear theme. Her eccentric behavior may not get her friends, but she doesn't mind. Using her "paws-on-a-stick" to slash at her opponents, she has the ferociousness of a bear- just in a smaller package.
His origins currently unknown, he is rumored to be the spirit of an tortured soul whose final moments were spent in a tragic forest. It is said glow of his eyes are said to be metaphorical for his spirit, still glowing but dimly.
Therma 3
Born with the ability to manipulate the temperature around her, Therma can control both heat and the cold- freezing enemies by making the temperature around her cold or lighting up the ground with flames as she runs by making the temperature underneath her hot. She's cool-minded and cold, but has a fire in her heart.
Brainwashed from constant hours of television, Teevee is the switched-off remainder of what used to be a human child. Due to the amount of radiation from the electrical appliance, Teevee has a limited control over electricity. Like many people who watch television, he copies everything he sees: he can even copy specific moves from other players.


Character Description



Swamp by NanoThingtFactory by Nano



  • Enigma is essentially a reboot of Slap-Happy Smackdown, another fighting game developed by Nano Studios which was more silly than Enigma.
    • Happy-Trigger and Little Red actually return from the Slap-Happy Smackdown game. However, Little Red has been tweaked significantly.

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