Enigima 64
Developer(s) Rareware
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Multiplayer, Time Attack
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) First-Person Shooter
Series Enigima
Predecessor Enigima: World War II
Successor Enigima: World War III
Media Included Nintendo 64 Controller

Enigima 64 is the third game for the Enigima series, one for the NES and one for the SNES. This game series is the first Nintendo series to receive the M-Rated game. This was released in 1997 for the N64.


Enigima who looks like just an ordinary 15 year old boy at day, while at night, he works for the CIA agency, and sometimes fights in wars. however, his pink puff ball friend at day, 4évà, also is a CIA agent at night, and is in fact, his teammate. However, Enigima's Step Granddad is a scientist working for the Science Laboratory Association or the SLA in abbreviations was working on a cloning device titled, The Clone Cone which receives its name due to the invention looking like the shape of a cone. His Granddad wanted Enigima to test it out, although no clone came out, they thought it was broken, however at night, when they were working at the Agency, the clone came out, and it turned out that the knob to clone Enigima was set to "Evil". The clone named himself Evigima. He wanted to defeat his Granddad, and Enigima and 4évà wanted to save the day.


Playable Characters

Enigima 64 features only two playable characters.

Character Description
The Luigi FanEnigima Enigima is the signature trademark of the game, And the main hero of the game. His attacks are very strong, And very quick. Enigima is the one who saves the day from The Evil Version of Enigima, Evigima. Enigima wants to save his Granddad back.
10363861 1416819125270158 4447089942258610312 n4évà The secondary character in the game. 4évà is noticeably slower then Enigima, however 4évà has the ability to fly.

Non-Playable Characters

Character Description
5405508-115229307 6-v1Evigima Enigima's doppelgänger of the game. He captured Enigima's Granddad, And is the main arch-nemesis of Enigima. He tries to defeat them for good, And he tries to Defeat Enigima's Granddad.


Instead of calling them levels in other Nintendo games, they are titled missions instead to suit the M-Rated genre, and if you look at the first letter of each mission world, it should spell out ENIGIMA.

Each world has thirty missions without names. Here are the worlds:

  • Electronic Facility
  • Network Laboratory
  • Infotainment Impact
  • Gamma Gigahertz
  • Index Inbox
  • Margin Markup
  • Access Point