Endless Ocean is an unlockable stage in Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse. It derives from the Endless Ocean series and specifically from the game Endless Ocean 2 Blue World.


Universe Endless Ocean
Home Stage to None
Availability Unlockable
Size Medium-Small

The stage features day and night system, meaning it changes from day to night. The battle originally takes place on a very small island, on a beach resort, as seen above in the picture. It features a small shore of a beach, with an elongated bridge that ends on the left, and a small cabin on the right, with some palm trees. This stage is medium sized. Players can battle from the bridge till the right edge of the screen, where the cabin is. Players cannot battle on top of the cabin, as it is only for background decoration. On the left, players can swim in the water, but if they get too far, they get KO'ed. In addition, players cannot fall off from here, as there are no pits or gaps. There are also no mid-air platforms or hazards. The stage, however, is a moving stage. Before long, a giant whale will appear from the sea and take players on its back to fight there for a short time. That stage is very small and anomalous, as it constantly moves, but does not go underwater. Players can fall off and swim in the water, but if they remain there for too long, they will get KO'ed as the camera constantly side-scrolls. Afterwards, the whale will throw the players with its tail back to where the battle started, at the resort. Divers, fishermen, boats and dolphin can be seen constantly on the background.

How to Unlock

Beat 5 enemies, or more, in Cruel Battle with any character.

Music Played

Bolded ones must be unlocked.

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