Endflux is a Titan created by White Goddess in case of severe emergencies. He hasn't been awakened for millenniums.


He is created out pure energy, causing anything to touch him to vaporize. Unlike his two other brothers, he can control what can be vaporized. If his polarity is reversed, he will simply turn into flaming coals.

While in Coal form, he can still fight well. He is now on fire and can't vaporize anything, and when he's just left as ashes the other Titans can use him as a healing source.


Fighters of Lapis

Endflux appears in the game, although he is much smaller and less powerful. He doesn't vaporize people on touch, although he can turn into his coal form at will. He doesn't turn into ashes. He has great recovery, but is not as strong as his brothers. He is the last "Titan" to be unlocked.

In the post-credits stinger, it is revealed to be a Tabuu spy. It is unknown how Tabuu managed to duplicate Endflux and his brothers, or even if it was him.

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