I can't believe this! I thought I had you this time!
Endal, after every single failure

Endal the Monkey
Endal as he appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory
Current Age 32
Gender Male
Species Mechanical monkey
Location Eastern Jungle
Current Status Alive
The idea of peace for his dying species, acting and behaving "evil", performing monkey antics on purpose when alone, bananas, bananas, bananas
Practically everything else
Vulnerable To Electricity
Voice Actor(s)
Peter Cormican
First Appearance BowieQuest α

Endal is the primary antagonist of BowieQuest and the series associated with it, and is Bowie's primary rival.  He is a psychotic, evil monkey obsessed with the idea of world domination and transformation of the world into metal.  He is mentally insane and has a great obsession for putting his rival down for good.  Despite all of his malicious traits, he isn't entirely a villain and actually wants to create a world where his monkey race can reside, but feels frustrated and limited by the rules the Stitchonia world set up, and how loyal his rivals are to them.  In a global crisis he didn't create, Endal would often side with the heroes rather than stick with evil.

Game Appearances


Endal serves as the game's main antagonist and often pilots his own machines, fighting Bowie and his friends along the way.  His goals are the same as usual: to make the world into his own empire and help the world's monkeys thrive.  Following his defeat, he became insane and locked himself away from society with the goal of training himself to become the greatest "hero" for his monkey race.


Initially, one can see Endal as some power-bent monkey overlord who wants nothing more than complete world domination.  His goals seem rather self-centered and completely insane to some people if Endal doesn't bother giving the context.  Endal also rushes out his plans, acts unsympathetic and usually uncaring towards others, and attempts to stomp down any other villains in his path, thinking that he is the most superior of villains.  Because of his genius, he tends to gloat a lot, believing that he is the smartest person alive at times, but these thoughts quickly die when he realizes the weaknesses of some of his inventions.

However, Endal isn't particularly evil, just having malicious goals that are supposed to result in the benefit of his monkey race.  When it comes to actually being evil, he only wants to destroy Bowie -- no one else.  This is mainly due to Bowie's supposed involvement with the elimination of his race, but even after Endal found out that wasn't the case, he continued to chase Bowie due to his unhealthy obsession with wanting to destroy him.  If one takes enough time to study Endal, they can find out that he actually has good morals and can use his intelligence to help others out (even if being condescending).  Bananas can bribe Endal into helping others, but sometimes he can do stuff on his own accord.

Even though Endal holds a high tier of power in the Lifts, he is far from the most serious villain and does not wish to use his powers for the greater evil at all (even if he doesn't realize that he is at times).  Endal can still cause his own pain and misery to affect others and show nore remorse, but he can feel guilt for his actions pretty quickly and feel somewhat depressed.  Endal loves a good laugh though and tries to spend time with his close family when he can, loving to do acrobatic activities with his friends "Fudgebuckets" and "Ripe".  Around Bowie's family, he tends to not behave malicious towards them unless Bowie is present.

However, Endal isn't always stable.  He can easily go insane, normally if he doesn't have a banana every six hours.  When insane, he can trash places easy and toss banana peels as if they were teepee of sorts.  When he's sane, he tends to be real goofy and likes to tell jokes or sprout out puns, even as he battles his adversary Bowie.  Even though he wants to mercilessly annihilate Bowie every moment he sees him, he secretly admires Bowie's determination and his sturdiness, noting how quickly Bowie recovers from events such as explosions or having his own limbs torn off of him.


Endal is an extremely fast sharpshooter who can fire from guns extremely well.  His all-seeing eyes allow him to have on-point accuracy most of the time and he can quickly load and reload his weapons.  Endal is also quick by nature, able to run around at high speeds and also ascend/descend walls without difficulty for the most part.  Underestimating Endal's athletic ability is unwise, for he tends to excel most species' standards with what he can do.  With ease, Endal can do front flips, do cartwheels, and glide around, especially when his cape is held around his neck.  These make Endal fearsome already.

As a psychic, Endal has many unique and scary powers.  Endal can pick up enemies if they're close enough and toss them at walls, or pick up several objects with his mind and swing them around.  Using his psychic abilities, Endal can successfully multitask or center attacks onto multiple opponents at a time.  These often use up his brainpower though, and he tends to act rather dimwitted if he abuses these powers too much.  Part of the reason why Endal needs so many bananas is so that he can fuel his psychic energy; one or two is usually enough to bring him back to full power.



  • Endal's original name was "Bananas", but was changed after the creator realized how un-serious and rather unoriginal the name felt for the character.  "Endal" was considered better, not the best but still good.

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