Enda is the main antagonist of Beta-Mites 2, and is a failed experiment by Professor Nikolai Beta.



Enda was originally supposed to match Karda in strength and wits, by Professor Beta to get his revenge. It soon spiraled out of control, and instead of matching Karda's strength, became a black cloud of an unstable force - he quickly betrayed his owner and set out to destroy all of life itself.


Enda doesn't have much of a personality, other than being incredibly intelligent and strong. He is quite un-tolerant of Karda, at least in the second half, in the first half he doesn't seem to worried - but once he starts destroying the bosses he's created, notices his strength and attempts to stop him.


  • Enda was originally going to be known as "enza", after the Influenza virus, but was soon changed after feeling the name was too un-sensitive to the lives lost by the virus, and was changed to Enda to match Karda's name slightly.

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